Medium IS The Message–Key To Truth

It is my contention that the biblical account of “God” is one of a designer who developed a counter-power against the collectivist tendencies of the “superorganism” of church/state. It wil be further my contention that the superorganism under Constantine hi-jacked this process under nationalism, and re-combined the twin evils of church/state (Attila and witch doctor, beast and false prophet) under a banner of collective “Christianity”. But that comes later.

many of my conclusions in Israel comes from an acclaimed history written by Max DiMont, titled The Indestructibe Jews, from which I will quote later, but now it’s time to connect the process by which Yahweh first created Israel, and then used them as a counter-force to the centralizing tendencies of the superorganism. In The Lucifer Principle, Howard Bloom verifies Slater’s thoughts regarding inner symbolic circuitry.

“Four hundred years before the Hyksos taught the Egyptians the drawbacks of overconfidence, Babylonia’s King Hammurabi had concocted a political breakthrough that revolutionized government–the idea of writing down laws. While the rest of the world was mired in illiteracy, the Babylonians were using a script so simple that every corner merchant could keep lists of his inventory and send angry letters to tardy suppliers. Even humble miners were able to write graffiti on the walls of the pits in which they worked”.

This was the evolution of a kind of portable, symbolic “DNA” by which an entire empire could maintain its identity. Whole conquered civilizations could be “imprinted” with these laws and absorbed into their culture.

As Bloom writes:

“The Babylonians were so confident in their power that when they ran into resistance from the Hebrews, they tried something no weaker nation would have dared. They transported almost the entire population of the Hebrew kingdom of Judah to Babylon…”

Babylon was a bustling center of trade for the whole known world at that time. Bloom points out that Babylon assumed this conquest would cause these Torah reading people to become nice, idol worshipping citizens.

There was a very big problem with this: Babylon had developed a law system that was its legal “DNA”, allowing it to expand in cancer-like fashion across the known world. The remaining kingdom of Judah, however, had begun to focus intensely on its own system of laws, more deeply incorporating them into its own culture, because ten tribes of Israel had disappeared due to their lack of faithfulness to that law.

The superorganism of Babylon, functioning on the mobility and transportability of its legal “DNA” tried to absorb a small culture that had its own form of legalistic DNA that was different in that each individual of the culture, like the ones of Babylon, had imbibed of its symbol system.

What occurred was very similar to what occurs when any organism “captures” a virus: both systems begin swapping DNA and comparing similarities, building a “mutant’ that becomes something different from the original DNA. The first thing Judah did as a captured “organism”, was to go through its own “cleansing’ process, expelling all idol worship, focusing intensely on the laws, particularly the sabbath day, and living in restricted shared circles, from which they could expand their own culture into the “superorganism” of Babylon.

A furious “cut and paste’ began as Judah first established its identity in isolated communities, then began to expand and develop adaptive laws of trade and commerce to get at the “nerve centers” and reproductive focal points of the superorganism of Babylon. From this, the Jews, as they were now known, developed yet another “mutant” form of a kind of “RNA” comb nation between Babylonian laws and Jewish laws, which operated beneficially for both systems. This “RNA” combination became known as “Mishna”

Louis Ginsberg writes:

“The development of commerce and trade under the Hasmonean rulers peremptorily called for the building of a code of civil law. The few rules found in scripture bearing on this branch of law were not sufficient and could not be made so, not even by the most subtle reasoning or the cleverest interpretation. The time was certainly ripe for legislation….how dare one tamper with sacred scripture, in which the divine will is revealed? The sages and schiolars of that time…ad the necessary temerity. They took a very imoportant step toward formulating what might be called de facto though not de jure, a new code. They created the Mishna“.(From DiMont’s The Indestructible Jews)

The Mishna became a kind of “RNA” template by which two organisms developed in symbiosis. It was a profitable system that involved two “learning machines” that would combine to form one integrated superorganism. This is a key point in which the superorganism, as a learning machine, would assume a new level of adaptation, far more integrative.

What is still more interesting is the method used by Babylon in dealing with Israel. Why didn’t Babylon, in their arrogance, simply destroy the Jewish culture? Why not ride in and simply kill most of them and leave the rest to get by as best they could?

Two different forms of the superorganism existed, and one simply absorbed the other, almost like a person injecting himself with a virus in the interest of discovering the outcome. The superorganism had taken two cultures, both of which had developed simple methods of symbols in the form of text. Israel developed its laws around the written early form of the alphabetic text, which became the standard of Western communication.

The alphabetic text, as a communication medium for the superorganism, proved to be useful with its small number of base letters, used interchangeably to form any number of concepts by written word, and it was the base of the new “RNA” combination known as Mishna.

The Jews were more than simply replicating cells in a superorganism. They began to function similar to mitochondria, small complete systems that function to generate energy from within the organism.

As the base of this new energy generating symbol system, the Jews began a “cut and paste” process that was streamlined to fit the needs of trade and commerce, but Babylon’s monetary system was made unwieldy and maladative by the use of weighta and measures. This too, would be swiftly remedied as the superoroganism combined new methods of both text and currency to speed up its own evolution. That will be next essay.

“God’ Is An Information Theorist!

In reading about gene sequencing and the development of actual cells, I discovered that yeast is an effective medium. I refer to this statement:
Yeast genome sequencing: the power of comparative genomics.
Piskur J, Langkjaer RB.
BioCentrum-DTU, Building 301, Technical University of Denmark, DK-2800 Kgl. Lyngby, Denmark.

“For decades, unicellular yeasts have been general models to help understand the eukaryotic cell and also our own biology. Recently, over a dozen yeast genomes have been sequenced, providing the basis to resolve several complex biological questions. Analysis of the novel sequence data has shown that the minimum number of genes from each species that need to be compared to produce a reliable phylogeny is about 20. Yeast has also become an attractive model to study speciation in eukaryotes, especially to understand molecular mechanisms behind the establishment of reproductive isolation. Comparison of closely related species helps in gene annotation and to answer how many genes there really are within the genomes. Analysis of non-coding regions among closely related species has provided an example of how to determine novel gene regulatory sequences, which were previously difficult to analyse because they are short and degenerate and occupy different positions. Comparative genomics helps to understand the origin of yeasts and points out crucial molecular events in yeast evolutionary history, such as whole-genome duplication and horizontal gene transfer(s). In addition, the accumulating sequence data provide the background to use more yeast species in model studies, to combat pathogens and for efficient manipulation of industrial strains.”

I find this interesting as a general allegory, because I have always been fascinated by the development of both organisms and cultures, and the related process of development, as I quoted earlier, from different sources. Yeast serve as a “substrate” for many experiments in genetic replication, and it also has more ancient connections in the bible.

Beginning with the Tower of Babel account, I have studied the nature of cultures and civilizations, showing how they expand, the function of war as technological expansion, and the use of symbol-system to “disconnect” them from their immediate environment. The tendency of such successful military civilizations, as history shows, is to expand without limit or feed-back, guided by god-kings and emperors. This expansion, as Howard Bloom shows, is part of a giant “learning machine” which he calls the “superorganism”.

Take a culture of people, place them in an environment suitable for expansion, with fertile growing areas, and the “machine-like response” tends to serve the more successful over the peaceful cultures less likely to expand. If such cultures are overcome by the genetic directive to replicate, they will tend to expand and seek “equilibrium wherever they go, always looking, but never finding, the equilibrium which is actually denied by their expansion.

History shows us such cultures as Egypt, Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome, being the first four major empires of military conquest, followed by later empires slightly different: religion which combined church and state, in the form of Christianity (Roman Catholics), and the Muslim empire, both religions of “the book”.

The holy books of both religions incorporated repeatable, standardized print composed of symbols that the people of the faith could carry with them anywhere, regardless of the limitation of their territories, and expand their empire by forcing others to learn the book’s content. As Slater wrote, this use of symbolism allowed whole cultures not only to detach, but to expand under the military power of the expanding leaders, uniting peoples under a collective symbolism whose uniting power never died, but could be repeatedly printed and created, in exactly the same fashion, over centuries. In short, this power of expansion gave them a “yeast-like” power to expand and grow until all available energy was consumed, after which they collapsed.

I find this analogy used to compare nations to “leaven’ in the bible, with leaven being little more than active yeast ingredients used to expand a loaf of bread.There are stories of the great Persian empire, for example, whose soldiers, horses, and beasts of burden traveled in such great numbers that they consumed miles and miles of usable vegetation, water, and all possible produce for their own consumption. The “machine-like response” under such forces, was “running amuk”.

In limited form, we see this very tendency in the Tower of Babel account. Humans growing in learning ability, having one system of language, one system of organizing, suddenly responding to their own “inner circuitry” seeking a goal outside their ability, to “reach unto God”. This “yeast-like” tendency has existed in human cultures since history is recorded. God, according to the story, stopped this process temporarily by confusing their language and forcing them to respond to their territories as individuals.

This, however, was only temporary. Another solution developed. Enter the history of Israel. Whether or not this history is a true history, it shows insights into the history followed and practiced by an entire culture known as the nation of Israel, who began as slaves seeking freedom, and finally achieved it, only to wander in a desert forty years.It is this beginning, their wandering, that fascinates me.

In simple terms, if you have any group of living organisms whose prime directive is to replicate, whose attachment to their direct environment is damaged due to their language and symbol-making systems, the result will be a a form of cultural cancer, in which the cells feed off their host and continue to replicate without concern, until the host, in this case their environment, dies.

Compare this to Dawkins’ concept of the selfish gene, whose drive is to replicate and control its immediate environment in order to minimize change. In human cultures, this same tendency rises to the social level and is called a “meme”, the need to organize and survive through replication, while minimizing change. But if the “balance wheel is broken, and the system runs amuk”. There must be a counter-force that balances that system.

Look at the history of Israel as that counter-force. First, they were isolated as slaves, with this slavery keeping them from intermarrying with citizens of other cultures, though a few did. Then, as a separate group, they were “delivered”, only to be forced to wander in a desert forty years, where the oldest died off.

This is interesting, because it focuses on what Slater calls “inner symbolic circuitry” that was imposed on Israel in a desert that was almost wholly inhospitable to their existence. Even their food came each day as something called ‘mannah”, given to them each day, with extra helpings given prior to the sabbath, to carry them through the sabbath, when no work was allowed.

What occurred here, according to the story, was a complete reversal of the development of cultures. Their “inner symbolic circuitry” was imprinted on them as a culture, with no dependence on a specific territory or environment.

Their “assignment’, however, was NOT to grow and spread all over the environment, but actually to focus intensely on their “circuitry” to the degree they remained separate from the “leaven” of other nations.

Their entire culture served as a kind of homeopathy or inoculation. To combat the growth of other cultures with the need to replicate and expand, Israel was told to live according to the law itself without regard to any specific territory. This prepared them to function regardless of where they found themselves.

To prepare them for this, they were brutally tested, whether by God or their own need for survival, to show their absolute dependence on the law, no matter the circumstances. When they were finally conditioned to inherit their “promised land” they were told to go forth, conquer, and destroy all living things inhabiting the land, at which they balked, not surprisingly.

After finally entering the promised land, developing a culture including a king, and also enjoying wealth and riches, they began to drift away from dependence on the “internal circuitry”, and blended with the “leaven” of other cultures. In fact, they were developed as a kind of “antibody” against this very tendency toward growth. Each of them were to know the law given at Sinai in detail. it was to be passed on to each generation from parents to children. Each individual was to incorporate the law into their own “internal circuitry”, with as little deviation as possible.

Such awareness, however, with a law that ran counter to their natural and biological tendencies, created a tremendous diversity of ideas and beliefs within the culture itself. New ideas and interpretations expanded into differing views of how to serve God. In short, each individual became a kind of  “antibody” model of the entire culture. There was “genetic drift” from the “DNA” of their original law. As such, they were unable to fight off the capture of their first test, the “superorganism” called Babylon, which I will examine next essay. This is the first test of the viability of Israel as a “counter-force’ to the cancer-like or “yeast-like growth” of the “leavened nations”, driven by the expansive needs of the “superorganism”.

“God” And Nightmares

Our culture seems to be haunted by often recurring dreams in different forms. Frankenstein, the man re-created from spare parts, in a time pre-dating our technology of human spare parts. Invasion of the Body Snatchers, where imagined a group of aliens leaving pods that became identical replicas of our friends and loved ones. Terminator, where we battled the machines that developed their own intelligence.

All of them seem to be variations of our realizations of our own selves, of our own powers, extended technologically into a possibly nightmarish world that we once hoped to be happy and fulfilling.

As Slater writes:

“Every technological advance contains within itself a monster, for each one expresses in one form or another man’s monstrous narcissism as well as the simple desires of which it appears superficially to be an expression”.

McLuhan pointed out(Understanding Media) that “narcissus” comes from the Greek “narcosis”, and is a form of “numbing” as we extend ourselves into our environment. All technological extensions of any body part act as a kind of “local anesthetic” on the part being extended. Our fantasies, therefore, really are part of us, just as the nightmares are also a part of us. For the Terminator, there is the machine that wants to overcome us, and this is a very real part of ourselves, as we are the mechanical extensions of negative feedback processes of the genes, that cartel creating the “purpose machine” that uploaded themselves into our bodies. We are, in fact, a means to an end, and that end is the replication of other genes.

Slater, in agreement with McLuhan writes:

It is with the psychic equivalent of Novacain that we do manage to adapt to change. By numbing ourselves to life, by distancing ourselves from our senses, by losing events in a haze of conceptualizations, we escape the trauma of personal disruption.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers is very real, because we are, after all, controlled by a kind of mechanical “body snatchers” that operate within us, and we are subject to their functions and malfunctions. The genes are “us” but they are not “us”, yet we must have them to survive. We are a colony of genes, and mechanically operated genes at that, with only the goal of replication.

Again, from Slater:

“The attempt to control and master the environment thus automatically pollutes it, for it decreases that aspect of the environment that renews, refreshes, surprises, and delights us….our mastery of the world has proceeded to the point where the parts of ourselves that we have extruded into it keep backing up and flooding the personality with its own rejected components.”

In systems of nature, as Slater points out, living systems must recycle the waste that they produce. What we produce, by our deadening of the senses and the narcissistic control of the environment, is psychic waste. The ever more powerful controls we force on our environment comes back to haunt us, and we fear the effects of our own technological extensions. If the genes operate by adjusting and seeking equilibrium from negative feedback, our conscious minds seek to achieve equilibrium using coping mechanisms of conscious choice to escape the negative feedback of our own technologies.

But more recent discussions suggest something more than just cultural memes”, but also “temes”, technological memes which extend and compete for recognition as further extensions of our lives. There is the feedback from which Terminator comes. “I” seek to be in control of my environment because I know I am not in control of my environment at some unconscious level, so I must find ways to extend and enlarge that control, whether by organizing(which simply brings the same competitive forces into play), or by voting(which merely reduces your “power’ to an average of all who vote), or by seeking a democracy(which is merely reducing all social power to statistically decided decisions of majority rule).

Each strategy above is merely the reduction of your personal power to the control of the superorganism, merely a conscious extension of the cartel of genes that seek to replicate, and your individual power within society is minimized so that you must maintain “equilibrium” in order to successfully “replicate”.

In fact, you have merely taken the “numbing” of your brain by technological extension and used that same extension to create yet another numbing effect of government by statistical extension of “you”, in the hopes that it will generate enough similarity and control of others so that “you” can be recognized. This becomes the near perfect strategy for the replication of genes and memes.

So we feel now that we are the victims of conspiracies to take over our lives, and we have merely contributed to our own conspiracies. As Pogo said “We have met the enemy, and he is us”.

But let us not forget the zombies that have recently taken over our imagination. The “living dead’ who feel no pain, whose only need is to feast on us, and thereby infect us with their “deadness” . These zombies,  the symbolic extensions of our technological selves into an environment from which we wished to escape, only to be cornered from every direction by the living dead.

As DESO author Reed Kinney writes, our society seems to be guided by “pathology and necrophilia, where necrophilia is defined as “the compulsion to dismember life.”

But what of pathology? Slater writes:

…the dearest wish of the thoroughly indoctrinated individualist is that he might pursue a life devoid of negative feedback–that he would be ‘right on’ eternally, never deflected from his rigid and purely self-perpetuating course.
“In brief, the existence of linearity betrays the absence of negative(that is, corrective) feedback, and the inability to receive negative feedback is ultimately calamitous….If the concept of pathology has any utility at all, linearity is pathological.

Remember that the “purpose machine” built by the genes functioned by establishing equilibrium based on negative feedback. If the human body which is a product of the genes finds ways of ignoring negative feedback, the ultimate result is a cancer-like condition, a “balance wheel lost, and the system runs amuk”.

The problem, not yet fully realized, is that the human brain, even with its decision-making abilities, was NOT created to ignore negative feedback, but to respond with behaviors that ensured the genes were secure to function in their own capacity. The fact that human minds began developing symbol systems that involved linearity, shaped by the alphabet, allowed them to extend their cultures by virtue of that symbol system, and begin ignoring feedback. We come full circle to the “Tower of Babel and The Gray Goo” in my essays below.

Slater writes:

“The schizoid defense becomes possible with the emergence of the capacity to generate manipulate, and relate symbols. Once that ability exists it is possible for the organism to withdraw from the complex network of mutual feedback in which it is embedded and respond to its inner circuitry alone. Nature and the body no longer rule the organism”.

The organism begins to respond pathologically to its own inner circuitry, and seek to extend itself into the environment, controlling it, and reducing nature to what is contained within that linear symbol system.

It was Jesus who offered us the counter process to this system:

“Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin:
“And yet I say unto you, that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these”.(Matthew 6:28)

This was not the advocacy of a “do nothing” lifestyle, but the realization that we are embedded in a natural system in which all living things interact and respond according to mutual feedback systems. We are part of all that is. As to those who follow the policies of pathologies and Necrophilia, Jesus responded “Let the dead bury the dead”.