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By Alex

 Hi Ed:

 Just got through reading the Columbus Dispatch and received a revelation! No, not the spiritual kind but a factual kind.

On page 6A of the Feb. 4 issue are these bold, startling headlines of a small article:

"Planned Apology Sparks Debates Within Vatican."

"ROME--Pope John Paul I I will attempt to purify the soul of the Catholic Church by making a sweeping apology (my underline) next month for 2,000 years of violence and persecution. A document cataloging the church's errors, including anti-Semitism, will be published despite fierce opposition from Vatican hardliners. In the most ambitious mea culpa of his papacy, John Paul will seek forgiveness for violent evangelism, the Inquisition, the religious wars, including the crusades. The newspaper, La Republica suggested he will apologize for the failure to resist the Nazis but without implicating Pope Pius XII who has been accused of ignoring the Holocaust during World War I I.

(Oh, yea? Then I refer your readers to the Painful Truth's "Bibiliolatry" page to find out just how deeply this asshole WAS implicated!).

And further down:

"The 79-year old pope has accelerated attempts to reach out to other religions as his health has declined."

(For what? to apologize TO them, or FOR them also? to get your brownie points in before you croak?)

"Conservatives in the Curia, The Vatican's bureaucracy, argued that an apology will erode the foundation of church authority."

(Well, Papa John, if you intend to sway other religions, your top priority should be to infuse some mea culpas into Joey T. and his Worldwide Church of God hierarchy plus the splintered COG ministries. It would probably be a useless effort. Because little Joey knows that if apologies were in the offing, he would be offed. And if the Worldwide Church of God foundation was in danger of being eroded, so would the mother lode. We know he's stupid, but not THAT stupid. Extracting apologies from these stone-cold hearts would be harder than pulling teeth. Or pulling our stolen cash back out from their fat wallets).


"Apologizing to Galileo, the renaissance astronomer persecuted for suggesting the Earth was round, and to Muslims for atrocities committed by the Crusaders, have distinguished him from his predecessors," said the Rev. Edward Yarnold, a Jesuit theologian at Oxford University, "But this is the most significant. He's going over the whole Christian era." unquote.

Which brings up a question, Ed: If all these Christians apologize, how are you going find room for all of them on your apology page? :-) Alex


 I just found out that the Pope's apology is just a mockery and a bunch of crockery. This guy lies as badly as Herbie did. He speaketh with forked tongue.

 From the United Hebrew Congregations (Oct.1999) News letter, I would like to quote, verbatim and exactly as it appears, with bold print and all:

Religious Tolerance

 There are some alienations in America: of students from parents, of rich from poor, of whites from blacks, of Arab from Jew, one religion from another--all around us and throughout the world we see the need to reach out in love towards our fellow humans. Yes, there seems to be a lot of religious intolerance, thus the Vatican is talking about the entire world observing its doctrines.

 "This morning at Castelgandolfo, The Pope addressed the prelates of the Latvian Episcopal Conference--'He stated that the consequences of atheistic propaganda continue to make themselves felt. Furthermore, indifference and religious relativism are often associated with modes of group behavior completely incompatible with the gospel of 'Christ.' the face of such serious problems, it is necessary to forcefully propose again authentic humanism founded on universal moral law...Nonetheless, there exists a number of negative signs, for example the fact that many Catholics do not regularly attend Sunday Eucharist and the sacraments. Some do not even baptize their children or they delay the baptism, and the diffusion of sects is growing.

 "Consequently, it is necessary that new evangelization become and 'essential priority,' in order that the word of 'Christ' arrive in abundance to individuals, to families and to society in all its manifestations. The 'Holy Father' emphasized that "It is particularly rediscover the celebration of Sunday, the day of the 'Lord.' Last year I dedicated the Apostolic Letter 'Dies Domini' to this. ..Every effort must be made to promote the holy nature of Sunday. ...The Sunday Eucharist is a truly privileged moment for the faithful to be aware of their being a church and to grow in communion." (unquote).

 The article continues-

 There is talk in Washington of passing a national enforcement of "Blue Laws."

 Skipping down a few lines..."Daniel 7:25 tells that a mighty person would change times and days. Sunday worship was established by the Catholic Church at the council of Laodicea in AD 365 in which they proclaimed anyone keeping the Sabbath will be declared anathema.

 If the Catholic Church declared anyone anathema, he was turned over to the government. The state police began torturing him until he either renounced "judaizing" {keeping the Sabbath} or died.

 If he renounced being a heretic (judaizer), he was returned to the fold. It seems that once again, "we the people" do not grasp the problem or the solution.

Government Religious Biases

 Those who follow The Holy Scriptures and keep the Sabbath shall again be persecuted for keeping the Sabbath instead of Sunday. They will be outcasts in society and will be cast into prison or killed."

(So folks, prepare for the return of the "Dark Ages." The Pope stated, in so many words, his Catholic doctrine will be force-fed down our throats come hell or high water. His "mea culpa" turns out to be a bunch of "mea crapola)."



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