The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God.The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God

Midnight and My Fair Lady
By Bob W.

It was a warm summer evening, just perfect for young couples to go out and explore the wonders of Hollywood. We spent the evening dinning and sightseeing, enjoying ourselves so much we completely lost track of the time. Before we realized it the bewitching hour of 12:00 midnight was all too close. All Ambassador College students must be in their dorms by midnight or face serious and sometimes harsh consequences from the dorm monitor. After midnight the only way into the dorm was to awaken the monitor. To do so would incur some wrath as if the devil himself had been disturbed. So we desperately headed back to the campus, needing to get there before the doors of the dorm were locked.

Well, we almost made it! Got to Mayfair at 12:05 AM. It was not a problem for either my date or myself since we were not AC students. The other young man was a student, but he was not concerned about the midnight curfew since he knew how to get into his dorm, Del Mar, without being noticed. It was his date that all of us were concerned about. Being late, she was somewhat frantic, the dorm was locked.

It would have been a whole lot simpler if she had a key, seemingly, the only other choice was to ring the front door bell and wake the beast within. That solution would have been disastrous! She certainly did not want to wake up the monitor. Seems as though some of them just lived for opportunities like this. They would pounce upon some helpless victim tearing them apart verbally then turn them over to the Gestapo, oops, dean of students or some other minister.

She just did not know what she was going to do. Typical of a young miss in distress, she started to cry. But her gallant young date told her not to worry, he had the perfect solution. She was a little perplexed as to how he would be able to solve this situation for her without getting caught, or without waking the beast within.

His solution to the problem was, well, far less than perfect, in fact you might say it was utterly crazy. It seems when students are placed under unfair and unrealistic pressure they can become very creative and daring, coming up with some of the most outrageous solutions. Such was his.....

He pointed to the tree growing tall along side of Mayfair. It is simple, he told her, he would carefully climb up the tree, ever so quietly, then through the open window, being very careful not to awaken any sleeping students. He would then walk quietly down the hall to the stairs. He would have to pass by the dorm monitors room, this was perhaps the scariest part. If he awakened her, all the wrath of hell surely would be poured out upon him. So it would be a pretty tense venture for those several moments, once past the monitor he could very quietly unlock and open the front door.

Realizing of course, that one tiny slip, or stumbling over an unforeseen obstacle, a noise of any kind could bring the fury of the entire dorm down on him which would result in his permanent banishment from college. If caught he would be kicked out of college, fired from his job, and more than likely be disfellowshipped from church. For who would ever believe his fair and honest intent to help a damsel in distress. Not the ministry, they were always looking for evil where no evil existed, except in their minds.

All was going rather well as he went up the tree. He was nearly to the window when he stepped on one of the branches it suddenly broke with a loud P-O-P !! We all moved back into the shadows because there was some stirring in the room. Fortunately no one was awakened, at least no one came to the window.....He waited for several more moments, which seemed like an eternity, then moving back into the light could see clearly into the room. It was all clear, not a sole stirring.

He entered into the room, making his way to the hall, then down the hall, down the stairway, finally we could hear him slowly and cautiously turn the dead bolt on the door. The college maintenance men keep the doors well oiled so it opened smoothly and quietly, not a sound. Thankful we all were for such attention on their part to details!

WOW! What a relief! He did it! His date thanked him profusely for his chivalry and courage, kissed him on the cheek, and that put him into never, never land, then closed and locked the door behind her....He kept mumbling, she kissed me, she actually kissed me...

She later told us that the dorm monitor was sound asleep, snoring so loud at times it was surprising she did not wake up the whole house. She made it to her room just fine, got into bed without anyone suspecting what had just taken place.

Some of the bravest men in the student body were never known and fortunately, never discovered. Life on campus could be very intense at time. But never was it boring.......

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