The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
Creator Entity?

 If there is a creator entity, what can we possibly know about "him?" Where can we see any indications, hints, evidence or proof?

It seems to me there are only two realistic sources of evidence - history and nature. Not only the history of humans, but the entire history of our planet. And nature includes not only living species, but of all the known laws of existence and physics.

Since every time in human history that religion and science butt heads, science wins, lets throw out religion and all human philosophies and beliefs. Let's look at our entire history and then look at nature.

There is very powerful scientific evidence - evidence that borders on proof - that the basic chemical building blocks of life are scattered throughout the universe. These building blocks are scattered by comets, meteors, and asteroids. The fact that such "basic" building blocks can evolve into such a myriad of countless life forms, to me, requires some consideration of a creator entity, or a creator process.

However, it is crystal clear that such an entity has no direct, personal involvement with human affairs or the safety of the Earth. And when you look at the entire known history of the Earth, this point is magnified by many orders of magnitude. We are on our own.

Johnny "apple seed" did not stick around and personally care for, or protect, the apple trees that he planted. He simply scattered the seeds and went his own way. All of the apple trees that he planted were alone and unprotected. They were on their own. If there is a creator entity - "he/she/it" did the same thing with us.

If there is anything that the history of our planet can tell us, it is that we are totally unprotected. There is no being in existence that is protecting our planet or "any" of its life forms. And there never has been.

It is a scientific fact that about 65 million years ago, an asteroid about 6 or 7 miles wide slammed into the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico. We still have a hole in the Earth 120 miles wide to prove it. (Crater size to object size varies, but usually runs about 20 to 1.)

While there is scientific disagreement, the evidence "strongly" suggests that this asteroid is what destroyed 75% of all life on Earth at that time, including the dinosaurs. The timing of our last major extinction and the timing of this asteroid are the same. And the geologic composition of the Yucatan represents a "worst case" scenario for an asteroid impact. The limestone in this area is the idea fuel for worldwide, massive destruction. Molten limestone fell all over the Earth while still in flames. Was the creator entity asleep at the wheel while his personal creation was virtually destroyed? Did he miss a 7 mile-wide rock slamming into the Earth at 30,000 miles-an-hour? Did he/she/it create all of these life forms only to shrug its shoulders and watch the entire Earth burn?

Almost anything can be excused and tolerated if it only happens "once" - but we are far from finished here. The creator entity seems to be "permanently" asleep at the wheel.

There was another cataclysmic event that destroyed about 50% of all life on Earth about 130 million years ago. Then there was a horrible catastrophe 248 millions years ago, and another about 350 million years ago, and still another about 450 million years ago. And there was a mass extinction of 70% of the Earths plant life about 650 million years ago.

The horrible, horrible cataclysmic event of 248 million years ago is particularly blood chilling. Scientists have concluded that up to "95%" of all life on Earth was destroyed, including marine life. There is "some" evidence that links this near-total extinction to a crater blasted in the Earth in Canada - a crater that dwarfs the 120-mile wide "dent" in the Yucatan.

This greatest of all mass extinctions is known as the Permian extinction. And there are some who put the extinction even higher, as high as 98%. And in this event, 90% extinction is considered the minimum.

All you have to do is search "mass extinctions." It's all over the Internet.

When you look at the Earths entire history, it becomes crystal clear that we have no guardian, no god, and no protector. If we have been given life by a creator "entity", the entity has gone its own way. We are on our own now, and always have been. Just like Johnny "apple seeds" apple trees.

In 1989, we missed absolute total annihilation by six hours. An asteroid intersected our orbit in space - six hours after the Earth passed. Why do I say total annihilation? The Yucatan asteroid was perhaps 7 miles wide traveling about 30,000 miles-per-hour. The 1989 asteroid was 65 miles wide traveling at 60,000 miles-per-hour. Our scientists didn't even know about it until eight days "after" it passed us. Sorry, but I'm not finished yet. We still have two more bits of very bad news. In 1995 an even bigger asteroid came even closer. And finally, I have some extremely bad news for anyone who thinks we can simply launch our ICBM's and blast an asteroid into a billion bits and pieces...

To escape Earths orbit requires a speed of 24,000 miles-per-hour. Our ICBM's were never designed or intended to leave Earths orbit. Our ICBM's were designed and intended to go from one continent to another in a "sub" orbit. In other words - our ICBM's cannot possibly leave Earths orbit - they have a maximum speed of 18,000 miles-per-hour.

Since we cannot get away from bad news, there is something else I must say to anyone who has any hopes of our "Star Wars" lasers destroying an asteroid.

At a writers convention here in Tampa several years ago, I met and spoke to Ben Bova. In fact, I ended up meeting Ben several times. Ben has published over 100 sci-fi books and at one time was at the very heart of the then top-secret "Star Wars" project with NASA. Ben personally told me what the maximum power of our "Star Wars" lasers is, and that our lasers can indeed destroy any ICBM they hit. (However, ICBM's are like birds, they are extremely fragile.) Ben told me the maximum power of our "Star Wars" lasers is 100 million electron volts - a hand grenade. Not much use against a 50 billion pound rock traveling 60,000 miles-per-hour.

So what's the real point here? It's very, very simple. When you look at Earth's entire history, there is absolutely no "god" or being of any kind that is guarding or protecting our Earth in any way...

There is absolutely nothing in existence that stands between annihilation and us, except what we can do for ourselves.

Any "god" or being that would shrug its shoulders and let the Earth endure massive extinctions and global destruction time after time - would simply shrug its shoulders at "our" fate.

Any "god" or being that would allow our Earth to reel from massive ecological disasters, nuclear winters that lasted decades, and global damage beyond comprehension, would not protect us in the least.

We may think of "ourselves" as important and supreme - but we live on a planet that has endured unimaginable disasters for at least 650 million years. Our own Earth would laugh at us and mock our arrogance - and our Earth would especially mock our superstitions and feeble declarations of "truth."

If we have been given life by a creator "entity" - then he/she/it may not even be aware that we exist. We are on our own, and always have been. If a Christian is in a war, will he grab a bible? Or will he grab a rifle? (That's an article about "reality" in itself.)

As a personal note, I must say that it gives me an eerie feeling knowing that where I am now sitting and writing these words was once covered by a tidal wave over 6,000 feet high - even if it was 65 million years ago. (Perhaps south Florida was for a brief time, an island.)

 What can we see in nature? Man's laws are enforced only if the law-breaker is caught. But nature's laws are absolutely, totally enforced at all times to everyone and everything on Earth. For example; nature demands that a penalty be enforced if someone jumps from the top of a ten-story building - even if no one else is around. However, if someone breaks a speeding law - he must be caught. Nature is indifferent, and nature will not give you a ticket for breaking "man's" laws.

Nature makes no provisions whatsoever for man's laws. To nature - there is no right or wrong, and there is no righteous or evil. The "evil" guns of the Nazi's were just as powerful as the "righteous" guns of the allies. Nature only cares if you obey the laws of physics. Nature did not reduce the power of Nazi weapons and increase the power of allied weapons.

If there were a supreme "god" or creator entity that lived solely for the purpose of righteousness and evil - wouldn't it be part of his own laws of physics and creation? Wouldn't he put "himself" into his own creation? Wouldn't "evil" guns be weaker than "righteous" guns?

There is only one thing - and one thing alone - that nature decrees. The law of power. It is not he who has the "gold" that makes the rules; it is he who has the power that makes the rules.

In the Serengeti plains of Africa - and in life - you had better have claws, strength, and teeth....


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