The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
Anatomy Of A Tare
By JohnO

Most of us are familiar with the parable of "The Wheat and the Tares" in Matthew 13, and therefore, most of us know that a "tare" is a weed - probably called darnel - and was planted among the wheat by some enemy or other. So the parable goes. It is said that the two plants look almost identical and can only be distinguished by careful examination. They can only be separated at harvest time. It's also said that if bread were made from the golden kernel of the wheat, that food would be nourishing, while bread made from the black kernel of the tare would make us ill.

The concept of tares is not new, and it's common to many cultures. The idea of "evil ones" mingling with the "good guys" is as old as history. And no wonder. If we look at the world of business, politics, and especially religion, we find the ever present slimy, crass, undesirable people who are liars, perverts, bullies, and intimidators. While many of these people can be classified as tares, some may also be basically simply stupid in their human relations and not be intrinsically evil. But real tares are deliberate. Tares are here by design. Tares KNOW they're tares, but they don't care.

Many of us become fooled when it comes to religion. I was duped too. We all were. We feel (as I certainly did) that since a person was "converted," then that person was automatically one of the good guys. For years, it never occurred to me that some of these people were actually the "wolves in sheep's clothing." It never occurred to me that such intentionally corrupt people could ever be a part of "God's Church," and have the explicit intent of leading people down a path of mind control and financial ruin so they, themselves, could enjoy a life of luxury and people domination. It never occurred to me that any "church" people, especially the leadership, would ever maliciously use the membership for the advancement of their own egos, personal profit, and the establishment of their own, overstuffed, golden parachutes.

To this day, I'm kicking myself (like so many of us) for being so trusting. But such is the nature of the wheat and the tares. The wheat (like most of us) are usually innocent people, and the tares are the low life who would consistently take advantage of others - even if it led to genuine people going hungry, without necessities, without adequate retirement, and even if church members continued a path of ill health and death. Let's make no mistakes here. Tares can be directly responsible for a person's continued ailing health, needless suffering, and untimely death.

Tares are fundamentally repulsive people. I think the vernacular is "low life." And this characteristic can all come in the costume of three piece suits and college degrees. As in Washington DC, or in the corridors of those individuals that stalk the minds and souls of the Worldwide Church of God+ organizations. Tares are people that don't really belong on any planet.

Tares are deliberately malicious. And they know exactly what they're doing. The religious area is where many of us are familiar. But all this extends beyond a Herbie, or a Joey LaTacky, or even a Teddy. How many politicians, for example, have gushed the usual "hee-haw" blah to the crowd and then proceeded to have themselves "serviced" within the physical heartbeat of the government - inside the Oval Office. As far as I'm concerned, the Oval Office is a place for the most important biz on the planet, and not a playground for oral sex.

But tares don't come across like tares. They usually present themselves as nice people. They are PR people. Men AND women. And religion, including Worldwide Church of God, is the biggest trap of all. If we all were to look at little Herbie, we'd see that this bug reflected the role of loving father, benevolent patriarch, and concerned citizen. A man of God? The propaganda said so. But, with all the evidence we now have at hand, we now know differently. Apostle Herbie was a tare - just like a Hitler, a Stalin, or a Mao. In spirit, he was no different. He just lacked the opportunity to spread his wings and fly like the tare he was. The problem was (check out the AR's) that he dismembered enough lives in the process of his whoring and accumulating and incesting. We can only be thankful that he could not accumulate more power.

While we may say that tares are spiritual degenerates, we must also ask some questions. What are the characteristics of a tare? What made Herbie and his lieutenants the people they are? What makes the current Worldwide Church of God+ and offspring so dangerous? It's worth noting here that the offspring can be more dangerous than the core of the cancer. For example, is a Hillary so different from a Bill? Why are so many people writing emails about these offshoots of Worldwide Church of God+, that the scenario is really scary? Some of these personal letters, although most sobering, are really frightening. Many readers of the site now email each other, and even though the comments are private, the "churchy" stories are really chilling. If any of these cultmasters, ever took over a nation, would we have another inquisition? Would we lapse into another dark age? Could any of us imagine a Meredith, a Luker, a Teddy, or a Flurry, as an ultimate dictator of a country? Go figure.

Pat Robertson tried and failed at the Oval Office. Thankfully, he botched. He tried to be President. He claimed that "God" wanted him to run for the office. Again, thankfully, it was God that screwed up. God blew it again. If only He had consulted Herbie for counsel. If Herbie had lived beyond his years, would this little Napoleonic offense have run for office? At one point, there was talk of this.

Tares are obvious by that they produce. Look at the results. Although this is not a political discussion, we can only look at the produce of our elected representatives. Look at the produce of the religious medium of our country. If we are the most "Christian" country on Earth, then where are the fruits? Regrettably and tragically, we lead the civilized world in every sort of crime, and yet the media's idea of Christianity has had little or no effect on the onslaught of wrongdoing. Praise the Lord. Send the money. Make me rich. Vote for my favorite. It becomes a point of who's running who. Since Hillary wants to be NY Senator, she'll undoubtedly (if she wins the next two elections) throw her hat into the ring for President in eight years. Watch. I personally think it's a time that honest people need to be ultra-cautious of the tares that rule the land in politics and religion. Please remember, and it's my opinion only, I do believe the two go hand in hand. And all I'm saying is that, like myself, we observe.

If religion controls the world, then the tares have won, and we'll have another ignorant, persecuting, horror filled, dark ages. Herbie and Worldwide Church of God+ are simply forerunners of the horrors that might be. As one friend of mine said in an email: "The only thing worse than the state running churches, is the church controlling the state."

Most people don't want to talk about this, and too many people like to hide from truth. Tares are not going to quit. And I don't give a hoot whether it's business, politics, or religion. That's why Worldwide Church of God has such a plethora of offspring. They will push and push until the weakest of us gives into them. When I checked it all out, I was amazed at the number of people what wanted to be the next Herbie. But again, the facts are obvious. Give these cultmasters any semblance of control, and we can throw away our freedom. Herbie, Rader, Teddy, et all., all of them knew this. The offspring cults know this.

So, what makes a tare? There are the obvious signs.

Tares don't give a damn Like Apostle Herbie and his minions, tares are totally self-centered. It doesn't matter if our lives or HEALTH are in danger. They don't care. Only their own personal comfort is of importance. People can die (and have) by following their edicts, but that's not important. The tare is an uncaring individual. People are inconsequential to their end results. They simply don't care about anyone else except themselves.

Tares are unfeeling While most of us have sensitivity about our fellow man, the tare feels nothing of this. How can anyone know this? By looking at their fruits. How can anyone ask church members to borrow money, and spin the line of needing money - more than ever - (Check out the AR's) and then blow away money on "sex" trips to Romania, and chandeliers, and Dom Perignon by the reservoir full, and all sorts of "jaunts" to India (remember Teddy - and the dismissal of Abraham George), and the squandering of tithepayers' money to insane dictators, as mentally aberrant as the giver.

Tares have humungous egos Before anyone can qualify as a tare, they must believe that they're something that they are NOT. Moses, it was reported talked to God. If you can claim that privilege, then you can really start the cult of your choice. Apostle Herbie claimed to have all sortsa stuff actually "revealed" to him by God. In fact, this despot was making a claim to be another Moses, or something akin to this type of thinking. Thankfully, the hilly Pasadena had no real mountains, although Mount Wilson could have sufficed. Herbie never had the stamina to climb a set of stairs, let alone a mountain. His energy was apparently spent in other directions. Otherwise Mount Wilson would have become another Mount Sinai.

Tares dote on situation ethics As we now know, Apostle Herbie created his own theology. This was actually a mirror image of Ellen G. White. She and husband, James, worked out of Syracuse NY, in the late 1800's, and monopolized the cult of what's now known as the Seventh Day Adventists - SDA's. Gilbert Cramner (a former SDA member) broke from that cult group to form the CG7 group. Herbie came from that latter assembly. Gilbert didn't like Ellen G's interpretation of prophecy. Anyhow, Gilbert was closer to the facts than either Ellen G or Herbie. Like Ellen G., Herbie was an uneducated soul, but a master of plagiarism. Please check out the prophetic writings of Ellen G. and Herbie in respect to the commentaries of Jameson, Faucet and Brown, as well as Adam Clarke, and Matthew Henry - written two centuries earlier. They all follow the same ignorance.

Tares make their own rules Third tithe (when I actually studied the matter) has to be one of the most disgusting things ever dumped on people. "Third tithe," as depicted by the Mosaic culture was supposedly the money dedicated to widows, orphans, and Levites every third year. In later years, as I understand it and according to Al Portune's complaints (check out the AR), the money was all dumped into a general fund - which was emptied into Herbie's money pool. Third tithe was actually the second (harvest) tithe given for another purpose - and given the THIRD year. It was not a separate tithe. It was still only a second tithe. That's all. We'd all been lied to. The third tithe was only the disposition of the second tithe every third year. From this money, we have (as Al Portune lamented) some facts that this tithe went for Herbie's jet fuel, the G-II (called by my friend, who personally knew the co-pilot, as the "Flying Whorehouse) and expenses for Herbie's penis extensions in Rumania. Cultmasters make their own rules.

Tares always justify their mistakes Some of the most hideous blunders of Worldwide Church of God (among an infinity of others) were the horrors of D&R and healing. These "doctrines" were cruel, sick, and a result of demented minds that had no mercy on people, no sensitivity, no love. Many people needlessly suffered and died. Yet, according to HWA and son Teddy, no mistakes were ever made by them. It was always God that screwed up. God was only testing his church - according to the propaganda. God allowed it all to happen. So Herbie, et al., never made a mistake. It was all God's fault. Herbie was still Pope, and still (predictably) infallible. And the sad part of all this folderol is that (we the) people actually believed this BS.

 Tares usually always have a low opinion of women This happens, both in the business place and the religious forum. Women are always regarded as less than men, and that premise is (not only) anti-spiritual, but totally illogical. I've already said enuf on this point. EQUALITY made my statement in this area. Women are, and always have been, equal to men.

Tares come in both sexes While the above comments apply to males, the women are also to blame. If equality is an issue, then the tares who are women must also absorb the blame of their own guilt. How many women are comfortably - and knowingly - married and prostituted themselves to their male paychecks? How many of those - seemingly pristine wives - Pasadena women have been bedded by Teddy? Yes. There are many names. There is a long list that constitute many of the righteous wives. They may choose not to remember. But, if push comes to shove, then they will be named.

Tares must be dominant And so, domination and bullying are essential. If we remember correctly, this was the Herbie scenario. Herbie was a bully. Let's not minimize this. Being close to Pasadena in my last months of "membership," I witnessed this man's bullying tactics first hand. He was a bully, and intimidated everyone who worked for him. At first, I was shocked. Naturally, I thot something was wrong with me. I really thot I was becoming - suddenly - "unconverted." How could I ever doubt God's Apostle? But, looking back on it all, he possessed all the characteristics of a Hitler. He controlled the money and the paychecks. He reminded everyone of the "ministers" of the name at the bottom of their paycheck. That was done in Tucson at the conference of February 1979. I personally heard him say this. This was a business, and Herbie was a businessman. And such cowards are always the ultimate bullies. At one time, in Tucson, I personally witnessed a confrontation between Herbie and a mother whose son was expelled from AC. Herbie (typically) backed down, and acted like the classic coward. He backed away from the situation, as he wasn't going to get involved. He appealed to his security men. He was not the real "man" that the PT and other publications depicted him to be. Herbie - in my opinion - was a wimp. A real man would have stood the test and tried to resolve the problem. The woman had a genuine gripe, and it should have been handled by someone competent. But Herbie left the matter in the hands of his security people and took off. He could only mumble - something. The mother (a black woman) was forcibly ejected from the Tucson Community Center. In our world, we have cowards, we have bullies, we have tares. We have Herbies - and now, we have their extensions.

Tares are always self serving Yet, these tares are the first ones to call all others "self-serving." We personally knew of such people in Hawaii and also in Los Angeles. For some strange reason, they always considered themselves a lot smarter, wiser, and more educated that anyone else. In fact, they were probably the most ignorant of all.

Many may ask, how can these people do these things deliberately? The answer is simple. They don't care about other people. They have no sensitivity. They have no compassion. If others are hurting, they don't care. Their goal is the beatification of "self." They have no love within them. They have no real cosmic soul. They are tares.

We all operate on different frequencies. That's normal. But for good and bad, I don't mean just a variable or close frequency, but a wide gap in vibrations - good & bad. Most of us - who are humanitarian - have close frequencies. Those who are seriously reading all this without malice are NOT tares. Maybe we all have the swing of different vibes. And we're all different. But who wants to be a tare? Cultmasters in Worldwide Church of God+ are showing their fruits. People, like you - the reader, are speaking out. As the time goes on, we'll hear more about these tares. They know better, but instead, they choose to look the other way and smile. But it's obvious that some like the fact that they're ugly, and they are tares. It doesn't seem to worry them. They choose to ignore it. Being a tare is meaningless to them, but for now - it's highly profitable.

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