The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
Challenge To All Kooks and Loonies
by Jim V.

 I challenge all of you Kooks, Nuts and Loonies to simply pay tithes. Not monetary tithes, but spiritual and intellectual tithes -tithes to the God of Reality. Tithes to the Gospel Of Reality, if you will.

There are physical odors and there are physical drugs -everyone knows that. But there are also "spiritual" and "intellectual" odors and drugs -odors and drugs from the mind. Odors and drugs that are created from thoughts, attitudes and "belief structures."

To be a member of any cult religion is to be in a frenzy of a spiritual "drug orgy." To be a member of a "kinder and gentler" main stream religion is to be a spiritual "recreational drug user." This equally applies to "non-religious" organizations, but that's a different story. Corporations, jobs, marriages, child-rearing and "family traditions" can be every bit as cultish as any religion. These "dark spots" of humanity do not exist just in religion. But back to the point -and the challenge.

To be polite and civilized, I will refer to you as adversaries instead of the term used in the opening line.

When I read emails from you adversaries, my entire computer room reeks with many spiritual odors. The odors of ignorance (a simple lack of knowledge), superstition, arrogance, self-righteousness, judgment, superiority, spiritual drunkenness, and drug-induced belief structures. And I have come to four conclusions.

 1: Many of you adversaries simply have no idea, concept or understanding of what we have been through. Many of you adversaries have not been locked into a mind control cult that demands total obedience and brainwashing. You have not lost jobs, careers, families, money, hope, or the heart and core of your life to a cult. I lost the best friend I had because he refused medical treatment for a very treatable cancer. You cannot comprehend how far out of touch with reality a cult really is. You become totally unfit for "real life," and you become unable to "deal" with real life. Have any of you adversaries lost entire careers so you could keep the "Sabbath and holy days?" When the church said we would be at a certain place for 8 straight days -there were no options and no compromise -our salvation was at stake. If many of you adversaries really understood the church doctrines about healing, doctors, divorce and remarriage, child rearing, salvation and obedience to the "one true apostle" -those doctrines would make you throw up. I once heard a deacon loudly and absolutely tell the entire congregation that "every" doctor on this earth is a "priest of Satan," and that "every" hospital is a "temple of Satan."

If your child was delirious with a fever -would you take them immediately to a doctor? Or would you call your local minister for an "anointed cloth" and then have faith in God to heal them? How much "faith" do you have when "your ass" is on the line.

I have literally not even scratched the surface, but if you adversaries cannot comprehend these things, and if you have not lived them -you are not qualified to "straighten us out," to advise us or, to "counsel" us. For you to try to advise us is as illogical as a naive young woman trying to advise a middle-aged woman who has been the victim of severe brainwashing and rape for many years. In my case, it was 29 years. From the time I was 11 until I was almost 40 -the heart and core of my life. The world was going to end "soon" -even our ministers did not have pension or retirement plans...

  2: Some of you adversaries "claim" to be former members of the "world wide church of God," but then you tell us it was "no big deal" and you tell us to "get over it." You know, just like "you" did. You were "never" a member, just a seat warmer. How many jobs did you lose? How many family members or friends died for lack of medical treatment? How many times did "you" give 30% of your gross income to the church? Was your marriage ever destroyed because of the divorce and remarriage doctrine? Did you really "stay home" on Friday nights to keep the Sabbath? Did you really miss up to 15 days of work during the year to keep the commanded "holy days?" What did you really do when it came time to put "your" ass on the line?

These are rhetorical questions -I, and a lot of others, already know the answers... The odor that reeks from your emails is hypocrisy (and very pungent BS). You were never "there." You were just blind, oblivious observers.

   3: Some of you adversaries are just flat out "mental" drug addicts. You are so "high" on yourself that you think the entire universe revolves around "you," and "you" are the "center" of knowledge, wisdom and the answers to life (the whole world would be so much better if everyone would only listen to "you.") You are so delusional that you believe that only those who are close to the center of "your universe" are important -all others are only here to serve your needs and "will." Guess what? That is exactly how everyone else feels about "you" -to others, "you" are the fool, "you" are the ignorant "unimportant" one -to others, "you" are the laughing stock. The ones you secretly laugh at the most, probably laugh at you the most.

Adolph Hitler was not an aberration of nature -there are tens of millions of Hitler's alive today. The thing with Hitler was that he was a madman who came into "power." A madman who obtained the power to carry out his diseased, maniacal insanity. There are so very many others who would do the same thing or worse. Fortunately, their "power" is very limited, most likely their kingdoms only extend to their unfortunate, tormented families. Bad for them -good for us...

 4: Some of you adversaries should stay off of the Internet when you are drinking too much. You may think in your own mind how "great" you are -but not to the rest of us. We are embarrassed for you (as you are in the morning when you reread your email). But then you "must" write a followup email, otherwise "someone" might know that you are "wrong." You do not have the guts to apologize or admit you were stone dead wrong. You don't even have the guts to "quietly" go away. So your kind has to follow-up one error with another, then another, and another...


I challenge all of you adversaries to pay tithes to the "Gospel Of Reality." Give 10% of your mind, 10% of your intellect, and all human minds are far too complex to be dumb or stupid, to reality -and to truth. Go ahead and close 90% of your mind to your own belief structure, but pay your tithes by being 10% open minded.

Now let that tithe of your mind question everything you believe in, let it search for answers, proof, facts and documentation. Let that tithe of your mind do research not "in" the bible, but "on" the bible -and all religious beliefs. Who says what you believe is true? Could they prove it in a court? What makes it so?

Have the guts and courage to read what the agnostics and atheists have to say -if what you believe is true, and is from "God" -how can they be a threat? Dare to think for yourself -dare to question yourself. Dare to question others...

Didn't God himself say in the bible -"Prove me now herein. See if what I say is true." Okay, prove it to yourself. But not simply because someone "said" so. (Do you base your life on what the gossips at "work" simply say?)

Is the bible the confusing, mixed up, confounding word of "God" -or is it the writings of men who claim to speak for God? Who said they spoke for God?

Doesn't the "bible" say that God is NOT the author of confusion? Where does that leave politics, religion and -the bible itself?

Let the 90% of your mind cling to what you "want" to believe, but pay your tithes to the "Gospel Of Reality." Pay your tithes -with realistic hard questions... And demand answers that could be proven in a court of law.

I say that religion could very well be the greatest hoax ever perpetrated in mankind's history. If I am wrong, then prove it -outside of the "bible."

If Jesus Christ ever lived -then prove it -outside of the bible.

After all, scholars and historians can prove beyond any shadow of doubt that David, Solomon and others lived 1,000 years before Christ -but why can't they prove "Christ" ever lived?

Why is it that the life of "Christ" perfectly fits over a dozen legends that span thousands of years? Everything from the "virgin birth," to the ascension on the mount, working miracles, feeding thousands with a loaf of bread and a few fish, raising the dead, being put to death -and even being in the grave for "three" days. All of the legends are exactly the same as "Christ's life" -even having 12 disciples.

Why are there no historic records?

Why were the "gospels" written 170 years after "he" lived?

Why were there no "Christians" until 170 years after he "lived?"

Why is it that history has no records of Christian churches, or Christian activities until 170 years after he "lived?"

If what I am saying is blasphemy -then I am no threat -you can easily prove me wrong. But if what I am saying is true -then it is a dire threat to your religions existence.

Religion would have you believe that Jesus Christ absolutely lived as a man, and the only question is whether or not He was the messiah. That is a lie. There is no reliable evidence whatsoever that Jesus Christ ever even existed -but there are many ancient legends that fit his "life" perfectly...

If you vehemently disagree with what I say, then prove it. Pay your tithes to the "Gospel of Reality."

If any of you will honestly "pay your tithes," your religious beliefs will dissolve like cotton candy in a summer thunderstorm.

In the long term, a belief structure is no match for reality. For many centuries religion taught the world was flat, but we know it isn't flat -it's round. And all the belief in the world could not change that (the earth did not change its shape because of mere religious belief structure). And the reason we know the world is round is because many people "paid their tithes" to the Gospel Of Reality. Religion taught that the world was only 6,000 years old -but that belief structure was no match for reality.

For many centuries, even thousands of years, religion taught that women were inherently inferior to men -that too has been blown out of the water by reality. By the efforts of many women who paid their tithes to the Gospel Of Reality.

The dark ages were brought about because of religion and superstition. Don't forget, it wasn't reality -it was religion that burned "witches" at the stake. And also don't forget -the religious priests who condemned the witches were "well paid" for their services to "cleanse" the village.

But that was then and this is now -okay, if you pay your tithes and look closely -you will find the exact same belief structure. It's just that religion doesn't have the "power" to rule the world anymore -just like Hitler doesn't.

All predators are inherently cowards -even sharks do not attack until they are certain the prey is defenseless.

In the name of religion, this earth has been saturated in blood more than all other reasons combined.

Pay your tithes, all of you adversaries -pay your tithes to the Gospel Of Reality. If you then wish to challenge me, do not come with myths, belief structures, fairy tales or "faith" -and do not come with your phobias, fears, superstitions, personal opinions or spiritual drugs -you better bring facts, truth, and documentation.




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