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Tkach, Meredith, GTA, Flurry, Hulme.... Disfellowshipped!

To Be Announced Only If Necessary
(It is necessary)

In accordance with the biblical commands, the doctrine and long-standing practices of the church, (based somewhat on I Corinthians 5:5, where Paul admonishes us to "hand the sexually immoral man over to Satan so that the sinful nature may be destroyed and his spirit saved on the day of the Lord.") we are sometimes required to notify you that certain people have been disfellowshipped. It is our unpleasant duty at this time to notify you that Joseph Tkach Jr., Roderick Meredith, Garner Ted Armstrong, David Hulme, Gerald Flurry and all their Myrmidon minions, some of them listed to the right, have been disfellowshipped. These former members, who have signified below, do not, and you should not, bear any ill will toward these so-called, self-styled, self-ordained church leaders. (They have basically ordained one another, and that is so appropriate since they all descend from the incestuous and corrupt founder, Herbert W. Armstrong.)

Rather, you should pray that God will grant them repentance and pray that God will deal with them according to their works.

Since most of us have been unable to obtain the honor of being disfellowshipped from the Worldwide Church of God, the list of names below are of those who wish to disfellowship Joseph Tkach Jr. and all ministers of the Worldwide Church of God and its many daughters from any fellowship with people who can think for themselves. Tkach and his minions are condemned to only have contact with those who are just as blind as they are. They are sentenced for the rest of their lives to wander blind in their own delusion that they could possibly represent and speak for the God of creation.

Too bad that they will be able to continue to steal money from and ruin the lives of gullible people. But, I guess that is just part of God's great work. And, since they have accepted Jesus, they are free to rape and pillage all they want because they are under grace. Christianity is such a great religion for the believers. Of course, the unbelievers, no matter how much more good they have done in their lives, are condemned to eternal death. Too bad.

So many members have been disfellowshipped by Tkach's church in the past; probably numbering in the thousands. Many of these people wear this branding and marking as a badge of honor but some, I'm sure, have led troubled lives, (some have written to this Website), thinking that they have really been tossed out of the only true church and that they have lost any hope of being in any Afterlife other than The Lake of Fire.

Tkach cares not a bit for any of these people whom his church has damaged. If you are troubled by what was done to you by the Worldwide Church of God, Tkach advises you to go get counseling or psychiatric care. He, of course, does not offer to pay for healing any of the damages inflicted by his beloved church. He recommends you get help from your present fellowship, from your health insurance or from some welfare agency. You see, he is just too busy with Jesus' work of making money to help anyone other than himself and his cronies. He won't even use any of the money that his church blackmailed out of you to help you because he needs it for his and his minion's retirement and Empire building ala "Plain Truth Ministries" which is a separate entity from the Worldwide Church of God. It is an amazing thing to see the hypocrisy of these "representatives of Jesus." I wonder what God thinks of them? Almost gives credence to the belief that there is no God because, if there were a God, you would think that He would deal with people who misrepresent Him to the hurt and even deaths of others.

I know there are some good guys on the list to the right. (If you think you are one of the "good guys," you probably aren't.) But they are associated with these churches, they preach the party line, they derive power from them and they support them as loyal Myrmidons along with the "bad" ones. I'm sorry, that is all it takes to get disfellowshipped from being able to associate with people that can think for themselves.

If there is anyone on the list who has genuinely repented and left the ministry altogether, I will take him off the list. That is the only sign that I will accept as true repentance. Give up the money. Give up the power. Get out of the God-Pimping business. If anyone knows of such former ministers, I will gladly remove their names. They can even sign the Ministerial Apology Page to signify their repentance.

Of course, when we disfellowship them, it is all in jest and just to make fun of them and show that we hold them as contemptible; that we do not recognize any authority that they may think they have in their religious delusion.

But when they do it to us, they are very serious and truly believe (at least they pretend they do for the benefit of and for the frightening of their sheep) they are turning us over to Satan for chastisement.

Please send along any names of the "ministers" that should be added to the list to the right. I know that I don't have them all.

Joseph Tkach Jr.
Garner Ted Armstrong
William Dankerbring
Ron Dart
Robert Dick
Gerald Flurry
David Hulme
Leslie McCullough
Roderick Meredith
Dave Pack

If you are disappointed that you are listed as a "Little Guy", you have to go start your own cult and be in charge of the abuse and spiritual blackmail. Don't worry, if there is a God, you have enough to give account for as it is.

Greg Albrecht
Dave Albert
Richard Ames
Dibar Apartian
Dean Blackwell
Mike Feazell
Herman Hoeh
Gene Hogberg
Ronald Kelly
Raymond McNair
Larry Salyer
Don Ward
Gerald Waterhouse

The Following additions can be from any of the Daughter Churches of Armstrongism, they can even be dead. At least dead they can't do any more damage.

Lawrence Gregory
Fred Bailey
Cecil Battles
Alton Billingsly
Karl Beyersdorfer
Val Burgett
Mark Cardona
Wayne Cole
John Comino
Kevin Dean
Dave Dobson
Steve Elliot
Jim Franks
Ken Frank
Ken Giese
Bill Gordon
Lambert Greer
Mike Grovak
John Halford
Daniel "Dan" Hall
Arnold Hampton
Mike Hanisko
Dave Havir
Warren Heaton
Roy Holladay
Don Hooser
David Johnson
Dennis Johnson
Robert "Bob" Jones
Paul Kieffer
Ron Laughland
J. Harold Lester
Ed Maars

Tom Mahon
Frank McCrady Jr
Frank McCrady III
Carl McNair
Jonathan McNair
Dave Meyers
Bill Miller
Steve Nutzman
John Ogwyn
Vincent Panella
James Reyer
Camilio Reyes
Richard Rice
Paul Royer
Ron Smith
Guy Swenson
Keith Thomas
Roland Tucker
Robin Webber
Lyle Welty
Gerald Weston
Tom Williams
Virgil Williams
Larry Wooldridge
Clint Zimmerman

THE Worldwide Church of God LITTLE GUYS:
Email and Phone #'s
Roger Abels
John Adams
George Affeldt
Robert Albarado
Ken Alderson
Guy Ames
Jim Anattol
Anthony Auernheimer
Larry Auld
Craig Bacheller
Fred Bailey
John Bailey
John L Bailey
Lee Bailey
Oliver Baker
Arthur Baldrey
Leonard Banks
Allan Barr
Lloyd Barrie
John Barry
Chris Beam
Glenn Bechthold
Keith Benjamin
Wilbur Berg
Dick Bernhardt
Dan Bierer
William Bixby
Jim Blackwell
Howard Blakeney
Randy Bloom
Mike Booze
Steve Botha
Timothy Brassell
Keith Brittain
Jeffrey Broadnax
Larry Brown
Stephen Brown
Dee Bulante
Allen Bullock
Charles Burlison
Steve Burns
Roger Burrow
Sam Butler
Charles Calahan
Lyle Campbell
Errol Castens
Carn Catherwood
Robin Chester
David Clark
Arnold Clauson
Michael Cody
Terry Cohron
William Condley
Thomas Conway
Jim Cook
John Cooper
Ramon Corpus
Joseph Counsil
Everett Craft
Gary Crowell
Brian Crum
Tom D'Ettorre
Melvin Dahlgren
Martin Davey
Norman David
Fred Davis
Carl Dayhoff
Stanley De Veaux
Bill Deets
Gary Demarest
James Deshong
Ron Dick
James Diehl
Al Dittmer
Bermie Dizon
John Dobritch
Farrel Dockstetter
Bob Druien
Denis Dufrenne
Russell Duke
Neil Earle
Allan Ebeling
Thomas Ecker
Jeb Egbert
Briscoe Ellett
Jack Elliot
Gary Endres
Guy Engelbart
Don Engle
John Farmer
Edward Faulk
James Fichtner
David Fiedler
Carl Fields
Brian Finnigan
Wayne Fisher
Daniel Flores
Gilbert Flournoy
Ross Flynn
Bill Ford
Walter Ford
Richard Frankel
Dan Fricke
James Friddle
Gregory Gaetzman
Roger Galstad
Ray Gardner
Lloyd Garrett
Ron Getsman
David Gilbert
Vance Gilless
Glenn Gillham
Stephen Glover
Robert Gnage
Garvin Greene
Mike Greider
Bill Gressly
Gene Griffin
Norris Grous
Ronald Haines
Hasadore Hall
Melvin Hall
Randy Hall
Michael Harkins
George Hart
Lynn Hebert
Gerald Herd
Cliff Higgins
Wesley Higgins
Willard High
Archie Hill
Larry Hinkle
Charles Holladay
Leonard Holladay
Rand Holm
Mike Horchak
Michael Houghton
James Humphries
Ted Hurlofson
David Husmann
Joel Irusta
George Isken
Ronald Jameson
Mitchell Jay
Douglas Johannsen
Don Johnson
Mark Johnson
Tobe Johnson
Ted Johnston
Donnie Justice
Surgay Kalamaha
John Karlson
John Kehn
Pete Kendall
Al Kersha
Stanley Kilgore
Dan King
Jerry King
James Kissee
John Knaack
Gene Koch
Oleh Kubik
Jon Kurnik
Paul Kurts
Paul David Kurts
Mike Kuykendall
Leonard Ladage
Terry Lambert
Michael Lampley
Tom Landess
Eric Larison
Don Lawson
Jim Lee
Del Leger
Joel Lillengreen
Gordon Lindquist
Bill Linge
Lee Logue
Lawrence Lovato
Dennis Luker
George Lyon
Donald Madlena
Tom Mahan
Wilhelm Mandel
Martin Manuel
Charles Marino
Duane Marquis
Dale Martin
Larry Martin
Don Mason
Curtis May
Joe Mcnair
Ora McCulley
Brad McDowell
Harold McKissic
Jimmie Meade
Tom Melear
Ray Meyer
Bob Miller
Carrol Miller
William Miller
Ken Mitchell
Wayne Mitchell
Frederick Moore
Janice Moore
John Moskel
Mark Mounts
Merle Mullins
Stan Murphy
Ellis Necessary
Greg Neller
Al Nelson
James Newby
Nevin Nolder
Jeff Noordhoek
Jim Noordhoek
Gene Nouhan
John Novick
Samuel O'Dell
Albert Olheiser
David Orban
Frederick Ortiz
Ed Owens
Ernest Owens
Douglas Palser
Richard Parker
Cliff Parks
Frank Parsons
Jack Patterson
Doug Peitz
Dennis Pelley
Phil Perkins
David Perry
Robert Persky
Ken Peterson
Paul Phillips
Thomas Pickett
Charlie Piscitello
Stuart Powell
Larry Pritchett
John Putterman
Ted Ralph
Raul Ramos
Michael Rasmussen
Leonard Raught
Jimmie Reed
Karl Reinagel
Fran Ricchi
Anthony Rice
Phillip Rice
Kurt Rigby
Joel Rissinger
Jim Roberts
Richard Roberts
Bryan Rogers
Tracey Rogers
Aaron Root
James Rosenthal
John Ross
Jon Rummel
Charles Sanders
Floyd Sayler
James Scales
Steve Schantz
Steve Schemm
Vernon Schemm
Gerald Schnarrenberger
C. A. Schultz
Verne Seekings
Howard Shadoan
Rick Shallenberger
Ron Sharp
Eric Shaw
Charles Shelton
Ray Shelton
Richard Siedschlag
Al Sims
Glenn Sinkule
Anthony Sizemore
Paul Sloan
Stephen Smith
Tom Smith
Ken Smylie
Cliff Snyder
Tim Snyder
Armando Soto
Grant Spong
Charles Spoon
Roland Stanley
Leon Steele
Jonathan Stepp
Ronald Stoddart
Jim Stokes
Michael Swagerty
Mark Swann
Charles Taylor
Raymond Taylor
Robert Taylor
Willie Taylor
Sam Templeton
Danny Thomas
Donald Thurman
Pat Tobin
Frank Tomes
Lou Tsiknas
Jim Turner
Jim Valekis
Jeff Vallet
Larry Van Landuyt
Kenneth Vandeveer
Mark Villers
Forrest Walker
Terry Warren
Ronald Washington
David Weber
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Dan Weed
Donald Wendt
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Dennis Wheatcroft
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