The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
Time is Short!
By John O.

Wow!!! The sermon givers of Worldweird must be really frothing at the mouth by now. Just think. Joerg Haider, the Austrian far-right Freedom Party Chief, is now basically in charge of Austria. Wow! Hitler and Haider. Oooooh! That's the same last letter to their names. That's too many co-incidences. Just think . . . Joerg has five letters in his first name, and Adolf had the same - depending how you spelled it. Haider has six letters in his name, and so did Hitler. If you interpose the first two  digits, exchange the last three, reverse the order, and shuffle the remainder, divide a few algorithms into the number you first thought of, then surely . . . you'll come out with 666. There MUST be a connection. "Listen, brethren. Never before in the history of God's work has there been a time like this . . . "

Can we imagine the Worldwide Church of God+ cults' sermons over the next few weeks? The Antichrist is undoubtedly with us. Joerg Haider. And he's behind the power scene in Austria. He's fifty, good looking, a good speaker, has charisma, and is in the right place in the right time. Given the number of his name, the name of Joerg converts to 55, and the name of Haider to 45. This gives a total of 100, which reduced - is the number ONE. Gerald Waterhouse would be having hairy dolphins by now. "This is the time, brethren," we can almost hear the hallucinogenic verbal blabber, "that Satan is undoubtedly putting himself as number ONE. That's his end-time number. The Best is here, and 666 us among us. Remember, brethren. The apostle warned us before his demise that this would happen. Herbert calls to the elect from the grave. Are you listening? Are your tithes generously heeding?"

Of course, the fact that Garner Ted Armstrong, and the rest of the screaming Worldwide Church of God+ hoards are saying the exact same thing, doesn't really matter. The fact that apostle Herbert got all this (pilfered) from somewhere else makes it credible. Maybe to them. And maybe it does it some. To the gullible, Herbert still lives, and - for the cultmaster/businessmen, this is another chance to cash in.

Personally, I haven't a clue if Joerg Haider is going to someday rule Europe, choose ten nations, make friends with Judaism, enter a new temple, and pour out swine's blood on some altar. Personally, I could care less. Most of prophecy (if accurate) is written around Palestine and the Jewish outcome, and (since we are NOT Israel), it's not applicable to the United States and British Commonwealth, nor could it ever be. So, why all the fuss?

Back in 1979, Elder Ray Straub of the CG7 group and I drove from the Denver airport where I visited the CG7 people.

"You know, John," Ray told me, "prophecy is a very salable commodity."

For a long while, I thought about that. He was right. HWA sold his bill of plagiarized prophecies to the uninformed Oregonians in the thirties. Those folks gave, and gave, and gave. They believed that Jesus return was imminent. While many, in those post depression years, barely made out a living, Herbert had soaked up their money, bought himself a new home, a fancy car, and was living carefree on the support of a people who thought that this Armstrong person was some sort of "prophet." They needn't have worried. NOTHING Herb ever said came to pass.

Back in Moses' time, they'd have strung this guy up by the toe-nails (or worse) and stoned him, but in 20th century Oregon, they simply stopped their support, got mad at him . . . and then Herbert quickly left and found new and fertile grounds (and new listeners) in another state, and all this was found in the smog laden hills of his newest Xanadu called Pasadena. There, he found new minds who had never heard his prophetorial rhetoric, and who were willing to listen to the oft chanted theme that: "Germany will rise again." Herbert had found a new financial supply, new souls to con, and a new adoring audience to grant him the worship he believed he deserved.

There are others also on the same prophetic trail, although they may not be Worldwide Church of Goders+. Hal Lindsey is considered a prophet by many, even though he hasn't a clue as to what Rev. 17 is all about. He mumbles with his guttural ramblings about everything that happens, and - in essence, says absolutely nothing. Ask his followers. None - of his believers - that I've ever spoken to, ever seem to have a clue as to what's "coming," but it all sounds good when breathed through the mouth of Hal. He once wrote a book called "The Late Great Planet Earth," but when you take out all the incorrect prophetic guesses, all we left with is a pr,cis of Rachel Carlson's "Silent Spring."

But, all of this 666 stuff is great sermon fodder (together with the articles from the PT site). I sometimes think that if it wasn't for this site, the Worldwide Church of God+ cults would be so bored at Sabbath services that they'd all fall asleep. Even though they'd never admit it, I think we really keep the spice going in their life.

Anyhow, back to Joerg Haider. If this guy's a Nazi, ex-nazi, or one who's supported those murderers, then may he and the rest of his party find a home in another ultra-distant galaxy. That's my feeling, because we'll only find unity among men with love and NOT another holocaust. But, if there are those who are Nazi inclined, then I honestly don't know how to deal with it, especially if it's happening in another country. In the United States, we seem to be powerless to stop the progress of this overseas madness. History has proved it.

Like all of us, on the shores of freedom, we can be grateful that we don't live under those rules, and we can only watch in shock if something goes out of control. Meanwhile, in our own back yard, religious Nazis are making merchandise out of their congregations and milking the flock in the name of prophetic happenings. The real Nazism is not only happening in Austria, but in cult pulpits across America. And that is something we can do something about. We can warn them. Like the Biblical expression says: "He that has ears to hear, then let him hear."

For years, most of us heard the expression: "The United States of Europe." The way it came out of Pasadena, it made it sound like that this was a Herbert prophecy. This isn't so. Another Herbie lying falsehood. Actually, the expression about the U.S. of Europe came out around the late 1700's. But in the last century it was often chatted about by the group of the CG7 church in their magazine, "The Bible Advocate." In Volume LXIV, #10, Page 154 in the year 1930. There's a whole CG7 article there about "The United States of Europe," and in that article, it says: "There will be a uniting together of ten European kingdoms in some form or another, whether it be an established democracy knows as the United States of Europe . . . etc., " This was years before HWA claimed he talked about it on his radio broadcast in Eugene, OR.

While HWA claimed he was the first one to preach the gospel on radio - another lie - the CG7 group were preaching that, plus their ideas about a United States of Europe, and preaching it years before Herbert, for TEN consecutive nights on WJSV in Washington D.C. on 12/27/29, starting at 7:30 pm each evening. The idea of the U.S. of Europe, the Beast coming from there, and the end time extrapolations from Revelation are almost as old as the planets. But every time - in our modern age - some sticky situation arises (like now with Joerg Haider), and someone (like Worldwide Church of God+) drags up the dregs again, and the mammon flows.

Sure, some will claim, the scoffers are always with us. But if common sense goes out the window, then how do these critics answer? How many times do we need to be bitten to be "twice shy?" Isn't the old saying true, that: "Screw me once, shame on you. Screw me twice, shame on me?" Are the current members of Worldwide Church of God+ers a bunch of masochists?

If we are to look back into history, do we realize how many times HWA was wrong? Here is an article that reminds us of his innumerable blunders: HWA's False Prophecies. The Most Comprehensive Listing of Herbert Armstrong's 52 year record of False Prophesies ever made.

How many of us remember Franz Josef Strauss? Franz croaked many years ago, but Herbert (and his loyal lackeys) believed, at the time, that Franz was "The Beast." I remember talking to one loyalist in Hawaii about Strauss in those earlier years. This cultic loyalist chanted the HWA theme that Strauss was going to be the Beast because Herbert had said so. When this person spoke to me, he didn't know that Strauss had been dead for two weeks already, but then again, maybe he learned something when he found out. Maybe?????

It was amazing how HWA and his entourage of "yes-men" actually invited, and escorted Franz Josef Strass around the Pasadena campus to show him "God's College." I heard Herman Hoeh proudly say this. They had "The Beast" on campus. Wow! I also have to wonder how much they donated to his "Christian Democratic Party" in Bavaria. Tithe payer's money of course, and given to someone they considered to be "The Beast."

So, who's going to be the next "Beast?" Who's going to earn the title and "garner" the proceeds while God's church supposedly warns the world about the antics in Europe?

They had one heck of a run out of Franz Josef Strauss. What'll they come up with now? A Joerg Haider? If not, who?

Can we picture the current Sabbath services for the next few wacky weeks? The pastor moves to the podium. The Brethren organize their notes. The pastor breathes. The brethren breathe in reverence for the forthcoming proclamations. The Bible is opened. The notebooks are opened. The pastor speaks. The congregations intelligence is automatically closed. The brethren simply listen, and nod.

"Brethren . . ." the hireling speaks. "Time is short. Satan is now in full archangelic fury in his attack against God and His only people. God has never been before been so emasculated, nor is the power of the demons ever been so strong. Give . . . give like never before. Never before has God needed cash more, and never before has God needed your support. Borrow. Sell. Give all. 666 is here. God needs US - you and me - to finish his great work, and the great commission, originally given to our Father/Apostle Herbert W. Armstrong. Give . . . give like never before. The Germans (Austrians - whatever) are coming, and will (if you don't give ALL), make mince meat out of you in torture machines while you're all hanging on meat hooks. Only MONEY will help this dilemma. Your eternity rests on this decision. We implore you - for your sake. Don't make the mistake of the rich man who wouldn't help Lazarus. This is a test of loyalty, and if you fail, then it's Gehenna . . . and meat hooks first. Millions all over the world are waiting for YOU. Just YOU. You know better than anyone else. You know the truth. You know the "plain truth." You alone can save all of them, but if you ignore this call to money, then they'll all have to perish. So, if you don't give NOW, millions and millions will lose their lives to the Germans, and remember . . . it's going to be . . . ALL YOUR FAULT."

When one uses their common sense, and THINK . . . then we must wonder where the real #666 actually is? Any clues?

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