The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
The Apathy Issue
By JohnO

It’s no secret that we live in an apathetic world. And most are content to stay that way unless their territory or toys are threatened. Then, many feel, it’s time for action. But, by that time, it might be too late.

Most are content, for example, to simple believe anything that comes to them from the controlled media via the boob tube, or by newspapers and magazines. Far too many are comfortable and believe anything that’s told to them by a politician who’s running for election. Also, most folks will believe the promises of that politician if he/she promises to do this and that for their constituents. By the time these politicians are in office, they are voting for everything BUT the issues that swept them into Congress or the Senate in the first place, but the public are so apathetic that few bother to complain to their Congressperson or Senator. Most of those letters of complaint invariably go unanswered anyway, or they’re responded to with the standard “form letter” that covers a multitude of issues, sloshes over most answers, and still leaves John Q. Public as confused as ever.

For the most part, people shrug their shoulders, and move along as if nothing had ever happened. This was the case in two issues in California, where a candidate for Congress – a woman of Hispanic origin – cheated in the election against the incumbent Caucasian Congressman by adding thousands of votes to her ticket, using the names and addresses of illegal aliens. By the time a recount was finished, and the illegal aliens’ names removed, it was clear that she’d lost the election. But the woman was already sworn into Congress, and the CA governor, Gray Davis, did nothing about it. And the people shrugged their shoulders and went back to work as usual.

Another case was the CA vote on what was known as Prop. 187. It would have made a new law that NO California tax dollars went to the welfare, schooling, or indefinite medical treatment of illegal aliens. It was costing the CA taxpayer over $5 Billion a year. However the Hispanic community appealed, an Hispanic judge upheld the appeal, the will of the voters was stalled, and with the arrival of the new governor – again, Gray Davis – he simply dismissed the majority will of the people and, essentially squashed the Proposition. Again, the majority shrugged and went on as if they could do nothing.

Undoubtedly, this is not the case only in California, but it permeates the thinking throughout the world to the point where – if you’re comfy – then “who gives a damn about anybody else?”

What has brought about this apathy? Our forefathers would have raised hell if such abuses to the Constitution were violated. Unfortunately, far too many drift off into a daze of indifference, and as long as we have our personal food, clothing, and shelter, then far too many simply ignore the problems now extant in the world.

No one is saying here that we should all grab our sabers, charge out on our white stallions, and put the “enemy” to flight. Not at all. We couldn’t change anyone’s minds unless they first wanted to think differently. However, on the other hand, many are concerned, then they show their concern, and many voice an alarm regarding the apathetic attitude that’s exhibited by so many across our globe. And shouldn’t we at least care about others and show compassion, even if we cannot change the world?

It doesn’t take an Einstein or a Tesla to figure out that we, as a species, are swimming in and swallowing the effluent of our own global irresponsibility. And instead of taking a step back and looking at what’s really happening (or the “plain truth” about the world’s conditions), most of the world’s teaming masses join the ostrich syndrome and then they march on to the inevitable consequences.

While the controlled media on TV (and that includes ALL of them, as they all have their “spin,” despite what they say), keeps us fed with the stuff that at first makes us all nervous, but then convinces and placates us to be content because we’re still well protected. Like Bob Dylan said sarcastically in one of his songs: “God is on our side?” Too many will sit back in the evenings, watch their TV’s, munch their steak sandwiches, look at the mess that’s going on all over the world, and generally think: “Glad it’s happening over there, and not here.”

Why isn’t this violent world’s conduct and chaos waving some sort of red flag to so many in our nation? Why do we look at the chaos, at home and in the world – namely, the terrorism, the wars, government exploitation with its fiscal mismanagement, the abuse of our global environment, the mess of corporate scandals, and then still continue our munching as if nothing has happened? What has happened to so many that causes them to shrug off the problems that surround us and persuade them to continue to live their lives as if nothing will ever happen to us?

A big cause can be found in religion and its teachings of UNreality. Herbie’s Worldwide cult (and now its repulsive offspring) was no exception and was a master of such misleading information, leaving its members brainwashed, disinterested with what we’re doing to ourselves globally, and ignorant of the “plain truth” of what must eventually happen to this world unless fundamental dramatic changes are made to man’s attitude toward his fellow man and his attitude toward the planet itself. They had lulled us all into a general sense of false security and general apathy. As long as we were loyal and tithed, everything else would be AOK. And we fell asleep. That’s why so many minds are still chained to the Worldwide cult and its offspring sewerage. Those members are living in a trance. They’ve become so apathetic that they can’t see the spiritual madness that is being constantly injected into their brains.

Although Worldwide, at times, did weakly introduce the problems that all people face, they left us with a sense that we – the faithful – didn’t have to worry in the end, because: “Christ will return and solve all our problems.” They even went further and indirectly promised us rewards of “kings and priests” if we kissed ass to the Cultmasters and were fiercely loyal to the ramblings and plagiarized doctrines of the dead Apostle Herbie. And so, many became numb to the plight of other humans because we were going to be Ok, and the rest of that pagan world who didn’t follow Pontiff Herbie would get their chance later. After all, God had chosen us ALONE to rule over the world, and the hell with everyone else. We were programmed and led into a mode of fully saturated apathy.

Most of our country bears the title of “Christian.” As such, the theme is invariably the same – “Jesus is coming any minute to rapture (or save) you, then He’ll take you away to his heavenly abode.” This type of preaching (in some ways similar to Worldwide) comes after a lecture on the Great Tribulation, et al., and how dead, bleeding and mutilated bodies will be lying around everywhere, people will be starving, cities will be leveled, and how crazed, cannibalistic, blood drinking predators will roam the countryside in search of tender, fresh meat in the form of anything that moves. The ONLY way out of this, as it is preached by many, is to accept the Lord Jesus as Savior, confess your sins to Him, and WHOOPEE, you then become “saved” and “born again.”

This scenario also puts the believers and “saved” people into a somnambulistic state of consciousness, and again, apathy has clawed its way into peoples’ psyches. Now they’re saved, as they think, they’ll be safe from the coming Trib. Only the “born again” ones – as they’re taught – will go with Jesus, while the rest will burn forever in some hell or other. Such is the nature of many religious teachings.

Probably the largest Christian group in the US are the Southern Baptists and their multitudinous off-shoots. Catholics also form a large chunk of religiosity. Until recently, the Catholics had their own doctrines which change whenever financially convenient, but they too believed that a good Catholic was reserved a front row seat in heaven to watch the Beatific Vision forever. If, as a Catholic it was taught, that if you ever strayed from God’s one and only true church and died that way, then you’d fry forever. So in both cases mentioned above, the membership – who were regular practicing Catholics or born again Christians – had it “made,” and could languish in the supposed fact that no matter what happened, they’d make it to paradise. Religion promoted this pathetic state of apathy.

With Worldwide, the aspect of fear was also preached, and was less subtle than the “born againers.” The horrors of meat hooks and German torture machines, etc. was meant to keep the congregations in line. However, while these congregations stayed loyal to the Worldwide teachings, the people became like automatons who marched to the stench of the cultic rhythm, put on their synthetic smiles, goose-stepped to services, mindlessly paid their tithes, and quickly slipped into a way of life that was closed minded, indifferent to the “unconverted,” and apathetic to the world, its people, and the undeniable suffering of mankind that stared them in the faces. And the cultmasters, kept that lethargy alive (if you stayed loyal, of course), with their constant barrage of propaganda similar to the mind controlling circumstances depicted in the novel “1984.” But, in this case, the adored leader was not Big Brother, but Apostle Herbie.

Again, the reason for the apathy was the justification that: “When Christ comes, He’ll sort it all out.” So, as Alfred E. Newman says: “What – me worry?”

In the Spokesman’s Club, where the Cultmasters and Hirelings searched for attributes in a speaker that would position him for a possible future Local Elder and spokesman/salesman for the cult, the director would always reinforce this apathetic attitude. As long as the members were loyal (and tithed – cubed), they said, that all loyal members needn’t worry about the world’s problems nor the tribulation, because they’d all be whisked away to a safe place with Pontiff Herbie leading the pack of loyalists, just like Chuck Heston playing Moses, in the movie “The Ten Commandments.” Maybe Herbie was going to part the Atlantic Ocean on the march to Petra? And so again, everyone simply relaxed and accepted the fact that: “We’re gonna be saved, and the hell with all them pagans.”

There was a method in this mindless scenario. If a cultmember is apathetic, then they’re content and will seek NO further. They will not advance in their education, and so they’ll never bother to deeply study Worldwide’s questionable theology. They won’t bother to listen to the reports of the aberrant obsessions of Herbie, or how they’ve all been conned out of their minds, money, and futures. They’re happy to stay where they are and let the rest of the world go to rot.

Time and time again when a club member spoke, he’s talk about some problem in the world. Then he’d invariably finish his speech with words similar to: “But when Jesus Christ returns, then He’ll solve all those problems,” etc. In other words: “We don’t have to worry. Christ will work it out. We can just cruise into the kingdom.” And hence – this was (and is) the attitude that kept most members in a brainless fog.

Christianity in general has a similar idiotic approach. Their belief is that if you’re “saved” etc., then Christ will take you into the kingdom. All you have to do is to confess Jesus, etc. and you’ve got it made. This useless theological drivel comes from the insane, moronic teachings of those preachers who claim to believe in Jesus and the Bible, when in fact, this formula was never once mentioned by the Jesus character in the four Gospels. But people won’t check it out. It’s easier to adopt the easy way. Also people cultivate a demeanor of disinterest regarding anyone who doesn’t follow the same wackaroo rules as promoted by the likes of Billy Graham, CBN, independent apostles/prophets/evangelists on TV, the born again movement, and a never-ending flow of money making intimidators, screamers, sweaters, singers, and mindless would-be actors that prance and stomp the stages of the most profitable TBN.

Since I’ve talked with many such “righteous” folks, their attitude becomes clear. They care little for those who do not think as they do, and in the cold stare from their eyes, you can almost feel them shaking their head, because we’re not “saved.” Hardly any of them have a real sense of humor. Maybe they once did. Many now simply believe that we’ll be frying in some hell forever because we didn’t accept “Jesus.”

A parallel claptrap was preached in the Worldwide cult, and now, it’s preached in the Worldwide’s rancid offspring. They believe the same thing, in-so-far as if a member is to leave or stray and remain apart from membership, then . . . it’s off to the Lake of Fire for them. In both cases, the membership remains apathetic to a departed member’s situation as they do to mankind’s distress. They retain indifference to the global problems, they couldn’t give a hoot about the ecology of the planet, they’re indifferent to anyone who doesn’t believe as they do, and in many cases, they remain, aloof, self-righteous, and apathetic to all logic and common sense. After all: “When Christ comes, then He’ll work it out.”

So, many Worldwiders &+ think, why even concern ourselves thinking about those Gentiles? Why not just wallow in apathy?

What – me worry?

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