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    Hi, how are you?
    I just want to say thank you very much for the article on Mind Control written by Louise. All my life I've been taught not to question my religious leaders, to accept everything they say and if it changes then go along with the change. But something never felt right and I didn't know what. My friend told me to research mind control and I ended up finding your site and the article. While reading the article, I now realized what was really happening. It's unsettling to know that I've basically been conditioned to react and think certain things, and I've experienced for over a year the effects of trying to go against what I've been taught. But I just want to say a sincere thank you for taking the time to do something like this. You've helped me realize something I've been told for quite sometime, but couldn't believe. I read the conditions on your site, and I don't think there's anything here worth putting online, but if you do, please do not use my name.
    Once again, a million thanks to you,

    (Name withheld on request)


    I am deeply touched by all the stories,i ve read.i ve been abused severally in church.was a jehovah's witness,disfellowshiped becos d elder whose house i lived in cldnt handle watching me see how wayward his "so called virteous daughter" were.i strayed offcourse in sin,every church i commited myself too wld find a reason to abuse me or try to,from lust ful ministers or pastors trying to make me their concubine to jealous wives or sisters trying to oppress me.d elders wld accuse me falsely and punish me innocently for nothing.i am sincerely in a healing process and i feel ur pain and lovd all of u in christ.pls seperate  God from d evil ministers whom d devil has used to remove true christains from d ministry.he will punish all wrong doers.this is not an attempt to judge any of u or critise this site but to bring d love of God to ur awareness and forgiveness.true forgiveness is d beginning of real u all.



    What else can you expect from organized religion? Churches are where evil people go to hide their evil deeds. Get out of the church and go it alone. You'll stay safe and sane.

    Feel free to judge the sob's. Without judgement you will never make a decision as to who is an evil bastard and who might just be someone you would recommend to a friend.

    By the way, most of us are agnostic or atheist. Organized religion does that to you.   



     Greetings, Sorry using AOL till I get something else. Anyway. I am a prior Armstrong follower. Got out in 1989 and nearly ended up living in a cardboard box trying to "third" tithe. But still most people are hungry looking for spiritual relief and a reality to this thing called life. However, shame on these hunters of souls, their spanking is on its way. I can see, having been there, the discouraging experience and the let down to the psychic of a person looking for solution to this thing called life. So my question to you is, where does one go from such a low peak in life? What is your reality and what makes it so or do you just live whatever reality you have in mind?

    Peace and Blessings


    Hi Anthony,

    You asked what reality I live in. Fair enough question so here we go.

    My reality is to live a good life, do no harm and to spend some time every week trying to help others who are down and out. I don't grub money from others, I volunteer my time, not only in this website effort but in efforts that involve people in changes for the betterment of mankind. There really is nothing more one can do but assist others and attempt to make this earth a place worth living.

    The low peaks of life are an opportunity for positive change and evaluation of ones true values. It is a time in life that will reveal your strengths or weaknesses. You will discover yourself at these low peaks and if you have courage these times of despair will make you much stronger, a better person and will leave you with a sense of well-being and of peace. 




    You speak like  true person with a conscience.  You are one of those with the light few have,and maybe no  has told you, a no BS guy.

    I am a formal Marine willing to have taken a round for dignity, truth and honor.  I thank God I never have had  to pull the trigger, especially knowing what I know now about whom I was serving and the senseless cause.  Eventually I was court martial for my belief while in that Church.

    But in retrospect I see it was all for a purpose that I live now.  

    But still if you don't mind I will ask you to be more specif as to what is your reality and WHAT makes it so?

    What drives you to do the right thing and for what?  

    I ask since you have taken mass time to expose Armstrong and towards what end do you do what you do?    Do you have an expectation after this life and what is it and from where does your train of thought come.

    Semper Fi




    "But still if you don't mind I will ask you to be more specif as to

    what is your reality and WHAT makes it so?

    What drives you to do the right thing and for what?"


    Again, my reality is what I stated. My objective is to leave this world a better place than what the current state of the world is. I am driven by personal conviction that the wrong's that I supported in the wcg can start to be remedied by an opposite action.


    "I ask since you have taken mass time to expose Armstrong and

    towards what end do you do what you do?"


    This website is a project of myself and many others that is intended to help those who escape the cults of armstrongism. It gives answers to those questions we all have held deep in the back of our minds. The adjoining purpose is to warn those (protect the public) who may be looking into joining one of the spin-off cults. They get fair warning, and what they do with the information is entirely up to them. Some are smart and can smell a con, others must live it for a spell in order to learn from the experience.

    The societal cost due to the behavioral excesses of heavy handed mind control cults is stunning. Costs to the taxpayers for mental health services rendered, food stamps, welfare, etc. Cost's to the cult member(s), the children, and all who suffer, often for decades, trying to regain mental equilibrium.

    I also provide educational experiences (video) on other subjects just in case the reader wishes to delve further into ideas unrelated to religion. This is also important so that the world we live in can be further understood outside the contextual glasses that society provides us at birth.


    "Do you have an expectation after this life and what is it and from

    where does your train of thought come.."


    After this life? Who knows. Besides, it is meaningless to think or worry about the subject. There is no answer one could prove mathematically or philosophically. The answer cannot be known with any degree of certainty.




    Thank you for you time and honesty.

    It is interesting how we have both gone thru the gambit of religiosity and our experience have taken us on different path.  My on the other hand have taken me on a greater conviction of a Creator that I have proven to myself unequivocally despite the let down of the prior experience.  It is sure a 365 degree turn from what they had me hooked on.


    Not to belabor but recently, after 20 years,  it came to my mind to contact by phone Dale Shurter the pastor who baptized me into the Church and challenge him on tithing.  Happy to hear from me he absolutely said he would give my rebuttal top priority, he's with Pack's group.   Three month later and no response.  I am sure he chickened out since he knows he's beaten.

    Anyway I wish you well on your trek thru this thing called life and much blessings for you and family. After indulging back in  the world and losing my daughter, it was the biggest smack that woke me up.  I learn everyday and your information has been just another confirmation to me who I am and who they are.

    I am a just a one man team doing what I am moved to do.  If you find it within reason you can check out my site and hopefully it will give you a different perspective of life.  I do understand you 100%.

    Either way I offer nothing but blessings and Most of all Mercy

    For In His Image Are We All Being Made


    I totally believe the Jew took over the church and thru Satan corrupted Armstrong's treaching of the truth revealed in the words of God.

    Tchak in my opinion is of Jewish heritage sonewhere in his heritage and Radar is obviously such.

    Jesus told the Jews they are of the Synagagoue of Satan................and the truth isn't in them.............

    They love money..........not God............therefore these people started the total corruption of the church.




    As such, with the battle lines you have drawn, it is abundantly clear that your a picaroon who is impressively ruthless towards anyone who is of Jewish heritage.

    The other day I surveyed a few people I know. Only one person I interviewed actually believes that sin is good for the soul. I found out later that person is a current member of Armstrong's imperium cult, so I insist that we can safely discount his opinion. He had all the dissent that might be found in a North Korean communist party meeting. I should have surveyed you. I could have had two.

    Are you trying to use lethal violence as a source of humor? Armstrong's teachings are of the synagogue of Satan. He corrupted the teachings of the bible and twisted them to mean something not meant to be.

    Armstrong tried to pass himself off as a refined gentleman with the soundest education and morals you can imagine. The truth is, Herbert was a high school drop-out without any theological training, who molested a little girl (his daughter) for the first ten years of his ministry of fraud. The question you should be asking yourself is, “does God use child molesters to do His work?” This should be the qualifying question to ask yourself. The only true qualifier relating Herbert W. Armstrong to the bible are those passages that mention false prophets.

    Tkach was Russian. Radar was Jewish and I'm an Italian. So what?

    Are any of us mentioned in the bible? No. Tkach was not the “man of sin” the bible mentions unless you think pawning stolen goods is the qualifier for this position. Sure, he was a crook like the rest, but he did the world a favor by tearing down this empire of immorality.

    Why is it that Herbert's flunkies are profoundly influenced by what he proclaimed? It's because by taking us over the edge of the abyss of alcoholism and incompetence, Armstrong telegraphed his intentions to put his pseudo religion hucksterism ahead of theological or scientific rigor. What's scary is that support for his program of Gleichschaltung is still spreading like a prairie fire among his deluded casuists in the true synagogue of Satan. The “synagogue of Satan“ you spoke of is of course Armstrongism.

    Now, as to the “Jews” mentioned in Revelation. Clarke's Commentary on the Bible:

      “To know that I have loved thee - That the love which was formerly fixed on the Jews is now removed, and transferred to the Gentiles.”

    “The Man of Sin” : People's New Testament

      This chapter is written to remove misapprehension on the subject of the Lord's coming. It shows that it might not be expected until certain events have taken place. These are, (1) A falling away, or apostasy; (2) The removal of some power which hindered the manifestation of the man of sin; (3) The manifestation of the man of sin, and following this, the coming of the Lord.


    As you can see, Tkach does not fit into this theory put forth by the malcontents in the various COG's. Not one person leading these cults have any training in theology. They just make this crap up! Just like Herbie!

    Get out of your cult, throw your bible in the garbage, and get yourself educated. Now that's ABUNDANT LIVING!

    Ceterum censeo.


    04/07/2013 DM's Reply

    Study Lucifer's children...start with Esau/Edomites



      I grew up in the Worldwide Church of God, and it was a wonderful time in my life. All events for the teens, track events, dances, fairs, and square dances. And have life long friends from those days and they feel the same about the church. So I don't know what happened to you and the experience you had, I hate it wasn't as great for you, cause I miss those days.




      You must of slept thru services.
      Or perhaps you didn't have one of those psychopath ministers to
      deal with.
      Maybe again, those false prophecies from HWA's mouth never gave you
      nightmares, kept your parents from sending you to college because
      the world was going to end.

      No, I think you were asleep. You couldn't be lying!

      Tell me, what church do you belong to now? 


      Read on Rebecca....


      Dear Mr. Fairchild,


      I only read part 1 of your 5 part series online but had to write.  You were in my neck of the woods for much of the time and knew a lot of the same people I did. 


      First of all, let me say that I was brought up in the church from the time I was 4 years old in Baltimore, MD 1968 when my dad first joined the church.  I didn't get out of the church until around 1996-97 around the same time you did.  Although a lot of what you talk about was from an employee standpoint and what happened "behind the scenes", there was so much of your story I could relate to. 


      I am a member of our local community church now but did not attend church for several years after I left worldwide.  Many of us that I grew up with were all in the same boat.  We didn't know what to believe anymore as we basically found out everything we had been taught since we were little was all wrong.  We all still remain in touch and a lot of us go to the same community church together but the scars on all of us are the same.  Most of us were damaged on some level and really struggled to get back on our feet again.  Some never came back to church. 


      My dad was married and had children with someone else before my mom so they almost broke my parents up when my dad became a member.  I remember the crying and arguing even though I was so young.  I was still remember my dad telling us there was no Santa Claus and how upset I was that we would no longer be able to celebrate it.  I never celebrated a birthday until I turned 30 because we weren't allowed for so long that by the time we were, I didn't care about it anymore.  To be honest, I don't know my parents birthdays or anything because of that. 


      We all witnessed a lot of bad stuff growing up in that church but there was some good for all of us too.  The Y.O.U. program afforded me a lot of opportunities as a teen that I would have never otherwise been able to experience.  We all grew up together in our church and keep in touch to this day.  We all went in different directions but fondly remember our experiences in YOU.  I was a cheerleader and went to Nationals at Big Sandy in 1979.  That was the first time I had ever been on a plane.  The Feast was something we looked forward to every year.  I remember going to Jekyl Island Georgia and seeing the neon green feast bumperstickers on everyones' cars.  We'd all wave as we went by.  We felt like we knew each other or if someone broke down on the side of the road who had a bumpersticker, we could stop and help them without being robbed or killed. 


      I remember sitting in the big tent in Georgia and although it was raining outside, we still held umbrellas inside.  I remember lightbulbs bursting.  I remember HWA spoke the one year and I cried because I knew it would be a very LONG sermon...and it was and I wasn't allowed to sleep even though it went on until late at night.  I remember double services and it being so hot there that people were passing out and being carried out on stretchers.  I also remember the time that they were broadcasting the sermon live and they happened to pan into the audience to someone who picked his nose.  I still remember the groans heard around the world that day.  LOL!  My most fond memories of the feast were at the Pocono's though.  I loved it there. 


      I do believe most of the people were well-intentioned and faithful followers.  But there was so much corruption in the hierarchy that most of us knew nothing about that we all followed blindly.  I hate some of the things I saw.  Not being allowed to go to the doctors, I watched a man die of skin cancer that could have been easily healed if he had it remember right away.  But instead it was left to eat his flesh flowly and get into his lymphnodes until it eventually killed him.  Another suffered a heart attack at the feast but knew they couldn't go to the hospital.  It would have been easily resolved if he had been taken to a hospital but he and his wife were told to pray about it and wait it out.  It took a couple of days for him to die a slow torturous death.  There were many marriages that were split up because one or both had been previously divorced....even when there were children born out of the new marriage.  But in order not to let this haunt me forever, I decided I had to let it go and cling to the positive things and not let it destroy my life. 


      Since I am no longer a member, the few that remained with one of the branches of worldwide and still observes the same holidays and teachings of HWA are not allowed to talk to or associate with any of us who left.  My father is in the new Joe Tkach Jr church which is fine but my stepmother is in the spin-off so when my dad goes to her church functions, he is shunned.  When my brother died a few years ago, many people of her church that I knew all of my years growing up attended the viewing in support of her - not for my father or out of respect for my brother whom they had also known for over 30 years.  I, not knowing they were in the other church since I moved away from Baltimore before the split, tried to talk to these people who either refused to talk to me or gave me one-word answers with a total look of disgust on their faces that I would actually try to talk to them.  


      We were so judgemental of everyone and had such a "holier than thou" attitude that I'm ashamed of my former behavior and am left to wonder how any of us could think that was the Christian way and how God wanted us to be towards one another.  I remember not being able to bring any of my school friends to church.  No one was allowed in without special permission.  I was pulled out of class for every holiday and made to do school work while everyone else had fun and I was bullied for being different.  I'm so glad my children don't have to endure that. 


      I was too young to know about a lot of what went on in the 60's thru 80's but heard about a lot of it from my ex-husband who also grew up in the church and from my mom.  There was a lot of sexual immorality in the church.  There was a lot of swinging going on and my mom was the one who told me about Garner Ted.  Then I heard some years back about how he was charged with assault on a massage therapist in Texas.  Some things or people never change. 


      I'm glad I got out and that my kids will not have that baggage to carry around with them like I and so many others do.  But I have told them about all of it lest they end up in a similar cult some day.  Yes, I'm watching the series on the Biography channel, "Escaping Evil - My life in a Cult" waiting to see if WWCG will be one of those they cover.  But I want you to know that I appreciate you and so many others putting your stories out there for us to know that we are not alone and that you have found happiness in spite of HWA and WWCG's teachings.  Stories of hope and healing. 


      I'll continue reading the rest of your 5 part series but wanted to take a minute to thank you for putting it out there.  So THANK YOU!






      dear truth giver,  

      I have read your article about women, and have had most of all the same thoughts you have expressed.   however i think we all should understand,women are made to bare the mans child.    i therefore think women should be expected to raise that child.   i think women should home school the children.    i certainty don't want to see a woman become a slave.   also there are a lot of other things about the Bible that concerns me too.    I for the most part go by my own thoughts about everything,not depending on the Bible or anyone else.    in most cases the Bible is misleading in my opinion.   

      thanks,  Steve 



      The bible was put together by people from various cultures that looked at females as not only inferior, but as property. To live as if we are still in 40 A.D. is to deny any social progress and equality since that time. (I am writing this from a human evolutionary prospective and not the political/religious authoritative view.)

      You stated: 1)".. i think we all should understand,women are made to bare the mans child."

      They have the necessary plumbing to procreate and are capable of damned near anything a man can do.

      2)"i therefore think women should be expected to raise that child."

      Why only the women? It take two to tangle and the man has an equal responsibility to make sure his offspring is raised in a decent and loving home, giving his children every opportunity that will guide them into a successful and fulfilling life.

      3) "i think women should home school the children."

      I have concluded that public education is indeed a poor choice for educating ones children. The schools have become prisons, the administrators revisionist commandants who I blame for the decline in America's education. To have a teacher ask your kids about what goes on at home is beyond the scope of their responsibility, unless of course you hold the state up as the final authority. What is now taught in 12th grade is what I was taught in 7th grade. The centralization of education has been its ruin. Close the department of education. Teach the kids at home, over the Internet, in their own communities. The brick and mortar schools have outlived their purpose. If you ever have the chance, go to the library and take a look at the 1940's 50's children's encyclopedias and the lessons in them. It will stun you just how useless the schools have become.

      4) "also there are a lot of other things about the Bible that concerns me too."

      And rightfully so. Understanding the age in-which these people lived will give you understanding as to their culture. And keep in mind, the bible is not the writings of any god(s), but a cookbook for the modern day sage. And you are on their menu!



      TO: ALL

      The end of the year always brings me into the twilight zone.

      It's now 10 years + I've been out of WWCoG; the end of the year always makes me schizophrenic - I find it impossible to celebrate xmas and new year, although I recognize the virtual necessity of accepting this time, ie that's what people do.

      So, I try not to be so much of a dick as in the past, and generally just throw it right back at them if they greet me with "Happy New Year" and so on.- I normally just repeat what they say back at them.

      Personally, I don't believe people really mean it when they say "Happy New Year" - it's just an indoctrination.

      In the case of friends and associates who are closer, I think it's more authentic and I generally just repeat what THEY say back to them, but I think it's more genuine.

      To be honest, I find it a kind of relief when this period is over, I hate feeling obligated to say and do stuff, especially to strangers.

      So, I try not to be a self-righteous ass as in the past ie all the "Pagan" origins and so on.

      Although I've left Armstrongism, still a lot of stuff remains.

      Just wondering if others still feel a little weird at Christmas time and new year?




      Hi John,

      You asked: "Just wondering if others still feel a little weird at Christmas time and new year?"

      At first many of us did. The indoctrination of the cult did this to our thinking process. When someone wishes me a merry xmas I reply in kind and with a smile. Its totally meaningless to many people but to others, they do hold up the holidays as something meaningful to themselves.

      "So, I try not to be so much of a dick as in the past, and generally just throw it right back at them if they greet me with "Happy New Year" and so on.- I normally just repeat what they say back at them."

      Your using the logic you have to overcome the "cult think" that still occupies your mind. Force yourself to see something positive in what you hate. It tempers your reaction and behaviors that spring forth from your instincts that were formed from cult indoctrination. Besides, these well wishers could be saying "fuck you" in passing. Which greeting do you prefer?

      "Although I've left Armstrongism, still a lot of stuff remains."

      And it will. Force yourself to purge every thought that the cult indoctrination has thrust on you. It takes some longer than others, but I do know that some of this cult experience will last a lifetime. You see, we can't purge every negative from our thoughts but we can overcome and learn from these experiences.

      One of my pluses is that I can force myself to feel happy by comparing my life now to the life I had in the past. After awhile the mind takes on this task and changes your thinking process and attitude. Exercise your mind in this fashion. And don't forget, "talk therapy" is one of the thing that you should experience with an experienced counselor. When the right questions are asked, you answer them and discover what the core of the issue is. Its a wonderful tool to aid in healing and I recommend it heartily.

      Best to you John!




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