The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
Damaged Goods
By Bill Fairchild

I want to comment on the essay "Father" by Art Z. and posted in your main page index on 2002/10/08, and also on the letter Art Z. included that he wrote to his father.

What Art Z. says is a very good example of what I meant in my recent email about how all of us ex-WCGers are now "damaged goods". Our minds were raped for so long that we cannot experience normal mental processes, just as anyone who is physically raped and sexually abused for long periods cannot experience normal sexual activity, or only with great difficulty and after much therapy. The first thing we have to do is to remove ourselves from the abusive situation or environment so that things will stop getting worse. Then we have to work on getting over the damage already done. It takes time, but it is possible, things will get better, and we can recover and become functional again.

One thing that has helped me was writing all the essays and emails that I have submitted to the Painful Truth website, getting things off my chest, so to speak. Another helpful thing was marrying a woman who had been through a lot of emotional trauma, had studied human behavior, had had considerable therapy herself, and is in the medical profession. After my 5th or 6th non-violent but very angry outburst at her, I asked her if she thought I needed some therapy. She agreed, I saw a psychologist for about 6 months, and I also got a prescription for an anti-depression drug. All that was over a year ago. I am much easier to live with now, I don't get so angry any more, and consider my life much better now. This particular drug did not turn me into a zombie, the way Prozac or Valium are commonly perceived to do. (The drug I take is neither of those, by the way, and I would mention its name here except that some moron will sue me for practicing medicine without a license).

These are just some things we can do to help ourselves get over the incessant mind-raping we were subject to. Another thing that has helped me a great deal is going to the opposite extreme; namely, reading as much as I can of literature that is what Perbert and his running dogs told us to avoid, and saturating my mind with what used to be called evil by the Great Evil One in Pasadena. We were taught that politics is of Satan, that Jesus would not vote for anyone for President, etc. So I am up to my elbows in reading essays on politics, government, liberty, freedom, what the Founding Fathers wrote, our modern nation's foreign policy, etc. I write letters to the editors of newspapers, various websites, and even TV shows like The O'Reilly Factor all the time. I have even had two of my emails to O'Reilly read on the air. [He disagreed with both of them. Hooray for me!]

So my advice to Art Z. and all others like him and myself who want to get our minds as close to normal as possible is to go to the opposite extreme for many years. Maybe after doing that we can get somewhere near the middle of the road in our thinking. And most definitely do NOT read the Bible or any religious literature anymore. Read Tom Paine's essay The Age of Reason. Read all you can about what is WRONG with religion, wrong with the Bible, wrong with zeal, emotionalism, mass movements, etc. Stand up and shout "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore."

I am also a Deist like Art Z., Ben Franklin, Tom Jefferson, Tom Paine, and beaucoup others. I vacillate between Deism, Agnosticism, and borderline Atheism all the time, depending on what I read last. But I am definitely no longer a true believer in anything. See Eric Hoffer's book "The True Believer" to find out what that means. It does not mean I don't believe in anything at all. It means I refuse to get caught up in a mass movement based on slogans, myths, faith, zeal, or anything else that is more emotional than rational.

Art Z.'s letter to his father affected me profoundly, because it could just as easily have been written by my daughter, who is one year older than Art Z., or my son, who is two years younger than Art Z. I was guilty of most everything he said about his father. I had to stop and think for a few seconds to make sure it wasn't written by my own son under a false name. Fortunately all of my children and I am now free of that filthy cult's grasp.

We were taught that it was a virtue to remain stubbornly loyal to some belief that we had "proved true and good". So once we "prove" to ourselves that the grand Perbert is right, we must stubbornly cling to it, and anyone who tries to dissuade us from that belief is of Satan. We must resist Satan with all our might. Since human beings naturally tend to refuse to admit error, it becomes all the easier to cling stubbornly to "true doctrines".

In 1806 Thomas Jefferson, in his Address to the Cherokee Nation, said that "It is more honorable to repair a wrong than to persist in it." There's also probably a Biblical proverb about admitting error, but I can't remember exactly anymore. But first we must come to see that we are wrong. And that's the really hard part. It takes real MATURITY to admit we might be wrong, then to examine ourselves with an open mind, then to admit we are wrong, then to start changing. Isn't that what REPENTANCE was all about? And ceasing from dead works? I sort of remember Harmstrong saying something about how we have to be constantly repenting as we learn more and more things we need to change. How about repenting of false religion? And repenting of believing in Armstrong's false beliefs? How do we know they are false? Both his successors named Tkach, who sit in Moses' seat, have repudiated virtually ALL of his teachings.

Another thing that might help ease the mental torment is to realize that the Worldweird Church of Fraud was not the only mind-raping cult based on Christianity or religion. There are hundreds in just the USA. Then there was the entire system of World Communism, which tried for 70 years to build the kingdom of perfect society in the Soviet Union, only to fail finally and miserably in the early 1990s. There were tens of millions of idealists in the USSR who believed Karl Marx, Lenin, and/or Stalin was their infallible main man. There is tremendous disillusionment, despair, depression, and guilt in that wretched country now, but almost no one is there helping them get over their depression and guilt. The best thing about Armstrong's failed cult is that it was as small as it was. Only about 100,000 had their minds raped in Herbie's cult. Can you imagine letting all those perverted Nazis rule the entire wonderful world tomorrow? Burn, baby, burn.

It is exceedingly difficult for a grown man to admit that virtually everything he has done in his adult life has been a waste, that he was deceived, that he ruined his family, and that he wasted almost all of his hard-earned income by giving it to a handful of sleazy perverted lustful thieves. Remaining stubbornly true to his failed belief system is just a weak, cowardly cop-out. It's one way to refuse to deal with reality. It's also a serious mental illness, an irrational act.

I remember Garner Stud once on his radio broadcast telling of some family that was warned of an approaching tornado, they stubbornly refused to believe the warning, stayed in their living room watching TV, and were all killed when the tornado destroyed their home. Since the great Stud boy was such a stinking liar like his Perberted dad, who knows if this story was true? But it is another example of how we humans try to escape reality. Our entire nation is willingly being mind-raped every day for 6 or 7 hours by the great TV entertainment escape system. It's so easy to turn on the self-medicating system and sit there and watch, dream, and forget. Some parts of reality are so hideous that many of us go insane if we try to deal with them, so we invent all sorts of escape mechanisms to keep from going insane and also to keep from thinking about the reality. That's why so many children become schizophrenic in order to escape the continual sexual abuse from older males in their family. "I'm right and I never have to change" is another escape mechanism.

Herbie taught us that the human mind was the greatest thing God had ever created. Then Herbie proceedeed to ruin and rape our minds with his filthy teaching that we could not trust our minds, that we had to trust Herbie's thinking. What a bastard. What an arch-criminal scumbag. If there is an ever-burning hell afterlife, may he burn in it forever. If there isn't, the hell with him. May his filthy body rot and turn into maggot food as quickly as possible.

I hope Art Z.'s dad comes to his senses, along with the several thousands of mind-raped victims still under the WWCG's spell.

Bill Fairchild

Douglas, Mass.

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