The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
By JohnO

It's seems like that we live an insane world. The criminals walk free and law abiding folks live behind bars in their homes to protect themselves. Big biz - and that includes religion - openly mocks the ethics and moral values of our Republic . . . all in the name of democracy. Enron, and its upper echelon laugh at us, and take the Fifth. Religion shouts fear and ignorance to its members, and then milks them of their money. And Mike Tyson appears to be taking private lessons from Hannibal Lecter.

There was an article that popped up in the New York Post on 1/21/02. It was written by Steve Dunleavy, and melded in perfectly with the window on the PT Site that talked about Arthur Andersen accounting company. The latter is, as this Site reads, one of the "auditors" of dead Herbie's empire. Steve's article is called "TREAT THEM LIKE MOBSTERS." Steve was talking about Enron, but doesn't the same principles apply to Worldweird?

CRIME stinks into the picture here. It reeks of criminal activity, and so does Worldweird, when we honestly look back at it - because our life savings and sanity (in many cases) has gone "South." Since most religious organizations (including Herbie's) use a few auditing organizations to "go over the books," and give a good accounting to the IRS, then it's not unusual to suspect that something is amuck. So, who's guarding the chicken coop?

Herbie's church of Worldweird, would luxuriously blend into a questionable accounting firm perfectly. That also goes for Rader, Cornwall, and etc. Naturally - something sure appears to stink here.

Most religious organizations - as many well know - have backers. All businessmen need is a platform, a mouth, and they'll provide the big bucks, IF the suckers are ready. Religion is nothing but a biz to them. Please check out the origin of the Billy Graham Crusades. This may be a blunt way of saying it, but let's look at the fruits (as even the Biblical saying goes). If any don't see the incredible damage done to countless thousands of people, then I urge you . . . go read the PT Site and the AR's. There's tons of evidence galore.

Joseph Campbell once said: "Computers are like Old Testament gods; lots of rules and no mercy."

In far too many cases, biz (including the hypocrisy of "religion"), can be criminal with intent. The impact that it has on individuals - according to their own philosophy - is inconsequential. Money, ego, power, and people control are a priority.

Since the evidence is obvious, we must ask the question. Who backed Apostle Herbie? How come he started AC with EIGHT teachers, and only FOUR students? It really doesn't make sense. No investors would dump money into a bottomless pit . . . unless they all KNEW something that we did not. This was NOT a "Leap of Faith," as in the 1992 Steve Martin movie. There's something deeper here, and we still don't know what it is. Are there any more Jessica Fletchers out there?

In the Forties, religion was the coming thing. WWII was in mid term. Preachers were everywhere, and I'm old enough to remember that. "Mouths" were promoted. Institutions were sponsored. Religious organizations who did enough flag waving were held up to be the "one and only" way to God and salvation.

All this takes money, and promo. But big biz doesn't care. All biz wants is the bottom line . . . bucks. So, we all ask the question: "From whence comes Worldwide Church of God, Herbie, and his group of thugs and cultmasters?" Who invested their money for such an allegedly corrupt organization? Eight teachers - and only four students? Such a college organization could NOT have survived without backing. But who?

Biz people are NOT stupid. They investigate potentials before investing. And Herbie didn't rise - like the Phoenix - from the ashes. Logic must tell us he had some contacts, that spawned the likes of the accounting and law companies. How come?

This is something, in my opinion, that I'd like to see the Feds examine. On the surface, religion (including Worldwide Church of God & Worldwide Church of God+ cults) may be the "white and shiny sepulchre," but inside the whole mess stinks. I've said this before on this site - as have many others - but the proof of criminality lies in the evidence that we might present. As was produced on this Site, the shredding of documents by Arthur Anderson & Co. merely parallels the shredding of Worldwide Church of God docs back in 1979 when the local and State became involved. But as history shows, it came to nothing, because of politics.

"If you allow men to use you for your own purposes, they will use you for theirs." - quoting Aesop.

Regrettably, that's what happened. We believed - and simply "believing" is NOT a wrong thing to do - but, naturally, the criminals took advantage. Right now, Worldwide Church of God is getting away with countless millions, and it's all legal. They're selling off the property that honest people fought, sweat, went without doctor treatment, etc., and far too many died for. If anyone knows of a legal loophole, then please contact the Editor of this Site with the details. All communiqu‚ - as was stated on this Site - will be kept private.

"Great men are true men, the men in whom nature has succeeded. They are not extraordinary they are in the true order. It is the other species of men who are not what they ought to be." Henri-Fr‚d‚ric Amiel.

The "other species of men" are the problem in question. This - most definitely - includes the cultmasters and prostitute hirelings of all religious cults.

 When anyone - like Worldwide Church of God & Worldwide Church of God+ cults - claim, for NO reason, that they are the ONLY church of God, then current - or prospective members - must be super cautious. We now have many splinter groups (I can't keep up with them all) who are HERBIE WANNABES. And this is a dangerous situation. They will, naturally, follow their master's will. That is - dominate the flock, promote themselves, keep the membership in ignorance, promote fear, and suck the membership dry of their finances and savings. Although each one may not have this criminal leaning, the bulk of them apparently do, and this involves the activity of criminality. Ego, money, and power are the bottom line in way too many religions.

For some reason, the criminals of religion "get away with it," while the average person will get nailed for something trivial, in comparison. And the problem is that there is NO guidance in this matter. It's up to us to discern. There are NO signs here.

"If only God would give me some clear sign! Like making a large deposit in my name at a Swiss bank". Woody Allen. So, as the saying goes: "Let's thiMk."

I've spent many years in the electronic biz. I've watched the hatred, the politicking, and the ruination of lives. "Church" is NO different. It too, is a biz corporation, and in far too many cases, these churches have been shown to have criminal intent to "Fleece my lambs. Fleece my sheep."

"Ah have sinned," Jimmy Swaggert bawled into the TV cameras - with a dab of glycerin previously dabbled under each eye. It's an old stage trick. But then he was back again, and less than a year later when he was caught with another hooker. He still has a following, and his kin (Francis and son) ain't about to give up all that mullah. Let's not kid ourselves. There are always followers. Far too many people will NOT think for themselves. There's big bucks in religion, and if the Feds were to honestly investigate, they would find criminal activity.

And I've been alive long enough to know the adage that: "He who has the gold makes the rules." Since power corrupts, we must assume that, in many cases - as has been reported on this site, the upper echelon of Worldwide Church of God was corrupted. If they were corrupted, that could infer that there was criminal activity involved - like scamming a "believing" membership for con-artist type profits.

However, in our Republic, we must PROVE the accused is guilty before anything happens, and that's a part of our Constitution. However, that only happens IF the law wants to pursue such criminal conduct. Small scam artists and con-men get prison terms, but big corporations (like Worldwide Church of God, Enron, etc.) manage to slither through the slimy net.

Maybe good lawyers is the answer. When I went to see "Jurassic Park," I remember the scene when the lawyer was gobbled up by the T-Rex when the former was sitting on the can. Not surprisingly, the whole audience applauded.

Regarding the starting of a new society, Dick the Butcher said: "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers." Shakespeare. Henry VI, Part II.

The problem is that we're up against many fanatics and their legal (for mucho profit) counsel. They actually (although unwittingly) promote the criminality of these religious cults. That includes the Worldwide Church of God and Worldwide Church of God+ gangs. By contributing to their aberrations, by our contributions, this simply enforces their criminal behaviour. If any do NOT think that such "religious" behaviour is a scam, and consequently criminal, the please prove me wrong. I'm open.

"A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject" Sir Winston Churchill.

We appear to live in difficult times where the good get the shaft and the TRULY professional criminal wanders the streets as a free person. Religion is also caught up in the net of criminal activity with off-shore accounts in the Cayman Islands, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Brazilian accounts, and etc., etc., etc.

Would a Fed investigation be able to uncover the activities of Worldwide Church of God? Who knows? It certainly is a question worth asking. I do believe it would. Right now, they're still bleeding off the money of countless thousands of deeply dedicated people. And the tragedy of all this, is that many of our loved ones, and innocent people are caught in the muck and sludge of religious scam artists and all of those parasites who KNOW better, but in effect, they are the tares of the world. They are fully aware of what they're doing, and are getting away with it legally.

Maybe there's still a big job ahead of us.

 "Here is the test to find whether your mission on earth is finished. If you're alive, it isn't." Richard Bach - ILLUSIONS.

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