The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
Christians, Turbans and Swords!
By MikeM

 Oh! how perfectly arrogant comes this quote:


 NOW ALL HAS BEEN HEARD Oh, my Gawwwd.......

Don't you folks from the other side of the Religious Tracks have any common sense? Huh!? Do You!?

(I DO really know this answer..... I'm just on a roll here...J Back to the rant...)

            It's Sooooooo easy to root for the winning team, isn't it? Everyone loved the Bulls... so long as Michael was there and they were writing basketball history. How many of you rooted for the Clippers, huh??? HUH!!!???? Ya love Dallas ONLY so long as Troy and Gang are racking up Super Bowl rings and getting busted for drugs.....


No.... Not quite so fast. Try these ideas on for size, CBH, (Christian Brothers in the Hood) and really try to THINK for once in yer life without the torrent of your brainwashed Majority dictating your every stroke.

            You want me to vote for and support prayer in school?             Hell - I don't give a rat's flea-bitten butt what someone does in school in most cases.             Do I want to have my kids rushed headlong into 4th period "Religious Studies" class? Sure. If you allow myself to have ONE day a week in that very same classroom to air a fair and balanced retort. But only then. And just WHEN do you ever in this lifetime expect to see THIS happen, huh? I'm a minority....

            Do I care if a prayer is said before a high school football game?             Not really, actually. Ok. Well maybe just a bit. But tolerance is something Freethinking people like myself have learned and practice on a daily basis. This is totally unlike you, Dear Christian Reader.... You are arrogant and dogmatic and superior in your thought and action. You prove to me daily that there IS no tolerance from across your side of the tracks. Ah, but there doesn't have to be tolerance from your arrogant masses of all knowing and superior Brethren , now, right? After all...I'm a minority.


If truth be told, the school question is best answered, I think, by the following:             School is school. Church is church. If you wanna put your kids in a Religious School, then by all that's holy and bloody, do so!! But get the crap outa my guv'mint paid schools and let me and my family handle the spiritual side of my kid's growth. School is for Reading and it's for Writing, and yes, (GASP!!!) even 'rithmetic, with some science thrown scattered in there too.

            Oh!!! You want the Ten Commandments posted prominently in the hallowed halls of your local guv'mint school? I say: Bullshit.... It's a slap in the face of any free person who has children in that school. It's a slap at every Muslim, every Hindu, every child born of Oriental thought, yes, and every Jew child. You Christians are supposed to believe in things like "Love your neighbor", and are supposed to practice what you preach, regardless of your alley-cat Judaic denomination.             And to be quite understood at this point: It wouldn't matter who was "in charge" of this country's chosen religion. If the Majority was Muslim or any other, the results would be the same, in my opinion.

(See that, Religious Reader? I didn't make a dogmatic, "I know all" style statement. I said.... "In my opinion". This is how you are arrogant and inherently unworthy of trust. You swear blind allegiance toward that which you cannot see, feel, touch, or taste, and which has proven itself to be unworthy of followship through clear thought and experience on the part of myself and many others. I simply tell you what my opinion is at this time.)

 Don't you think for a second that what is appropriate, in a State condoning Freedom and Love and Tolerance, is a "Code of Conduct"????             I wish every school in America and beyond would adopt a Universal Code of Conduct, such as I lived under in my 13 years in this man's Navy. Religious belief is not important. Students' adherence to values that are COMMON to ALL major religions ARE.             Do I ever hope to see this?             Of course not... I'm a minority.


 I wish you could have grown up just like me. I wish you had the experience of being a Minority. I wish you had been in Ms. Dent's 3rd grade classroom and had to go outside and sit in the playground on a lonely swing, watching the leaves swirl in the damp fall air, while the other children were making decorations for their Christmas tree.     YOU should have been there yourself to see Garner Ted fly his swanky white jet above our heads at Big Sandy, and I wish you had tuned in every Saturday night to the TV show, "Hee-Haw", hoping he would appear, and do his lapdance with Buck Owens. Too bad it wasn't YOU that wandered through the sodden mess that was the Lake of the Ozarks. The early high school years were the worst, though, Christian Reader. Too bad you weren't forced to vomit yourself from school for two weeks to go to some "Feast", with bags of schoolwork and books in tow, and a mountain of material to go through, "Just to keep up."

 I wish you had seen YOUR Mother break down and cry over the inability of her and my father to pay the bills, to make rent, to buy FOOD, after King Herb's Ransom was paid. After the tithe, after the kickback....after the gloating theft.

            I wish YOU had ran away on a Friday evening to compete in a Regional Spelling Bee after having won the locals, but your parents wouldn't take you because it was a Friday night. I'm a minority.

I wish you had walked 12 miles back home from where the bus let you off on the highway after running away again to play with the school band in Jackson, TN and at Vanderbilt. My folks wouldn't pick me up, because I was "breaking the Sabbath". So I shuffled back through the cotton fields holding my tenor sax glinting gold and hot in the Tennessee sun and thought maybe just a little bit about the world and my place in it, and religion in general, and how cool Charlie Parker sounded as he played in my head and, therefore, in the fields of Fayette County. I'm a minority.

 If you were not a Majority, lurking Christian Reader, you would have switched sides a long time ago. You would have switched to the winning team at that point. I betcha. There is NO reason to be a Christian, or other religious person, for that matter. It's a matter of convenience for you, right now, to be such. Political Correctness at its finest.             But... As I've said publicly many times, there are core values among ALL the major religions. Thoughts and processes which we all know to be to our common betterment. YOU, Christian Reader, are in error if you think you own a title to having morals and values. Here's some of the top of my head...

Love your neighbor. Do not steal. Leave your neighbor's wife alone. Remember that your parents are your parents....and they may just have done their best. Don't kill people except in self defence. Believe in yourself and your potential. Never, ever stop the deep thirst for knowledge. Drink deep. (Yeah I know.... Major religions don't advertise that.... I just think it ought to be in there.)

Am I really a Minority, here?

            This is not a threat. This is a warning. Dear Christian Reader, you just might find out how it feels to be a Minority. Not from me nor from my kind. We believe in tolerance. There are those, however, who have turbans and swords.

            But then again.... Maybe it's time for YOU to feel how it is to be a Minority, and listen to a different religion's prayer at your local high school football game, eh? Maybe get a little time walking through the cotton fields and get some quality Thinking Time? Might just do you good.....




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