The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God.

The Cheshire Wolves

by Glacier Gruff, 12/19/97

(Regarding Garner Ted Armstrong's fight to stay in power at CGI)

The vision is expanded to mirrors....Each mirror has, in its image, a Cheshire Wolf, and each is a reflection of the Original Cheshire Wolf. Some are nothing but teeth, rapidly fading, to the cheers of onlookers who still massage their wounds (teeth marks) and stare, longingly, forlornly, at their empty wallets. Others of the images are clouding over with smoke, changing names, etc. Some are whitening their teeth, preparing to bite some more who approach too closely. This one, hopefully is in the process of devouring itself. Some of the Wolves remind me of those sci-fi movies where one cannot see the nasty being without spraying it with dust of some kind. In this instance, the Cheshire wolf becomes visible by the infighting that goes on, the anger making it glow so everyone can see its teeth.

Peter said, once, to Simon the Magician, "To HELL with you and your money!!!" This is a point long lost on the MBAs who call themselves Christians and sit at the controls of these Cheshire Wolf Robots. Kind of like the Wizard of OZ at his controls. Would hope they eat each other up so the Wolves disappear and the people are safe...

I muse...unfortunately, there seems always to be another greedy business type to take the place of the franchise manager who slips or falters at the controls...

To hell with ALL of them...and their money (which, unfortunately, was OUR money a while back). They sell salvation...would that someone like Christ would come along and overturn ALL their damned tables in the temples of our massive spiritual minds...they come in with their feet dirty...and track in dirt into the temples of our minds...



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