The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
Cultic Noise
By JohnO

In the Edgar Allan Poe’s poem “Annabel Lee,” which was sung by Joan Baez in later years, within that haunting melody, the opening words emotionally captured every reader to any saga of life and death in its real form.  It ran:

“It was many and many a year ago,

In a kingdom by the sea.

That a maiden whom you may know

By the name of Annabel Lee;

And this maiden she lived with no other thought

Than to love and be loved by me.”

In the end, Annabel Lee died, and the poet Poe (supposedly based on a true story) grieved to his dying day.   He never forgot, but he eventually accepted the fact that he would see his love no more.  Everyone has a love.  Some marry that love.  Some embrace that love.  Some see that love as a way of life, a calling, a vocation, or even a cult.

Altho “Annabel Lee” was a fictitious person in name, her character came through in the poem.  She and the poet lived by the sea, but for some unknown reason, she was caught in a chilling wind, contracted pneumonia, and died.  The poet could only empty his overwhelming grief as he oft knelt by her graveside.

“And so, all the night-tide, I lie down by the side

Of my darling, my darling, my life and my bride,

In her sepulchre there by the sea –

In her tomb by the side of the sea.”

No one ever gets over the death of a loved one.  No one gets over a divorce.  No one EVER gets over the loss of a child.  We’ll always remember the grief and the sadness, but we move on, and tragically without the loved one/s we lost.  None of us ever wanted that tragedy to happen – and we’ve ALL been through such situations.  That love takes a piece of our life.  That persuasion of loving remembrance to either a person or ideal, both psychologically and figuratively rips out a big chunk from our person.  It hurts, there’s no doubting that, but we still move on.  The memory of the loss of a person is invariably painful.  But – on the other side of this proverbial coin – such a scenario or pain need not be so with our losing the companionship of a cult.

There was a comment on another website by a person, with (I figure) a minimal of logic, intelligence, and practical understanding, who said that all those who wrote for the PT Site were actually “NOT over it” at all.  For some obscure reason, he figured that the PT Site was out to get “revenge” and destroy the Worldwide and + systems.  Obviously this character has NOT read the FAQ section on this site. For such people, I urge U.  Read the FAQ’s.  In fact, as has been proved by observation, the Worldweird Cult is destroying itself.   The Worldweird cancer + offspring is eating itself.

As Poe left his love in her grave, so it is that we left behind (what we thot was) our one-time cultic love, and left it where it belonged, in the sewer of religiosity, along with its mammon hungry, egotistical, and lo-life lackeys, bellowing hirelings.  We’re “over it” because we’ve left it behind, and NOT because of some revenge motive.  If people would read what’s actually said, in the contributed articles and the FAQ’s instead of assuming something that isn’t said, then our joint communiqué would proceed much better.  HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our cultic love however, was not really a love, but rather an infatuation with a Medusa that seduced, enticed, and promised the universe to all those that she eventually turned to stone.  That one-time Medusa was the Worldwide Church of God, and now it’s flowed out into (as I understand) over 300 offspring groups and the blood-sucking leaders that lust for the same ego, money, and the results of glory that was once totally possessed by a (now) totally dead Herbie.  This religion stuff is just a biz.  That’s all.  Let’s be honest with ourselves and let’s face the facts.  Our look-into-death of the Worldwide Medusa was the beginning of the crumbling of our partially wasted lives that were built around a cult and the madness that inflated the psyches of the head leeches.  When we left, the physical church member (within us) started to disintegrate, but then the spiritual person – within all of us – suddenly awoke.

Yet, like the poet – even now – there are many who still blindly lie down by the side of the sepulchre of the decaying body of the Worldwide cult and its copy-cat, destructive (no-brainer) offspring.  Many still look at these cults as “Loving Proof” that God (or IT) has moved Its mantel to the “new improved” cult, and has moved it to them alone.

There’s a statement that’s, not only Biblical but found in other cultures, saying – in effect to – prove all things.  The ancient Greek philosophers and teachers put a big emphasis on this.  Please check it out.  Real proof does NOT have to be screamed at people.  Teachers can pass on info in a normal voice, and the audience do not have to become a recipient of any type of cultic noise.  Yelling and shouting is the language of cults, and not that of a true teacher.

So, we need to be given to prove all things – even in a moderate, controlled voice from an intelligent teacher.  And to actually prove things – to ourselves – can be a tough job.  It’s not easy to chip ourselves out of the concrete of our hardened beliefs – even if those beliefs are wacky.  There’s nothing wrong with HONESTLY proving ALL things.  Or is there – to some people?  It can be hard while involving ourselves with day-to-day duties, and live the cultic madness, but – if we have the tenacity – when the truth is finally revealed, it can be mighty tough on our egos.  None of us like to know that we’ve “been had.”  None of us like to know that we’ve been a victim of a huge scam, and therefore many of our previous friends stay in those offspring cults because their egos simply will NOT let go.  Imaginary guilt is also a factor coupled with the grief and humiliation that we feel with having been so stupid.  Pride, invariably, also enters the equation, as many cannot admit that they’ve been suckered into a cult by a sexually perverted  ignorant bully, and a mendacious salesman.

Therein lies a big test for all of us.  If we’ve admitted our mistakes, left the cult/s, then (most assuredly) we’ve grown.  This is also a message to those still locked into the Worldwide cultic madness.  We – who have left the cult – have risen to the next step.  Admittedly, this is tough for those still enmeshed in the mire of cultic insanity.  Those who lack the spiritual courage to (at least) question and prove the cultic stupidity, will always stay at the same level as their arrogant leaders who are more than happy to “fleece my lambs; fleece my sheep.”

For a time, the (above) poet could not let go of the physical Annabel Lee.  Her memory could have still been cherished, but there’s little to be gained by lying next to her grave.  In a spiritual sense, her memory shouted to him from the grave.  Most who are grieving for a lost one will surely understand.  I have many friends that I grieve over.  It really ticks me off that they’re gone.  I miss these wonderful folks.  Poe’s perfectly understandable pain was still there, as many still have pain today.  Eventually, as history recorded, Poe went on, created more works, and became a moderate to good success in his day.  But, he first had to let go of the physical attachment he had to his Annabel Lee.  It was only then that he grew as an author, poet, and journalist.  I have the “The Works of Poe,” and despite all his problems, the guy was brilliant.

We must “pop the cork,” and move onto the next step – as hard as it may be.  Most of the ex-Worldwide Church of Goders KNOW that this is tough.  But they somehow muster the guts to actually DO it.  The principle here is (as I see it) to remember the right balance of affection for the folks with whom we once fellowshipped (their time will come), but we must let go that cultic situation including the loss and cruelty that burdened us and potentially ruined our lives.  The affection that many of us felt for the Worldwide fellowship, the good times, and the social get-togethers are now all gone.  Finished.  It was a social, cultic club.  Let’s face it.  It was all phoney to begin with.  We socialized with the same cultic brains who were as brainwashed as we.  When those who are still in the quicksand of the out–spewing cults can eventually (and hopefully) see that fact, that it is when they’ll leave their own particular (Annabel Lee) graveside, and live their lives, and then, things will happen – in time.  Numerous people still can’t do that, and that’s why so many of them jump from one cult to another.

There’s a saying, that in the road of life there are some ahead of us, and some behind us.  The ones who are ahead, they look back at us, and smile lovingly, then beckon us and encourage us to move ahead.  We can then get off our asses and move ahead and join the ones that are more advanced, and have PROVED it.  We – in turn – look back at those behind us, and we give that same loving smile too.  We beckon them to come join us, and to be free.  But  . . . many are called, and few are chosen.  It’s THEIR choice.  I feel that’s another good reason that the PT Site exists.  We smile.  We beckon.  But they must jog and make up the distance between us all.

Many thanx 2 the PT Site for this invaluable service.  It educates.  Some read it and prove the data and facts.  Some will scoff at it and go nowhere – at least, not yet anyway.  Some are still thinking, and that’s Ok.  That’s good, because at least they’re thinking.  But, at least the knowledge is “out there,” and when someone “clicks” with all the abundance of Site info given, then this Site proves invaluable to individual/s.  PROVE ALL THINGS.  If people listen, prove all things, and accept no intimidation for anyone, then they’ll grow.  The truth comes from within ourselves.  When this truth actually “hits,” then we’ll KNOW.

So many today still cannot let go of the “plain truth” that was plagiarized by dead, Apostle Herbie.  And there are always the low-life “greedmasters” who will continue to fan the Worldwide fires of ignorance, superstition, and fear.  So many people need a god to which they can run, and if they’re too lazy or unwilling to honestly prove everything, then they’ll stay under the sway of some ignorant cultmaster or hireling who is more than willing to steal a congregation’s birthright in return for those honest folks bowls of pottage.

There are two types of salesmanship.  One is the soft sell, and the other is the method of intimidation.  Haven’t all of us heard the latter category from a salesman telling us that if we don’t take advantage of their particular offer, and do it NOW, it will not be available ever again.  It’s the “Limited time only,” type of crap.  In other words, we’re being bullied and pressured into doing something that we’d normally never do.  This type of salesman actually bears down on us, and figuratively chokes us into submission.  This is the methodology of religion.

If – as promoted by “religion” – we do not open our brains, our emotions, our lives, and our wallets to some con-artist, then surely we’ll perish at “God’s” hands because we (supposedly) ignored his self-anointed servants.  The time is near, they will tell us, so we must act NOW.  This is the type of cultmaster/greedmaster/hireling who shouts, roars, and bellows his sermons to those who are intimidated by the abhorrent vomitings that whip cyclonically, spewing out of the preacher’s mouth.  Fear steals our brain, and the noise of a profit motivated preacher who is ranting and raving about absolutely nothing intelligent, and that nothing is a no-brainer except intimidating folks to tremble and fear at the repercussions of an angry God.

However, if people have (even partially) analyzed the infinity of what religion calls “God,” there can be no room for fear.  God ain’t some manmade anthropomorphic being.  There can be no room for a set of rules as dictated by a plethora of a screaming bunch of ignoramuses.  There can be no room for “loyalty” to some idiot that this God has supposedly chosen – according to their own egotistical analysis.  There can be no room for giving money to some ridiculous, or “Godly cause,” because what does the ultimate Infinity need with money?

Ideas come from the Infinite, and for that source, there can be no in-depth description.  Although we might try and analyze this phenomenon, we cannot ever mentally approach IT.  The only way we can understand Infinity is for ourselves to be infinite as well.  This is out of the question because that would mean there would be two Infinities, and that’s a mathematical impossibility.  Infinity must be a single entity, and there can be no mathematically possibility of more than one.  Infinity implies that this Infinite, or Original Thot is constantly growing in all directions (good & evil, love & fear, happiness & sorrow, joy & heartbreak, etc., etc. blah, et al.), and doing so at an INFINITE rate.  There is no catching up to the end result.  But most Christian churches – including the Worldwide chaos + – believe they have a handle on, and understand the one and only –  the all-ness of God.

So, the preachers bellow and yell and pound the pulpit, and – if they’re old enough – their – age old – jowls tremble, just exactly as Apostle Herbie’s did.  He was an angry, violent, perverse little man.  He yelled, he screamed, he pounded the pulpit.  Many of us have watched his tantrums.  Near the end of our tenure with the cult, Herbie preached that if the congregation did not believe him, then they could (his own words):  “Like it or lump it.”  Herbie was an arrogant, bombastic, greedy, controlaholic, crazy little man.  And since he’s now long dead – he’s nothing but a “disembodied” arrogant,  bombastic, greedy, controlaholic, crazy lil’ old spirit.  His spirit or frequency hasn’t changed.  Since he must be (until his energy learns a higher level of sanity) a part of one dimension of time/space, he’s still epoxide into his violent, arrogant mold.  Energy (in this case, the human formula) can only change over a period when motivated from within itself or pressured by an external power greater than itself.  Herbie’s ultimate energy formula hasn’t changed.  The Herbie “it” lives at a lower frequency (with reference to time/space), and his mindless following simply flows along in the sewer with the same vibes.  Look at the fruits.

The raucous (excessive Db) noise of Herbie’s demented cultmaster/greedmaster/ hirelings, did indeed attract attention.  This used to be the methodology.  Now they’ve toned it down somewhat.  However, I’m told that many are still bombastic yellers.  But, a real teacher would not raise his/her voice more than a few decibels to emphasize the point of their lessons.  Laughing is surely an exception.  Many cultmasters (and this goes for most “religions”) really need to yell to get their point across, and at the same time, they intimidate the congregation.  And that’s NOT teaching.  That’s nothing more than bullying people.  That’s making people fearful.  That’s actually frightening folks to believe the (mostly) insane teaching that’s being propagated from a profit and ego motivated mouthpiece who is most probably more ignorant (and horny) than the average tortoise.  That was Apostle Herbie’s profile.

Let’s be honest with ourselves.  A teacher can only provide a base of operations, but the rest of a student’s life and learning is their own responsibility.  Please lemme repeat this proven fact.  A student can ingest, but their outcome of living must be their OWN.  Pupils – if responsible – MUST eventually become their OWN teachers.

Teaching doesn’t have to be at the (130 Db) decibel level –  the threshold of hearing pain.  Congregations, far too often, are given the Cultic Noise of preacher bullying.  Real teaching can be quiet, controlled, loving, and it can also be by the example shown by those true teachers who have the attitude of human decency.  And this is something that the upper cultmasters of Worldwide have never yet managed to accomplish.  So far, it also looks like something that they will never manage.  Yet, they yell, they intimidate, they bully, and they oppress.  They may make a lot of noise, but they never produce any viable, helpful, or redeemable  results.

The ex-Worldwide Church of God ministers have taken the cowardly method.  They’ve taken and they’ve chicken-fled for the hills.  Chickens?.  Cluck?  Their thunder is dissipated.  Their real (and gutless) manhood is EXPOSED.  Prove me wrong.

“Thunder is loud.  Thunder is impressive.  But it’s the lightning that does the work"                             Mark Twain                                                                                         

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