The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
Cult Glossary
By JohnO

Every so often, it becomes necessary to define the "plain truth" about the definitive words actually used by the cult - namely those in WCG and WCG+ organizations. Below are listed commonly used names in the WCG cults and expounded alongside is the actual definition of what each of those names truthfully means to all thinking, rational, and understanding individuals. This can be most enlightening to those who have left the tentacles of the WCG cultic madness, but more important, it can be a revelation to those still ensnared by the WCG babble and rhetoric, and it can be helpful to all those who will have the courage to read and prove the truth, despite what threats they may receive from their hireling overseers to do otherwise.

There is nothing - Biblical or otherwise - that forbids anyone from investigating anything in the pursuit of proving all things. Many avenues must be explored with an OPEN mind for the truth to be finally evident. If any leader, teacher, or master would forbid any person to investigate "all things," then we must logically ask: "What do these people have to hide?"

The glossary or factual definitions that are listed below have been defined from input received, personal observation, and the track records of individuals, based on "the fruits" by which all things shall be known. For those who feel more comfortable with some Biblical additions to the definitions, then I'll throw in the occasional (non-referenced) quote, just to keep everyone happy. Ok - here we go . . .

CHURCH: Better quoted by religionists as coming from the word "ekklesia" in the Greek. This is an old fashioned word that simply means a group of believers who consider they're called to follow some teaching or other. It only implies a group of people. That's all. "Church" makes NO policies, and strongly suggests NO formal organization, NO designated leadership, NO established corporation, NO acquired special "tax-exempt" status, NO upper management, NO organized teaching, NO set of rules or laws, NO group of buildings, NO donations, NO special "gospel" or other projects, NO longevity or perpetuation, NO reverence for anyone over anyone else, NO new "revelations," and it has NO resemblance to anything in the world today calling itself "Church." It doesn't even imply that these people need ever meet together, even though some may choose to do so. "Church" is simply people (wherever they may be) who happen to think the same way. Nothing more.

RANK: Rank is a smell, but doesn't exist in any theology. The spiritual concept is that each man will serve his neighbor, and in doing so, each will live in peace with everyone else. "He who will be the greatest among you, let him be your servant . . . " and "The kings of the Gentiles exercise dominion over their subjects, but it shall NOT be so among you." Since ego and the drive for authority is the root cause of all disharmony and war, a simple acceptance of our fellow man - without ruling over him - would fulfill the ultimate humanitarian philosophy of "Do unto others . . . "

WCG, and WCG+ insist on "rank" among their membership. This is nothing more than ego and the over-stretched pride of cultmasters yanking at the chains of all members. There is no rank. No one rules over, or has "authority" over another. "The head of EVERY man is Christ." Apostle Herbie's (and others) oft quoted passage in I Cor 12, refers to a TIME order of calling and has absolutely NOTHING to do with rank. Check it out. For those who would seek out Biblical passages to show otherwise, please let me remind you that - in context - these quotes simply refer to the Holy Spirit supposedly having more power than any darker one, and those who have honor and goodness will always be above those who don't.

Rank is an invention of man, and grossly used by the upper echelon of WCG and its cult offspring. It's intent is to dominate the members, making those members subject to the cultmasters, just like the forbidden admonition given about the Kings of the Gentiles. Rank is used to control, bully, intimidate, and coerce members into subjection, blind obedience, a feeling of helplessness, and to subtly drain a member's bank account so that the upper "ranks" can benefit.

APOSTLE: They're all dead. It's an old Biblical word that means "one sent forth," but it infers NO rank, authority, power, or prestige. It does imply, however, that this person actually works for a living - something which the older CG7 folks in Oregon told me that: "Old Herb never liked to do. He just hated work," they said. So they made him a minister.

The title of "Apostle" was dumped onto Herbie, at one feast or other, by an ignorant, brown-nosing and reportedly ass-kissing Herman Hoeh, even before Herbie knew what the word really meant. Herbie's ego was (naturally) pleased and satiated by this elevation in status, and as a result, "rank" was born, and Herbie was now at the top of the cultic dung heap. This new title suited his agenda and the need to be worshipped as a king. But he never relinquished or denied this so-called position. And he never had anyone named as his ranking equal. His ego demanded that he alone should stand as the only "Apostle" supreme. In fact, according to the accurate earliest of WCG reports and the old CG7 records, Herbie was ultimately ordained to NOTHING. He was nothing but an ignorant, bullying layman who was also a lying con-man.

EVANGELIST: Supposedly, this is someone who goes abroad and preaches a message. This pre-supposes two things. It supposes that you can preach, and it also supposes that you have a message. In the case of the WCG evangelists, as a general rule, most could neither preach (they yelled, screamed, and sweat a lot), nor did they ever have any intelligent message. They could only thunder down the instructions of Herbie about the "gospel" which - Biblically - has nothing to do with either a message of Christ's return, or "Jesus saves." Not that it matters, but it's interesting to note that NO evangelist, either in WCG, WCG+, or any other cult in the church world, knows what message they are supposed to be spreading in this regard. In my observations, none of them know any of the facts here. Their theological ignorance is astounding. Not that it matters, since most theology is nothing more than man made rubbish anyhow. But, it's interesting to note that those who "cling" to the Bible can't even properly read or understand what they're trying to teach others. They're all following the ignorance of the Protestant leadership, or Herbie's confusion, and therefore: "The blind lead the blind . . " And so, Herbie's past and present "evangelists" - whenever they open their blundering mouths and empty their ignorant brains all over a congregation - they spread their ignorance even further.

CULTMASTER: Please note that this individual (always a male, as the church teaching is that women are inferior) is NOT called a cult "leader." This is simply because they are not leaders. They are masters - always within the upper "ranks," of course - and are masters in the sense that they dominate, bully, intimidate, and control member's lives by coercion and fear that relies on keeping those members ignorant of the facts, and the "plain truth" about who they really are. To properly expose these phonies would mean a loss of their prestige, a shattering blow to their fragile egos, and most of all - a loss of a questionably legal profession, and the demise of their incomes and cushy lifestyles.

Ostensibly, they have little or no real education, but they are happy to spread the truth about everything they do NOT know. Like so many useless managers "of the world," they can only function if they clobber others over the head to get something across or done, since they have no sense or ability to properly address or solve any problem with their own intelligence. They moronically think that being a leader means screaming at others. They have no concept that leadership requires someone of courage to actually LEAD. Somehow this logical premise has escaped the portals of their little pea brains.

Since they inspire no confidence - only fear - they fulfill their tasks by the propagation of ignorance and the slippery promise of nuptials with Jesus and a wedding feast, one day in the Kingdom. Since none of these Cultmasters knows much (or anything) about eschatology, they simply follow the early teachings of Apostle Herbie, who has been shown to be a theological ignoramus, and so again: "The blind lead the blind . . . "

Cultmasters usually have it pretty good. They live well. They have a better salary than most. The get a housing allowance, and sometimes everything is paid. They get their house furnished, oftentimes out of third tithe. They get a car allowance, sometimes the whole car is paid for, plus all the gasoline and upkeep expenses are covered. They get clothing expenses. They get bonuses, under the table, and they get all sorts of tax-exempt perks - e.g. trips to here and there . . . like Hawaii, for instance. And they get the undeserved adoration of a membership who has no idea of what's really going on.

MINISTER: This individual is better called a "hireling." He works for the money he receives, is loyal because of it, sticks to church theology, and preaches Biblical nonsense to brainwash the congregation accordingly. If he's ignorant of the low-spiritual vortex that he's in, he will surely see the light of day in due course. When he does, he has two choices. He can immediately question the cultmasters and exit the cult . . . or he can fold. If he folds, he willingly and knowingly conforms to the cult philosophy and to the will of the cultmasters. He then continues his descent into egotism and ignorance, continues to perpetuate fear within the congregation, and continues to receive his paycheck.

THE WORK: This is promoted as preaching Herbie's version of the gospel. In fact, the basic "work" is business, and nothing more than the acquisition of money. With this humungous income, there comes the glorification of the cult hierarchy. With this glorification, there comes the "God-complex" for the cultmasters. With this complex, there comes domination over the membership. With this domination, there comes the continued exploitation of the member's finances. With this exploitation, there comes the cultmasters need to spend this money. With this spending, there comes extravagance. With this extravagance, there comes squander, waste, and irresponsibility. With irresponsibility, there comes lack of personal discipline. With lack of discipline, there comes promiscuity. With promiscuity, there comes all sorts of aberrant behaviour. With this behaviour, there comes a desire for more self-aggrandizement. With this aggrandizement, there comes a desire to be seen in higher and higher social and political circles. With this desire, there comes a need for more power. With more power, there comes the infallible phase. With infallibility, there comes the need to crush all opposition. With no opposition, there comes the feeling of invincibility.

The work - in a nutshell - is nothing more than a derivative of Nietzsche's "man to God" concept. But this version of that Nietzsche's concept is not based on a spiritual and evolutionary rise in consciousness. This "work" is a two part project. It is snake-oil salesmanship, and the reaping of the income. The WCG cult's idea of "The Work," is based on the acquisition of wealth, the accumulation of assets, the mental enslaving of the membership, and the bribery of an army of mindless and loyalist hirelings who are willing to prostitute themselves for a paycheck and to keep selling the trusting membership about Herbie's cockamamie idea that the work of preaching the gospel is continually and consistently being tirelessly done, and only by those (fun loving and horny) cultmasters who are utterly dedicated to God and His coming Kingdom.

MEMBER: Usually a well intended person who's been duped by the promise of a huge ego trip and has been told that "God has chosen YOU, and YOU will rule over all the nations." Members usually believe that they are specially chosen by God Himself, and that all those other carnal, worldly bastards will either die in the tribulation, the Lake of Fire, or they'll be recycled after the Millennium to see the error of their anti-WCG ways, and they now must bow down, grovel on the ground, and worship the loyal WCG (first resurrected) membership.

Members know that they are saved by grace - but they must follow the law. Members know that the Kingdom is not in "meat and drink" - but they must follow the health food ordinances. Members know that God owns everything, including all the money and wealth in the universe - but they must tithe, 'cause He really needs the money to do His work through His chosen loyalists. Members know that works will not save them - but they must keep the Sabbaths. Members know that it is greater to be the servant of all - but they all want to "rule the world" in the Millennium. Members know that people lie - but they'll automatically believe an unqualified nobody, with a very questionable past, when he says that he's the "chosen of God." Members know they must bow their knees to no man - but they'll revere the cultmasters as if they had been personally programmed by God. Members know that the "God of this world" is everywhere and in all organizations, especially religious ones - but they cannot see it within the boundaries of their own cult. Members know that "perfect love casts out all fear" - yet they fear more than most, and they fear going against the cult because they fear for their eternal lives. Members know that we must prove all things - yet they fear to do this with any other source of info, other than that which is cult approved. Members believe that they have superior knowledge simply because they're in the cult - but they can't even follow the basics of common sense, scientific evidence, sound facts, and fundamental logic. Members know that "the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom" - but when they join the cult, wisdom is forgotten and: "The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the cult."

If the Editors permit, this blurb can be an ongoing project. Anyone can add to this list, as there are a zillion other glossary terms. At least, this is a start . . .

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