The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
A Chat With Blade-456
By JohnO

(Since this is too long for a Forum reply, I'm using the article format instead, with the Editor/s permission.)

Hello Blade, and greetings. I read your article in the open PT Forum. Thank you.

Thank you also for your thotful (forget my English) and excellent comments on that PT Site. Thankfully, you're not in Flustered Flurry's Folly anymore. In your comments, you've actually brought up many things that we've all thot of, and that many of these guys and gals have queried in the emails that fly back and forth between us. The PCG sounds like the proverbial living nightmare. Good job that you've gone. Dead Herbie lives!

You raised excellent points. You asked questions . . . good questions. That's usually why everyone gets kicked out of the Worldwide Church of God+ cults. We think too much. In Worldwide Church of God+, we're not supposed to think. I guess that goes for PCG too. There's a lot of emails & stuff (some private) that dance the Internet light speed and spread across our monitors.. There's a bunch of us who are engineers or mathematicians or scientists or computer programmers, or a mixture of all who share info on the web. Many of us write for the site. But the Worldwide Church of God+ brood of cultmasters don't want people to think. Earlier on, when Worldwide Church of God etc. learned of the fact that we simply "queried" some of their madness, they propelled us into the next dimension - called DISFELLOWSHIP. With Worldwide Church of God+ and (no doubt) PCG, you don't ask any questions. They're like the early Catholic Church - its' believe or die. There was no in-between thinking. It was simply unswerving loyalty.

But what caught my attention is the paragraph that so many of us have scratched our heads about. With your permission, I'd like to take a crack at an answer, or at least, give some input and food for thot. And we don't have the angels for guidance either. Here's the paragraph from you input to the PT Forum.

"Currently I've abandoned all hope that anyone knows what this is all about (life)? Religion surely does not hold any answers, I even wrestle with the question of 'Is there a God?'. Part of me thinks not but part of me hopes so, surely there's more to life than this."

A good question about God. Let's get down to the nitty-gritty. So here goes my opinion - just an input - and you can take it for what you will. To learn about life, I've found that we MUST start to use your own mind. That's why we have them. If you haven't read Thomas Paine's AGE OF REASON, on the site and downloadable, then this is an excellent place to start. Since it's not my job to answer anything like this ("God" stuff, since I couldn't anyhow), this might be a chance to throw some stuff into the brew, maybe some ideas, get our minds twirling, asking questions, and maybe get some answers (or ideas) from some of the other "freethinkers" out there, and those like Paine who've lived in the past. In the meantime, we can only view "God" with ignorance, but, please lemme try and throw in some additional stuff. No one has the answers, but at least we can use our minds, and think. And many of us speculate. There's a mess of good thinkers out there on the PT Site who can probably hit on one of the bull's-eyes. Sure, maybe we are wrong - and I'm sure we are at many times, but why not just reject the false ideas and keep the others that make sense? Logic will prove itself, and NOT from the emotion or empty salesmanship of addle headed or harebrained preachers - as in the lunatic fringe that you find in Worldwide Church of God+ cultmasters. Other folks will come back with mods, changes, or maybe an entirely different approach. But it's all worth examining, putting on the back burner, or rejecting.

And right now "God" and churches are decayed. They're putrefying and playing holy, but they still want the bucks. Think of this. "Church" has stolen up to one third of your life, whether in money, time, or devotion. No wonder it's so powerful. We have all given one-third of our lives to something that really doesn't really exist.

We're probably totally screwed up when we start speculating, but - by now - most of us might have at least some vague idea of the "God" principle. Invariably, we've been taught wrong by all of our previous religions. Once again, lousy education. Personally, I don't think anyone does have a good handle on the subject, but we MUST keep thinking and enquiring, even if this is all from only a primitive level. We're still evolving bodies. While we continue to probe, we must continue to think. Many have said: "John, you're just speculating again," but, lemme ask the question. Where did that idea come from? Think about it. I'm not a creator of ideas. I'm not THAT infinite. I cannot generate ideas of my self. I'm NOT an idea creator. If an idea comes, it comes from somewhere, and therefore it MUST exist in some time, space, or continuum. The idea exists, because some Infinite thot behind it does.

The ideas we're all throwing around WILL lead to something. It's all thot energy. We (our minds) are just the receiver and transmitter (conduit) of thots or distribution station of these thots from a much higher intelligence. Whatever IT is, IT simply expels the ideas, our minds catch onto them (if they're applicable to us), we weigh them, and then we make a decision as to whether we think this thot is for the better or worse. Then we make that choice, and simply allow IT to use our minds and bodies as the vehicle for that particular idea's manifestation. Be it good or bad. That's why our thinking is SO vitally important, and that's why there are saints and sinners in the world. And that's why good and evil exist. But, at least we're not anymore being like the Worldwide Church of God+ bunch and just going "ddduuuuuhhhhhh," to everything that's said. Could you imagine a conference of us "God" probers?

There are probably more ideas of (what man considers to be God) than stars in our galaxy. Many of us (including ex-Worldwide Church of God+ers) have gone agnostic, freethinkers, or atheists. I'm a freethinker. Personally, I cannot see the logic in the latter as this would eliminate all of us. If there's NO God, then there's no /Life/Energy/Time-Space, etc., (or whatever terminology it is that people refer to IT), then there's no remaining molecular activity in this time-space continuum. Since there's no energy, no life in any form, there logically, must be NO us. We would simply not exist. But since we exist and are self-aware, that makes something in Life which MUST exist that generates these life forms in some unknown manner. The question is "what?" No one can give the answers, but we can still think, probe, use our reason and logic. There must be an overall life somewhere, that breathes, lives, and experiences through us. What beats your heart, and what breathes your breath? It's interesting to know that many of the older American Indians refer to God/Life as "The Great Spirit," but they do NOT personalize IT.

In my opinion, I think it's just our screwed up concept of God that's gone into madness overdrive. And that madness is due to our prior church training - oodles of millennia of it - no matter from what religion. The world has been brainwashed into a concept of God, and the modern day "Christians" are still hammering at it. It's still very profitable. If the concept of God is that of some powerful, old spirit man in the stars, then this gives people a focal point relative to the personal lifetime within their own religious and regular thinking. In this way, the religious powers (namely: the religious businesses) now have power by pointing to a BIG BROTHER type of person who has given THEM (the cultmasters) the authority to do His Divine will. In this way, they can maintain power, maintain control over the peoples lives, and of course, they can maintain control of your money. These businesses can then bleed your money based on a concept which doesn't exist. When you think of it, it's the best racket around - and it's all non-taxable. We're paying them for NO product. We've shelled out up to one-third of our lives, time, and money for something that never existed.

Most of that, as you probably know, is due to our friends - the basic Catholic Church. Back in the early days (they called it The Church of Rome), when they fabricated the Bible (around 380 AD), the priests could have said anything, and the congregations MUST have agreed. Even later (after the instigation of the inquisition by Cardinal Lotario di Segni - later Pope Innocent III, and around the early twelve hundreds), the idea of skin ripping, blood draining, finger nail yanking, and racking a five foot six man to extend to over seven foot, didn't sound too pleasant. So everyone just said: "Yessir." The same psychological thing happened with the Worldwide Church of God&+ etc. Obedience to them (like the Catholic Church) meant your salvation. You know the story. Who cared? Save your own ass. You had to believe Worldwide Church of God+, or you would be meat-hooked by Germans, ground up in a meat grinder, and tossed into the Lake of Fire, half-cooked, and then eaten by starving Gentiles. The fear tactic again was used, but based again, on ignorance.

Someone, a couple of months ago, made a good point. Since we're dealing with something totally alien, could we not look at God as: "Infinite, creative, energy, or life?" And let's forget any of this personal BS?"

This would require a completely different point of a "God" view from tradition, and as you've already figured, something's screwed up here with our current worldly "Christian" viewpoint. We MUST then start to look at God completely differently. Their system - thousands of years old - simply isn't working, and it never did. If we don't change, the religious businesses will continue to be able to control people. "God" relates to no logic as to what has been taught with our "Christian" concept. Our idea of "God" from the last six thousand (recorded) years has ignorantly led us from child sacrifice, to Inquisitions, to poverty and misery, Pontifical luxury, but with all the suffering for the membership, and eventually, down to the degenerate pits of the Worldwide Church of God+. Little has changed in the principles over the last many thousands of years.

If there's a God in this time/space continuum, then we would certainly have the right to ask why the hell we can't contact He/She/It or whatever It is? My wife and I have more respect for our two cats than "God" appears to have for humanity. On the other hand, if we're dealing with an entirely different dimension that can somehow affect our lives (or provide it life), then we're dealing with frequencies that are way beyond our range of understanding. We can no more tune into God than an AM receiver can tune into a TV set. We're working in different dimensions and on different spectrums. The only job that God has (speaking of IT as Infinite Life) is simply supply life to our dimension, and it's up to us to use it wisely. God doesn't give a damn how we use it, or what we use it for. We're gonna suffer the karma anyhow. Like the electrical power we get from our wall outlets, God is indifferent to the whole matter. That's why we have good and evil. It's HOW we use that Infinite Life that will determine the outcome on our planet and the interfacing among our people. We, ourselves, make the choice of how to use that God energy. Praying to God won't change anything, anymore that will praying to electricity.

However, since this "God" gives us life, we must honor, respect It (like any power), and understanding It's influence in our lives - even as the ideas come to us. It's the breath, the functioning of our physical bodies, and the ideas that flow through our minds. In other words, we don't pray to It, or try and influence It, as It doesn't even relate to us - EXCEPT as we relate to It. It's infinitely further above us than we are personally above the microbes on an ant's ass. We don't try and bend God's will to ours, we simply flow with It's will (Thy will be done), whatever that may be.

And thereby lies the big problem.

Years ago, an older and wiser man once told me that we are living on a chunk of life. There's life all around you, he said. Then he waved his arm around and showed me our planet Earth. "Breath the air," he told me, "touch the soil. It's all life." I hardly understood him then. Now, if I can, I'll try and tell my grandsons the same things.

"Life can only come from life," he told me. "So why is this Earth regarded as being dead, and how come some people think there's no God?" Being a dumb schmuck, I couldn't answer, but now I understand. "The Earth is one expression of God," he told me. "So is the universe, the galaxies, and all those things we cannot see. It's all life.

"Be kind," he said, " to the planet, and the way you harmonize with God. You parallel yourself with life itself. You violate the planet Life, then it will come back and eat you. Life can only come from life. You kill the life, you kill yourself."

Our Earth is actually a life form, so it had to come from life - another form of much higher life. It's just logical that a higher form of life can only produce a lower one. In the center of our planet, he told me, there was a gigantic mass of magma (he also knew a helluva lot about physics). This did two things, he said, it held the centripetal magnetic (as it's mainly metallic) attraction to our sun. This is balanced by the whirring (outward) centrifugal force of the planet's mass as it orbits the sun - both equal forces thus keeping us in orbit.

But, he told me that inner-Earth slowly oozed upward. There's that sub-Earth lava that expands and pushes itself to the surface, and that's what changes and reforms itself into new chemicals, allowing new life to emerge. I've personally seen this phenomenon on the surface of the Kilauea crater in Hawaii. From cold dead lava rock, the sprouts of grass grow. I've seen that plants push their way sideways, and outside the solid Thurston Lava Tube, (on the side of the Hale Mau Mau blast hole, and [inside] it's as cold as the Artic in there) but when you climb from the tube, the sunlight squints your eyes for a moment, and, in front of you, is yet another newly formed world. Humidity. Green. Heat. It's like a jungle. This one smiles at everyone, is warm, and allows you to breathe the warm air. This is one facet that is on the surface of the big Island (or Orchard Isle) of Hawaii. Up here, over the surface of the lava tube, it's a moist, hot and damp, world of - almost engulfing - abundance, and an almost overabundance of plants. Everything's green, or some spiky (greenish) variation or other. There's a jungle. Over the years, it was born by the up-force of lava from the Earth. Trees are everywhere. The walkways are mushy, ooshy, (wear lousy shoes), and sloppy, and birds do their regular droppings. You've got yourself a man-eating jungle. No snakes. Please keep your hats ON, and your mouths closed. Somewhere back there, in the vegetation, you can hear the cackle and yelping of a variety of animals, and then you look around, and you see a scenario that could resemble Jurassic Park. From life can only come life. But no T-rexes.

I was always amazed that the Worldwide Church of God "visiting" cultmasters hardly ever bothered visiting any of these other, outer islands. Their, more complete education here, is decidedly one which could (other than carnal) have been derived from that of a more "spiritual" nature - this facet of the Earth itself. Besides being educational, what they saw might have educated these assholes about something of the human spirit. We're all life, and all life must be respected. But, I guess they didn't care about that. Their spirit appeared to be around 80% proof, and soaked among the "other amusements" that string bikinied themselves along Waikiki beach, etc.

Who/What is God? Who knows? I sure don't. Except that - as Itself - I would figure that IT's nothing which could resemble human form. IT's Infinite Life, and that must take an infinite number of viewpoints. Possibly the best definition is "Infinite, Creative, Energy or Life." But, even at that, we're still groping. Forget the humanoid part. Worldwide Church of God+ and standard "Christianity" emphasizes the fact that God is a just a "bigger - or spirit" man. And I think that this petty mans' viewpoint problem causes much of the confusion. It reflects, I think much of your frustration, because I've been the same path. Your Forum letter reminded me of that.

The CG7 site gave me a starter the other day. They had a quote on it, and we're all familiar with it. (CORRECT TRANSLATION) "God is Spirit," it said, "and they that worship Him must do so in spirit and in truth."

To me, that's no real definition. Who can define "spirit." Einstein once referred to the ether (outer space) as "spirit," but that was just a guess. Obviously, space is some sort of medium, even though we regard it as only a "vacuum." Logic must tell us that if there were NOTHING in space, then, quite obviously, nothing would function. Since we cannot measure the ether in terms of hertz, its frequency must be beyond ours, or its method of transmission is of another nature. If the ether of space is "nothing," then how can anything pass through "nothing?" Heat and light from our sun pass through our space, proving that there must be a medium for it to pass through - a conductor of some indefinable sort - even though we cannot tangibly relate to it or measure it. But, it's still interesting to note that Einstein and others reverted to calling this transmitting medium (for want of a better word): "Spirit."

So, IF we must worship God in the same way, we have a problem, unless someone can describe "spirit," and I'm sure there's a zillion definitions.

God (of some sort) exits. Life proves that. Logic tells us that IT must. But try and get a definition? How can anyone define "Infinity?" Life is life, and it takes all forms. But modern religion, together with Worldwide Church of God+ cults (and that includes the PCG cult), would destroy any of our minds creativity, and shackle us to the domination of its own pea-brained concepts. If they can hold our ignorance to their own twisted version of God, then we're still in bondage to their whims, and beholding to their arrogance, and committed to their treasury.

If we throw out their version of God, because it's unprovable and illogical, we've started the path to open mindedness and truth. We've started now to really think for ourselves about life, and the freedom commences. Good luck.

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