The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
Blind Bat
By JohnO

Now, everyone knows that bats are supposedly blind. They send out a supersonic signal the returns to them, and thus they control their direction. Much like radar in a fog. They're nocturnal, and they return to their caves at night. They hang upside down, and from time to time, they urinate. Their urine gathers in a large pool at the floor of the cave, and strictly ID's the presence of bats. The smell - combined with their own urine formula combines to form a concentrated and pungent form of ammonia. As we all know this is a toxic and cancerous chemical. So you never go into a bat cave without the proper covering and breathing material.

Since we know they're technically blind, we'll allow this "overlook" for the purposes of this story. Bats are nocturnal, but this particular bat came late into his cave. The story goes:

Near dawn, a bat flew into his cave. His face was covered in blood and there was blood dripping from his mouth. All the other bats saw this and figured this guy had come across a real "find." Blood! Wow! So they badgered him as to the source, as they were all thirsty. The blood soaked bat resisted time and time again, until he could resist the pressure no more.

"Ok," he said to the other bats, "if you really wanna know, then I'll show you. Follow me."

So, near dawn, he led he bats out of the cave. They flew for about a half hour until the reached a forest. At the entrance of the forest was a huge pine tree.

"Look," the blood bat pointed, "you see that big pine tree?

"Yes - yes," screamed the rest of the panting, salivating and thirsty bats.

"Well," he replied, "I didn't."

How many of us were blind to that pine (Herbie) tree? We all flew into it, and came out covered in blood, and (in many cases) the loss of our livelihood. Meanwhile, Herbie, his cultmasters, and many of the "chosen" hirelings, feasted continually. We were the bats without the "blood of life." It had been taken from us.

Herbie, the bat, and his loyal (to their paychecks) cultmasters, flew all of us into trees that we didn't see. They saw the comfort of the coming years, but their rich futures and luxuries were too much to surrender. Granted, if anyone has a life of luxury (and that depends on LOYALTY to a parasite), then luxuries can be very difficult to surrender. These cultmasters and hirelings can find any justification for staying in something they KNOW is wrong.

After a while, this - to the hireling - it must play on their consciences. So, many simply dismiss it. Personally, I cannot understand this mentality. It's the mindset of a hireling, a coward, a wimp, and certainly NOT anyone who could adequately "minister" to anyone. Preach for a paycheck? And preach BS? Even though they KNOW it's wrong? Then they steal your money? Your lifesavings? Your investments? Your retirement? That's even lower than a politician or a terrorist.

A terrorist is ostensibly a mindless boob. And that's similar to what they try to do to those who are indoctrinated into the Worldwide Church of God+ cults. And these Worldwide Church of God+ hirelings (who know the truth - as most do), continue with terrorism against the membership they purport to "minster" to. They keep the fan going, and bucks rolling in.

When Worldwide Church of God had a "falling out" on doctrine, the hookers fled. They looked and leached to any other "Church" corporation that could provide a salary, benefits, and retirement income. It didn't matter who, what, or where. Any sanctuary was a security, even though they'd destroyed the lives of many, ruined their finances, and decimated their futures. Most KNOW this, and from what I gather, most don't give a damn.

But the problem is that people are waking up. I get PRIVATE emails that tell me the this (or that) church is in financial problems, and their always begging for money.

"We have to cut back from a large (personal) truck (for a true example), to a Jeep Cherokee." Poooooooooooor babies. They actually drive what most of us could never afford. And they're whining. Again . . . poooooooooooooor babies. If they lived in the real world, and ceased to live in the world of "La-la" dead Herbieism, then maybe their minds might be focused realistically.

Some (very few) hirelings did indeed work diligently. That's my opinion. Probably most of them are gone now. Some were sincere in their work. They actually believed the BS. Only the ignorant, and corrupt sponges are left.

Let's face it. Only those who have no real education have prostituted themselves to the Herbie culture. We all know that dead Herbie was a theological ignoramus, and he stole all his "revealed" knowledge from CG7 - and they, in turn, plagiarized most of that from Ellen G. White, who stole it from previous writers. But he - dead Herbie - was an intimidating salesman, and a bully - included. Some people fall for that. They think that an ignorant bully claiming himself as a "man of God," and a man who "God" anointed him to do God's work, must be genuine.

Please take an in-depth reading of the PT Site. Look and examine the evidence from the hundreds of people whose live have been destroyed. DON'T GET INVOLVED.

There will be no end to the KOOKS NUTS AND LOONIES articles, nor the ACTS OF GOD site. This stuff will go on forever, but YOU don't have to be a part of it. Don't' get involved in the first place. Or if you're immersed in it, now's the time to get out, before you lose everything. You were NOT put on this world to be fleeced. These sites are real testimonies. Send in your own personal experiences. There can be no end to this, as there is NO end to the coming and going from organized religion . . . including Worldwide Church of God+. It's up to each of us to examine, explore the truth, and . . . THINK.

Unfortunately, many are physically strong and capable, but - for some reason - they refuse to use their minds. Far too many do NOT want to think and reason for themselves. To do that will explode their pre-conceived notions. And that all basis down to "ego." That is: "I can't be wrong." Well - yes we can. Thousands of us were. We were deceived, some more deeply than others.

We were conned by an ignorant, bully salesman who has no credentials and no education. He was nothing more than a scam artist. The problem lies - as well - with the multitude of ignorant, but paycheck dependant, lieutenants who surrounded him and promoted his ignorance. Their paychecks and perks were most enticing. Teddy once said: "Give a people too much, and you'll have them at your feet." Herbie did. Most of the offspring, have their own dying (financially) groups. But for those services, the hirelings were WELL compensated - up till now. Just wait until the money runs out. Hence the continued deception, and the continued vomiting of theological bilge to people (many who doze though services) who couldn't bother - or are too lazy - to THINK.

It's not a bad thing to think, to reason, to ask questions, to challenge a doctrine, a theology, or a teaching. In fact - it's normal. If a hireling is angered, or furious at you asking (or challenging) a teaching, then you KNOW that guy's a phoney. If he cannot explain his logic, then what sort of a teacher is he? Please think about it. Any teacher is supposed to KNOW how to prove his teaching.

We know that hundreds of hits are logged onto each article written on this Site. We also know (from "Private" mail) that these articles are being widely distributed. If you hireling or cultmaster threatens you with NOT reading anything on the PT Site, then what is he afraid of? If it's wrong, then it can be proved wrong. Otherwise, ask the guy who stands behind the pulpit, has a church car, probably a parsonage paid by your tithes, and - in addition - all sorts or perks . . . .if he's LOYAL. Ask what he's getting for a salary. I guarantee it's a lot more then yours, and that's adding the perks.

The name of the game is "biz." These guys are weekly salesmen to incite everyone to keep you giving - giving - giving. "Jus' keep them tithes rollin' in, and we'll have ourselves a blast. Incidentally, as a side remark, we all have to go to the Playboy Mansion for a couple of weeks to relax and have 'meetings.'. God told us to do this. But, remember, keep God's tithes rolling in, and you'll be blessed in the resurrection . . . . which is coming sometime . . . soon."

I have a suggestion to all current members. Let's see how loyal to God they are. Cut off their (the hirelings and cultmasters) finances. I mean it. Really cut them off. There's nothing in the Bible that says you can withhold tithes IF you can prove the validity of your "minister," or his corporation. If you honestly believe in the tithing laws, then put it in a separate bank account. Call it "God's account," or whatever you like. But withhold the tithes and offerings from the ministry and their corporations. That will PROVE to you if their genuine. I challenge you to do this, and please don't let them threaten you otherwise. They will certainly try.

That's NOT stealing from "God," but merely examining things. It's nothing more than withholding funds from a corporation - until you prove the validity of the corporation. Like Paul said: "Prove all things . . . . " Call the bank accounts - "God's money," or anything you like. After all, you're still holding and not spending it, and there's nothing Biblical that say WHEN you must give in those tithes. That's, of course, if you believe that way. Simply withhold the tithes, and see what happens. If you wish to think this way, then it's still "God's money." So keep and hold it in a separate bank account, until you "prove all things." Then let's see how your hireling reacts. I will promise you, that you get a scathing sermon on the "loyalty" of tithing to the hirelings, and their corporations. That will PROVE the direction of their loyalty. If "God" is really in charge, then He/IT will certainly provide to His servants. He doesn't need anyone's money to support His work.

Did you realize that the early "church" ministers (in the Bible) preached for NO money. They worked during the day, earned their pay (Paul was a tentmaker), and they preached whenever the opportunity arose. They weren't supported by tithes and offerings. Often people fed and housed them, but that's all. Prove this wrong, and I'll make a public apology. It just ain't there. So, why are you continuing to support a "ministry" who preaches (1) false doctrine, and (2) doesn't follow the example of the early church. I definitely wonder if the early Church of Rome had something to do with this lifestyle? That's the way they lived. Con the plebs out of their money and give it to the "church," because then, you're giving it to "God." Let's face it. They've set the example for the modern churches, and they're one of the strongest financial institutions in the world. Worldwide Church of God+ is nothing but a limp following of the Catholic Church (different doctrines, but they use the same underlying principles of organization and control), and now . . . they need more bucks. For you current members . . . listen carefully to those sermons. See how many are financially oriented. "Church" is a biz, and that's all. If you want to invest then that's your choice, but all you're doing is feeding the coiffeurs of the "church" elite. Your choice.

But let's face it guys. God owns the universe. What does "God" need? He (or IT) doesn't need your piddly tithes. Only the scam artist hirelings do. If it's God's work, then God will provide. If the hirelings start bitching, then there's obviously something wrong. God isn't providing? The hirelings have no faith? Prove all things, as Paul said. Try it, and see the result. Cut OFF their income, and watch the splat hit the fan. If it does (no matter how smoothly), then you KNOW you're dealing with a biz and not anything of "God." If you're threatened in ANY way, then you know you're floating on the wrong side of the spirit.

Please think about it. And PROVE ALL THINGS.

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