The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God

By JohnO

The very name "Christ" conjures up all sorts of visions of religiosity, churches, and ministers dancing, prancing, and weeping for money. While the name "Christ" is usually associated with the mythical personage of Jesus - please see APOLLONIUS - very little is known about "Christ," except it belonged to someone "holy." The historical facts are that each of us is a Christ, each in our own unique way.

The word "Christ" itself is not religious at all, but more of a spiritual observation. The term is derived from the Greek "Christos," and simply means "Anointed one." Each of us is anointed. Granted, we can't do great things (yet), or have incredible knowledge (yet), or cross the galaxies in a single thot (yet), it nevertheless denotes one that is anointed - or set aside for a purpose - and that applies to all of us. Walking on water, dematerializing, and strolling through walls happens a little later. Please give it time.

The "Christ" in anyone is only an in and outflow of the Infinite energy. If that energy is tuned to a higher level (or frequency), the results are love, joy, and peace, etc. Everyone gets blessed. But, if we're tuned to a lower level of thinking, then the results are what we experienced in Worldwide Church of God. The "good news" is that we have individual minds, and we do have the controlled tuning over what flows in and out. We dictate that frequency of input and output, and we control the Christ life within us.

We've all exited a cult that brainwashed us about Christ. We had often been told that the term "Christ in You," meant that Jesus lived in us, and that's not only nonsense, but Biblical rubbish as well. No man lives in any other. The only thing that can live in a person is life itself, and that life is directed to channel everyone to their respective paths. As such, we are all "set aside," or "anointed," or "Christs." Everyone - repeat everyone who has exited Worldwide Church of God+ is a special treasure of the Infinite life Itself.

We'd always been told that HWA was anointed. Exactly what he was anointed for, is hard to tell, especially with all the truth that we now know, because there's so much muddied confusion and wrongdoing in that man's life, but it's clear that any anointing was not for the benefit of mankind. Neither were any of his hirelings anointed. Claiming to be a minister doesn't give anyone any special anointing as a good or higher teacher, as truth is not yet in force with any of those lives. But, with all who've left the Worldwide Church of God+ cults, our true destiny is now open, our rise to a higher spiritual status invites us, and we're all marching our respective paths . . . to Christhood.

While all mankind has the potential to rise as a Christ, very few across the years, have ever been noticed. Looking at history, we can probably say that the earthly vessels of Confucius, Lao Tsu, Buddha, Apollonius, Marcus Aurelius, Plotinus, Francis of Assisi, Bacon, B"hme, and - I think - Shakespeare, etc., (on and on), and others have been regarded as advanced - or "enlightened" ones, as they gave the world more information about the nature of man and the universe. It may seem like total religious heathenism to say, that in modern times, we too have had "anointed" ones. People like Einstein, Plank, Bohr, and even Albert Schweitzer, have contributed selflessly to mankind's advancement, and certainly have done it in a more spiritual and benevolent manner, and waaaaaaaaaaaay more than any modern Televangelistic yokels of the "would be" Screen Actors Guild of Televangelism.

In the 19th century, Bucke, Emerson, Thoreau, Walt Whitman (incidentally - and this is NOT an endorsement, but Thoreau and Whitman were both gay), and in the 20th century, Russell, Hawking, and possibly countless others have contributed their own spiritual inputs to mankind during the times they lived. However, in the realm of rising spirituality, the mass confusion of modern religion - and in our case, Worldwide Church of God+ cults - could never be honestly considered as Christlike. Rather, the energy given by these latter groups could only be described as coming from "the dark side of the force," and my thanks again to George Lucas for the analogy.

Dr. Richard Maurice Bucke, a Canadian and protestant, died in 1900, but his book "Cosmic Consciousness" was finally published in 1901. It describes man's journey across the centuries to ascend from his lower, animal self to that of an enlightened soul. It chronicles man's journey to Christhood. The comparison was made that Christhood (a developed state) is as much above Homo Sapiens, as we are above the animals. Any man can be a Buddha, claim the Buddhists, and any man can be an enlightened Christ. The only difference is in our level of thinking and our willingness to prove and think for ourselves on that which we find to be the truth. And thus, we grow spiritually, as growth is simply a larger consciousness.

A couple of things that all these (above) people had in common were, first a deep love of their fellow man, and second an undying respect of all animal and ecological life. That included the planet on which we live. They were all profound ecologists who believed in a balance of nature.

This sort of thinking scares modern day religionists. In the middle ages, anyone who said this, would have been burnt at the stake. Thankfully, we've outgrown that physical retaliation, but not spiritually. In the Worldwide Church of God+ cults, for instance, they may not be able to burn people at the stake, but they can (and do) attempt to destroy people's lives and reputation - disfellowshippment, publicly marking, slandering any opposition, blackening of character, and concocting all sorts of untruths about anyone who leaves, lies and more lies - all give us an idea of the spirit of murder behind the motives of so many "Godly, religious" people. In fact, if anyone leaves, or seeks their real self or Christhood, then any cult's fanatical object is the destruction of you, your family, your character, and if possible - your whole life. Their sick desire is to see that the departed soul is hurt, punished, and/or destroyed.

Across the millennia, anyone who's ever shown a Christlike tendency, has unfortunately, been looked to as some sort of a Savior after they've died. Since everyone has the ability to rise above the present circumstances - if they want - then the Universe and Infinity belongs to everyone, and not just a chosen religious few. It's tragic that most don't believe they have as much contact with the Infinite Life as everyone else, because we've all be brainwashed otherwise. Sure you do. We all do. But organized religion says different. "Only the anointed," says the lie of modern religion, have true contact with God, and ONLY (official) religious bodies can determine who is actually anointed. But none of these misfit organizations have any anointing from anything higher than a snake's belly. Thus we get all sorts of spiritual aberrations that dictate to people, from Hitlers, to Maos, to Saddam Husseins, to dead HWA's, to the latter's nowadays cultmasters . . . all claiming anointing from God, and thus Christhood. "Look to me," they're all saying in effect. "God has anointed ME, moved his anointing to me, and now - I'm in charge. Listen, believe, obey, be loyal, and most of all - give your money like never before." It's almost like those cultmasters project insanity as something normal. And congregations actually believe them.

Things haven't changed much. Madness in religion still rules supreme. In 1181, Francesco Bernadone was born in Assisi, Italy. He died in 1226. He was a Catholic layman, but never a priest, and in his early years, became an ex-Catholic. In those days, you were either Catholic or dead. Somehow, this guy survived. He later became known as Francis of Assisi. In his early years, he came to see through all the BS of religion that he finally left his father's wealthy home and business, and set out to know God more completely within nature. Please ref: Thomas Paine's AGE OF REASON. Francis lived in the beauty of nature, and immersed himself in it. He let the Earth, its produce, its protection, and its beauty become his home. In a sense, he became ONE with nature.

The local townspeople, his father, and the district Catholic hierarchy thought that young Francis was a certifiable nut case. Supposedly, he walked naked from his village - leaving all worldly goods behind - and embraced God's creation in the world outside civilization. Everyone said that this guy was crazy. He was a man of nature. He was seen unshaven, dressed in fabric acquired from nature, needed a haircut, but was as loveable as any real "Christ." So, as the years progressed, the people from all around saw that his man had something special. He actually thot for himself, took no Vatican orders, and showed nothing but kindness, as contrasted to the church officials that ruled the area. More and more people followed Francis, who also shared his view of the love of all life and nature, and the Catholic regime was faced with a dilemma. Either accept Francis, or kill him. Diplomacy, they figured, was more tactful, so they gave him a tacit, smiling, but only glancing recognition in his day. After he died, things really went wild.

Francis - suddenly (according to the Vatican) was really an ordained Catholic monk. He (from the same Vatican source) was certainly a Catholic, once and always. All new paintings, depicting Francis as a cleanshaven, tonsured, celibate monk, with a bird on his shoulder, appeared as his "new" image. He was painted as "squeaky clean," looked effeminate, but somewhat thinner than the historically, pudgy monks of the day. Francis, according to the propaganda, had tamed the wild. Francis became the patron of animals and ecology, and was thus canonized - Saint Francis of Assisi.

Churches were raised to Francis, and eventually, huge Basicilicas were dedicated to his memory. A whole new church order was approved by the Vatican, and thus, the Franciscan order of friars was born. Monasteries were built, and disciples were trained. Documents about Francis varied from writer to writer, and a new Franciscan dogma was imposed on all novitiates and the congregations. Legends were made. There was a new order in town, and in Europe.

After Pope Innocent III conceived the Inquisitions, and Pope Gregory IX implemented them, the subsequent Franciscan friars became one of the chief inquisitors. They proceeded to implement "company policy." Over the next few years, history tells us that unbelievers would have the flesh torn from their bodies, their fingernails yanked out, their bodies would suffer the slow spiking of the Iron Maidens, and their joints were ripped asunder by the rack. All this was done, in part by the Franciscans, and always done in the name of the "Church." This was quite a contrast to a simple young layman of Assisi that once saw organized religion as total BS, and who loved all life and respected the ecology of our planet, Earth.

It's always amazing that anytime, if anyone has something worthwhile to contribute to the life of the people on earth, that a darker side comes in, right behind it, and tries to destroy it. But: "By their fruits you shall know them." Francis had an anointing, a Christlike outlook, but it soon became muddied in the religious corruption of the day.

Everyone on Earth is anointed. Otherwise, we'd never be alive. Everyone has a destiny. Everyone is important. Even if you've had cult experience and feel like nothing, please take heart. Your time is coming. But the Infinite energy that flows in some maybe more apparent than others. That's why we have the old admonition: "Judge not." Others, in fact, maybe way further advanced, but it's not obvious yet.

There's an overall example of that anointing. All throughout the ages, the number of men to women on Earth has been approximately half and half. By any law of probability, this factor would rise and fall in waves. But it never has. Except for the horror of wars, which has normally reduced the males, the population spread on this planet has always been about fifty-fifty. Something is obviously behind the planning here. It's only a suggestion, but watch for the obvious, and always present, enlightenment in women. It's always been there, but it will become apparent.

Another example is the number of professions throughout the civilized Earth. How come we all desire to do different things in life that all collectively form together for the benefit of everyone concerned? We're all given different destinies to perform different tasks to enrich our lives and those of others. All civilized countries lay the foundation for the generations to come. We all have the paintbrush of Christ.

But, some will say: "How come I just can't create anything I want?" That's because we're not that advanced . . . yet. That time will come, and then we'll know what we want in a more perfect sense. Anyone can create. That's easy. Good or bad. But it's creating something worthwhile and beneficial - that is the hard part. We're not (as a species) all that advanced yet. Most of us create things we don't want, and then wonder why? We're learning. Definitely ME included. I'm striving the same as everyone else. Trust me. I've created too many situations that I've regretted. But, I'm still a most ignorant student too. We're here on Earth because we still need to learn.

Creation comes when we clearly visualize a thing, let it go from our constantly focused everyday thinking, accept it as having happened, but hold it on the "back burner" of our mind. Then, we remember and reinforce it from time to time. In a while, depending on our ability to visualize, that creation will materialize. We've all done it at sometime in our lives, and proved the validity of our Christhood. The thot, or idea, starts a prototype in the spiritual world and will manifest eventually. If we don't change our mind, or revamp our creation, or throw out the whole idea in disgust, then that original idea MUST come to pass eventually. There is NO other option. That is a universal law. But it takes time for the Infinite to get all the pieces together to make it happen. Remember, we still exist in a time-space continuum. Things take time. Patience must play a necessary, but burdensome part in this universal law.

Anyone who is supposedly "more advanced" may be able to do it quicker. That's because they have better focusing than most of us. This discipline takes time. However, if we simply "Go for it," and make our choice, hold our confidence in it, then - in time, it will come to pass. There's nothing else that can happen. It's automatic. It must materialize. So, we need to be ultra cautious of what we dream and wish, and never relinquish our cherished dreams. They will eventually come to us. That is what's called: "Living by faith."

Do we all remember, in the days of the now dead Herbert + malignant offspring, that blessings and answered prayer were supposedly governed by following "law?" The Laws of Moses are not the laws of the Universe. Doing this and that; following this and that; keeping this and that; and molding ourselves to some ideal of a cult will never achieve anything. That's why all such activity is called: "Dead works."

If we desire evil, then we'll get evil. Look at Hitler and Herbie + offspring. They created, but in a much darker direction. If we honestly desire good, then we'll get good. This is not to say that we cannot desire good things for ourselves. But, all too often (as in the case of HWA+), the desires of those cultmasters destroyed other's lives. This is why all of us must carefully evaluate our desires. Selfish desires are NOT wrong if they're channeled correctly. We all have them, but they ought not impact other's lives to those people's disadvantage. If we're discerning, we can desire (and create) things that are beneficial to ourselves and all those around us. That's why it's important to use our minds, and prove everything. That's spiritual maturity.

Since ideas cannot come from ourselves and can only come from the Infinite, then - if that good idea persists - we can only rightly assume that the Infinite, or Christ, wishes to express Itself through us and manifest a creation in the time-space continuum. In fact, "God" needs us the same as we need It. It's a law of reciprocity. So, it's good that we both "sync." We need each other. When we are outwardly blessed, God experiences the blessing of Its creation, absorbs the happening, and It grows.

Our prayer then ceases to become one of the Worldwide Church of God+ type of bleating and begging, but is now turned to another format. If we consistently desire something that's good, we can confidently say: "Thanx God, for the thot. Your will be done. Fulfill your desires through me." Then . . . watch, wait, be patient, and see the universe move.

This is now the life of responsibility. This is the life of relying of the Infinite to guide us. This is the incredible life of our future, near and far. This is the life of the Christ. The anointing. And, it's all in YOU. Each of us. We can be , and really are, like the Masters of old. Current religious thinking has provided an obstacle course, and for the time being, has cluttered our thinking. But, we're now in re-grouping, and we're now in training again. And the Infinite future will be an infinity of fun and learning. Join us. We're all together here. An infinity of those who have gone before. The Worldwide Church of God+ experiences were merely tools to set us free correctly, IF we proved all things, looked within ourselves, loved our fellow man, and showed the correct respect for our planet. Let's be thankful for those ugly experiences, but let's also rise above them. Infinity waits. And there's no stopping us now. We stand at the beginning of forever.

Granted, we all have much to learn, but we have an eternity to experience it all.

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