The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God


A Message To The Ladies
By John O., Ex-Worldwide Church of God Pastor

Did you know that, during the entire course of history, the population of women on this planet has always been approximately half? Maybe God was trying to get a message across. Equality.

If we are to listen to some men . . . religious leaders, cult hirelings, and those of darker, lower spiritual mentality, then the female sex was made as a lower life form and destined to serve their male lords and masters forever. Women, according to this obtuse, demented thinking, were to serve as background chattels, instruments for the propagation of the species, and decorative trinkets for salivating, older men. At all times they were to be "Yes" people to their husbands/boy friends, and even though their male counterpart had all the mentality of a paramecium, they were nevertheless to stand behind him and parrot his opinions . . . without question. This has been the thinking and teaching in many ideologies, religions, and has also permeated the cult thinking of Worldwide Church of God (and its offspring) for the entirety of its existence.

Whatever generated the original madness of this thinking is probably now long forgotten, even to history. But the true facts behind this psychotic premise will always remain the same. WOMEN ARE EQUAL TO MEN, AND ALWAYS WILL BE.

In Worldwide Church of God, and especially at A.C., marriages were arranged in many cases. "Always look for the converted man/woman," students were told, "and you'll have a true Godly partner." I knew many women who were saddled with many a lunkhead because he was supposedly "converted" and this was - of course - God's way for the future reproduction of more Worldwide Church of Goders. In other cases, couples were genuinely attracted to each other, and super relationships eventually developed.

In every case of marriages within cults, the woman is always the subservient one. Men, of course, do all the preaching as women are considered too stupid to even possess any ideas whatsoever. Also, with cult mentality thinking, men must dominate everyone if their own specific "will be done." Men raised in the confines of a cult college and who continue to cling to cult teachings, hardly ever reach the status of a balanced individual or a humanitarian. They rarely let themselves see things from the woman's point of view, and consider the woman in their lives to have limited I.Q. In this way, they are ignoring a full fifty percent of Godly wisdom available to them, and as such, they are unbalanced.

Since half the world's population - AND TALENT - belongs to women, why isn't this remarkable resource used in everyday life, and used continually? Are men too stupid to recognize the wisdom that lies within the female psyche?

Women are much more than a remarkable blessing on this planet. You, ladies, are - in many ways - its salvation. You are not only the perfect balance to man's insensitive objectivity, but you possess a beautiful spirit that brings warmth and comfort into the darkest times in people's lives, and thus giving hope, strength, and inspiring courage.

It's been the false teaching of the Worldwide Church of God cult that women are inferior (since the fruits of their being treated that way are obvious), and the hireling ministry base this nonsense on the allegory of creation given in Genesis. The book of Genesis and the rest of the Torah were not written until long after Moses died. But they were written from the legalistic and chauvinistic viewpoint of the Israelite thinking at the time, emphasizing Mosaic Law, rituals, sacrifices, and the inferiority of women. Men wrote that law.

Woman - according to the Genesis allegory - was originally made equal to man. It was sin that supposedly separated man from God and made women subservient to her male companion. This was all a part of the Old Covenant thinking. But now, purportedly with the advent of Jesus introducing the New Covenant, things are different. In the entirety of Jesus' ministry, He never said anything about women being inferior to men. In fact, He treated women as equals, showed them respect, and praised their work. Obviously, He knew better.

It's an interesting fact that while Jesus was dying, the only ones who had the guts to come forward and stand by Him were four women. All the men had fled.

We find a reflection of the Old Covenant woman thinking with the Pauline approach. Many times Paul would admittedly express his own opinions (and he had plenty) as to the correct way of doing things. Most of Paul's ideas were his opinions ONLY, and he never denied it. It's worthy to note that most hireling preachers who tend to be Pharisaical tend to gravitate to Paul's writings.

The women that have left Worldwide Church of God with their husbands have understandably had rough times too . . . just as much as the men. But we men have the greatest admiration and respect for your love and support. In way too many cases, we've not deserved your affection or your backing. In all this, while we've possibly been responsible for leading the family into a cult, you've been understanding, forgiving and tolerant.

In the twenty years since we've been free of cultism, I've been personally blessed to have such a wife. Times can be extremely rough for an ex-minister, but the loving support that I've received from my wife has been critical to our survival as a family. We've survived, and she is to be thanked, appreciated and complemented for a lion's share of that miracle. I know that other husbands, like me, have also been as blessed. Truly, most of our women have been dependable "help meets," and most assuredly they have been the EQUAL of any man in every steadfast, intellectual and spiritual way.

It's going to be a lot rougher for the women whose husbands are still in the COG cults - especially the wives of ministers. Contrary to popular male "church" thinking, wives are not dummies, and many of these women see the errors in the cults long before it occurs to their husbands. However the cult teaching of male domination and woman submissiveness prevails, and unfortunately, women are not allowed to criticize.

We live in an age when mankind is finally growing up. It's finally realized that women have as many brains as men, the same I.Q., and can handle most jobs as good or better than their male counterparts. While this is not knocking the men, it is a call to work together as a team - much like a good marriage - and eliminate the useless, time wasting and costly discrimination of women as being somehow "inferior."

Since - as already stated - half the world's population are women, aren't we therefore wasting half the world's talent if we are to suppress the females' abilities?

To accept woman's equality in any cult, like the Worldwide Church of God groups, would be a mortal blow to the male ego and the controlaholic nature of its leadership. Since the male ego of any cult's hireling ministry is demonically triggered, it's therefore logical to conclude that any IN-equality of women is a product of the darker side of spiritual energy, and not one inspired by any Higher Spiritual activity.

We all understand that we all have different jobs to do on this planet. Also, there are some jobs best fitted for men to do, as there are some jobs that women handle better. But, in all cases, there needs be NO competition. Let's accept and admire the different abilities, each delightfully special and diverse asset, but let's accept the EQUALITY.

Since ungodly men control cults, it's going to be an uphill battle for most women to break free. But, many have done it over the years, and many will in the future. When women determine what is morally correct, then they've been shown to be an unstoppable force. After all, they're equal.

We wish you all the best, ladies, our hats are off to you, and whatever we can do to show our support, love and help, then we certainly will.

Please remember, ladies - whatever happens . . . you are ALL very, very special.




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