The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
Dear Michael Feazell

 "Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks!" I know, I know. I'm not supposed to quote the Bible, but sometimes I just can't help myself!

Page 34 of the May/June 2000 issue of the Plain Truth magazine will help us understand how J. Michael Feazell, D. Min., sleeps so well at night.

J. Michael Feazell is executive editor of Plain Truth Magazine AND executive editor of Experiencing the Word - A Daily Devotional Journey Through the Bible (hmmm... now that's two different chores. So... is that one salary and one retirement, or two salaries and two retirements? - Or is that one of the many things that is none of our business?)

Well, anyway, Mike is explaining why, from the abundance of his heart, in this short little blurb of his, why little things like hypocrisy are just not a problem for him and his buddies at Pasadena. I won't quote the whole thing - just enough to get the idea of where these guys are heading with that mountain of money garnered from years and years of lies, deception, emotional blackmail and extortion, which really boils down to outright fraud!

His piece begins with some VERY revealing questions.  He begins with, "Do you sometimes feel like a dirty hypocrite? Even though you believe in Jesus, do your sins sometimes plague your conscience to the point that you feel like a hopeless and worthless charlatan?"

What's this? Could this possibly be a spontaneous eruption of conscience? To what may we attribute this? Hmmm... sounds like somebody has been reading a few pages of the Painful Truth! Remember, boys and girls, the function of our conscience is to bring us to a crossroad, a moment of decision. What we decide to do with that moment will change us for better or worse for the rest of our life.

Reading that paragraph makes me believe that J. Michael Feazell came to one of those moments when he had the choice to become a better human being, or simply continue to be one of the key figures in an organization that is DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for causing suicidal deaths in dozens of devoted but miserable followers, perpetuating relentless poverty for tens of thousands of beleaguered families with blind obedience to doctrine and unwarranted financial sacrifice, suffering pain of illness from medical negligence, etc. etc. etc...

J. Michael Feazell's organization, the World Wide Church of God, has shamelessly devoured the retirements of tens of thousands of individuals now entering their retirement years with NOTHING. Having given ALL to aid the "end time work of Almighty God," thousands and thousands of earnest, devoted, caring, and trusting people have no retirement benefits, personal savings, investment plans, insurance plans, investments homes, health coverage or ANYTHING. But J. Michael's article continues:

"If you do, you are not alone. But knowing that doesn't help. Here's something that should: I am just going to remind you of what you already know, but need to hear again. We all do. God sent his Son to die for your sins so you could know him and be with him forever, not so you could be good.

You will never get yourself clean enough to have a clear conscience. That is the very reason you need the blood of Christ (Hebrews 9:14). You need Christ because you're a sinner, not in order to stop sinning."

Hey! Did you catch that!!!! J. Michael Feazell does not have to stop being a dirty hypocrite and a hopeless, worthless charlatan because he has Christ! That's what he said! But wait! There's more!

"...All you have to do is trust him. Trust him to be who he says he is and to do what he says he will do. He wants you to know him that way - the way he really is. He is on your side...There is no one better to go to with your dark side. He knows all about your dark side, and he is the only one who can do something about it."

More abundance! Talking about the dark side, the ministry of the World Wide Church of God are the experts! But, that's not all, folks...

"...Our relationship with God is not a "Thanks for everything, Jesus... Couldn't have got here without you... I'll take it from here: arrangement. No, it is only Jesus, son of the Father Almighty, with no help from us, from start to finish. You can take it or you can leave it, but there is not one thing you can add to it. If you try, you'll wind up like the fool who sneaked into the banquet wearing his own filthy rags instead of the free wedding garment provided by the King (Matthew 22:12).... In him all our sins have already been removed without any help from us, and because of it our consciences can be totally why let guilt hold us back..."

Well, J. Mike Feazell? Do you know WHY the King had to give his guests free wedding garments? Huh? It's because of the fools who try to sneak into the wedding feast wearing sumptuous clothing and gold jewelry purchased with money stolen from the actually invited guests!!! It's an analogy, buddy! It's the guy who tries to sneak in with an unclean heart that gets kicked out!!! The guys who beats and robs their fellow servants who will be getting the hook, according to the Bible. Grace is not a free for all Get-Out-of-Purgatory-Free-Card. Handing a forged invitation to the doorman and standing there with a confident look on your face just won't cut it! Do you really think that people that you have lied to, robbed and deceived are really going to want to sit next to you at a wedding feast? Huh? Do you really think that not wanting to sit next to a person who has caused as much misery as you and your fellow Pharisees would keep someone out of the feast? After they have just endured and been released from a LIFETIME of unnecessary pain and hardship because of you and your, just what do you think you'll want to talk about together? ...The free clothes?

When Christ was confronted with a local hooker (prostitute, for those unschooled in street vernacular) his mandate was thus, "Go, and SIN NO MORE." He did not say, "Go, but before you do, how about a quickie?"

My question to you, J. Michael Feazell, is this; Did YOU ever deserve the trust these many tens of thousands of people placed in you and your comrades? Did you EVER have their best interest in mind? Ever? Do you now? Good fruit does not come from bad trees. Christ taught that. J. Michael Feazell, you profess Christ. You should try to learn something from him.


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