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"Donít You Want to Be Evil?"

By Douglas Becker


Itís a question the Armstrongist leaders have answered for themselves and now they want to perpetuate it for generations to come. Itís a legacy.

Just to be sure, here are the lyrics with the properties of evil highlighted in red:

I was once like you, my child, slightly insecure.
Argued with my mother, too.
Thought I was mature.
But I put my heart aside, and I used my head.
Now I think itís time you learned what dear old momma saidÖ

Donít you wanna be evil like me?
Donít you wanna be mean?
Donít you wanna make mischief your daily routine?

Well, you can spend your life attending to the poor,
but when youíre evil, doing less is doing more.

Donít you wanna be ruthless and rotten and mad?
Donít you wanna be very, very good at being bad?

I have tried my whole life long to do the worst I can.
Clawed my way to victory,
built my master plan.
Now the time has come, my dear,
for you to take your place.
Promise me youíll
try to be an absolute disgrace.

Donít you wanna be evil like me?
Donít you wanna be cruel?
Donít you wanna be nasty and brutal and cool?

And when you grab that wand, thatís when your reign begins.
Who wants an evil queen without a sack of sins?

Donít you wanna be heartless and hardened as stone?
Donít you wanna be finger lickiní evil to the bone?

This is not for us to ponder, this was preordained.
You and I shall rule together, freedom soon regained.
Mistress of the universe, powerful and strong.
Daughter, hear me.
Help me, join me, wonít you sing along?

Now weíre gonna be evil!
Itís true, never gonna think twice.
And weíre gonna be spiteful!
Yeah, spitefulÖ thatís nice!

In just an hour or two, our futureís safe and sure.
This mother-daughter act is going out on tour.

If you wanna be evil and awful and freeÖ
Then you should thank your lucky star that you were born the girl you areÖ
The daughter of an eviliscious queen like me!

Another great song from Descendants is Rotten to the Core.

Now you might notice that the evil as described has left out sex, fornication and adultery. Instead, being ruthless, rotten, spiteful, hard and heartless, full of mischief is at the core. Thatís interesting because people like Roderick Meredith and David Pack claim theyíve not committed a major sin since baptism. Since they are false prophets, you just have to wonder what their definition of Ďmajor siní really is. One suspects it means they havenít committed adultery or had a gay relationship, but that isnít what the baddies really mean by evil ó itís how you treat others as well as how you think of them. It also includes being totally unconcerned for others ó only for yourself.

The big difference between the evil villains of the Disney world and the Armstrongists like Roderick Meredith, David Pack, Gerald Flurry and Ronald Weinland is that the Disney villains are gratuitously cheerful in their evil and are perfectly self-satisfied with being open and accepting what they really are. They have absolutely no compunctions about pretense.

So, except for the hidden guilt, we really do have an answer for the Armstrongist cult leaders for the question:

Donít You Want to Be Evil?

They just donít want to be caght at it.From Disneyís Descendants, a musical which poses a dilemma for teens of evil people: Do I have a choice to be good or evil?


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