The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God

Now You See Him, Now You Don't

By Bob W.

It was early on a cold February Saturday evening. The Pasadena EMS (Emergency Medical Services) vehicle arrived about 5:30 PM at the small apartment complex with sirens screaming and lights flashing. One only knew something serious was going on. You couldn't help but think that someone was hurt, or possibly even worse. And when the fire trucks arrived, it just heightened the tenseness of the situation.

A crowd began to gather around to see what all the commotion was about. There wasn't any smoke to be seen so that ruled out a fire. Perhaps someone was seriously injured or having a heart attack. Someone said they saw in individual jump out of a window. Was this the scene of .....mass murder?

Talking to the crowd you could hear everything from an alien invasion to someone getting their head caught between the upright rails of the head board on a bed. Or perhaps one of the girls while taking a bath got her toe stuck in the water spicket.......It could have been anything!

It seemed as though the rescue team were in the apartment for hours. But they were there less than 10 minutes. They came out and without explanation, they vanished into the evening as quickly as they had arrived. As they were leaving a police patrol car pulled up. The two officers got out and entered the apartment.

What looked like the makings of a romantic evening were present. Candles on the dinner table, three glasses of red wine in crystal goblets. The untouched dinner was still on the table. The aroma of fresh baked bread still filled the air. What was to have been a very pleasant evening had suddenly turned into a nightmare.

While the police were questioning the two female Ambassador College graduates there was a knock on the door. Their church pastor arrived on the scene. Inviting himself in he immediately began to take charge of the situation. Like a commando on the offensive he began to question the police and the girls.

One of the officers asked who he was and how he was involved in this situation. When they discovered he was not involved and had absolutely nothing to do with the current crises, they politely yet very firmly asked him to leave. He said, Don't you know who I am? The officer said it doesn't matter if you are the Pope, please leave. Disappointed and somewhat flustered he told the girls to call him as soon as the officers left. Then he made a hasty retreat, got in his new high powered Chrysler and left.

The officers gave the young ladies a few moment to compose themselves, then very politely asked them exactly what had taken place.

They told the officers that once a month the two of them would invite a male Ambassador College graduate over to dinner and treat him to a wonderful home cooked meal. The officers looked puzzled. One girl smiled and told the men that it was not a seduction but more a matter of compassion and pity. They felt sorry for the graduates that were still single. Most of them, in spite of the fact they graduated from Ambassador College, were misfits.

This Saturday evening would be no different, or so they thought. They invited a young man over to dinner. He arrived 30 minutes late and seemed somewhat nervous. Dinner was already on the table. He asked to use the bathroom to wash up. He was in there for more than 30 minutes, the girls said they were getting nervous.

One of them decided to lightly knock on the door to see if everything was OK. When there was no response she knocked even harder. When there was still no response their imaginations went into overdrive. At this point they were frantic. What if he was unconscious or even worse. Their state of mind was now somewhere between panic and hysteria. They called their minister, no answer, they called the police, they called the fire department. They called everyone they could think of to help.

The fire department and paramedics were the first to arrive. Some of the men worked on calming the girls down while the others worked on the door. Since there was no response, they broke the door down because in their judgement the situation was serious. They expected to find the young man unconscious and in need of serious attention. What they found was....nothing! The bathroom was empty. The only thing they found was some water on the floor, and the bathroom window open.

The firemen quickly checked the alley behind the apartment to see if perhaps he was there. Who knows, maybe for some strange reason he fell out of the window into the alley! Not a sign of anyone.

There was nothing more they could do. It was now in the hands of the police to sort out this strange mystery.

The police gathered what information they could and dispatched a patrol car to the young mans apartment. To their amazement, there he was, unshaken or uninjured, and wondering what all the fuss was about.

After inviting the officers in he reluctantly began to tell them what had happened

Seems he arrived late for dinner at the girls apartment, which made him very nervous. He asked if he could use the bathroom to wash up. Which he did. When he turned on the water to wash his hands it gushed out and some of it splattered the front of his pants. He was frantic and embarrassed. He did not want the girls to think he had an embarrassing accident. So he did what he thought any rational young man in this situation would do. He climbed out the bathroom window and went home. He was to embarrassed to call the girls so he just decided to ignore the whole situation hoping it would all simply go away.

Strange, he blamed the girls. First of all for inviting him, secondly for having faulty plumbing. And most of all for calling the police and making such a fuss. What was stranger yet, the ministry also blamed the girls. (Now you figure that one out!) Some how in their divine inspiration they concluded it was the fault of the women because they knew the young man was a nervous type and did not need to be subjected to such a humiliating situation.

While not all, by any means, Ambassador College graduates were strange. Some, like this young man in particular were beyond strange. Life on and off campus had its moments.



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