The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
Forget The Teacher

By JohnO

All through history, mankind has had its teachers. Throughout history, mankind has - all too often - confused the messenger and the message. And through history, a real teacher has always pointed away from the "Messenger" aspect, and tried to focus the people on the message itself. What people did with the message was up to them, but there's no way a message can be properly digested while the eyes of any pupil is focused on the teacher or messenger.

A teacher has one primary job, and that's to remind people what they've forgotten. In this way, the teacher also reminds himself/herself of the message that's coming through themselves. When people listen, and either accept or reject any input, then that's feedback to any teacher (pro or con), and discussion can follow.

No one ever comes up with an idea. No one thinks: "I will think up an idea." Ideas come as gifts to all of us. Talents come as gifts to all of us. But all of these things are given to us simply for our use, and for the benefit of others as well as ourselves. We don't OWN these gifts, as talents cannot multiply if we hog them for ourselves. They must be given away, and thus the karmic law of reciprocity kicks in, and the blessings return.

The only place that ideas, inventions, concepts, etc., come from, is from a mentality that is way beyond our own, the Infinite Intelligence that is the output of Infinite Life which is the product of (as scientists have called It), First Cause. We are only channels for Its wisdom and blessings to others. We are the conduits through which ideas flow from the Spiritual to the Physical. We are the distribution stations of that Divine mentality.

If any of us thinks we are brilliant, clever, or have talent, then we can only give thanks, because we're given these talents for a reason. And that reason is simply that we must DO something with those talents. What's the purpose of any teacher holding back all the information that he's "garnered?" So, if the teacher is not the source of all the knowledge, then why do we look to any teacher? Why not simply realize that the teacher is only the funnel for what we're learning, and credit the source - Infinity - with what's coming at us through the teacher him/herself.

Let's relate this to modern day religion, and to those who are out of the Worldwide Church of God+ cults, let's see where this principle (above) was grossly violated, giving rise to all sorts of misguided loyalties, and creating some of the worst, egotistical monstrosities that we're ever likely to see in our lifespan.

How many times have we heard - for example - from dead Herbert that God gave all knowledge to him? Other cultmasters have since claimed the same nonsense, thus directing the congregation to THEM as the source of all God's knowledge and teaching. Moses used this ploy well in his time. Most, by now, know that Moses (like Herbert) gave nothing new to the world. His whole law was based on the much older laws of Egypt and the Babylonian code of Hammurabi. Since "God" doesn't have a finger to write the law on tablets of stone, this codex must have been done by Moses, and Joshua the stonemason, who climbed Mount Sinai for a spell. The ten commandments are simply a re-hash of the laws from centuries before and chiseled into stone for posterity.

Then Moses claimed that God revealed the Law through him, and so, the Israelites worshipped Moses.

Had these ignorant slaves been better educated at the time, they'd have spotted this phony, and rejected the teacher, but kept the teaching. While the law had its advantages at the time, it was a pointless maneuver to direct peoples' attention to the teacher. Moses gave the Israelite nation nothing that was original. But he was given the credit, and was later worshipped.

All through history, we see men of dis-honor who will take advantage of legitimate teachings (some plagiarized) and pass them along to others with the claim that God has given these teachings - just to THEM. This is so true today with modern day Televangelism. Haven't we all heard the drivel like:

"The Lord spoke to me today, and gave me this world of knowledge . . . . " "God spoke to my heart and told me to tell you that . . . " "The Lord and I had a moment together early today . . . " "God has revealed to me . . . " "The Holy Spirit has shown me that . . . "

We all know the tripe that preachers are so often spilling onto the public. And just because some character or other say that they're "ministers of God," most people are gullible enough to believe them. Then people send money, and this is how these criminals of religiosity survive. People look to the messenger.

The real bottom line is that the messenger is unimportant. He's only the means by which the message is imparted. We read books for learning. Who of us would respect and reverence the book itself? Since most will never meet the author or even know who he/she is, then we take the info therein more seriously, because we have nowhere else to look. We learn more when we cannot see or idolize the teacher.

So, it's always amazing to me - as on this PT site - when someone says they want all their articles, etc. removed. What are they thinking? Do they think any information belongs to them any more than it does to any of us? What are they trying to do? Punish people by taking away "their knowledge?" The knowledge didn't come from them in the first place. Knowledge belongs to the Infinite and flows through any vessel capable of passing it on.

Is it an ego trip when someone writes an article for any magazine, site, or paper, to think that they are the owners of that information? Just because an idea, article, or design comes through a person, does NOT make that person the true inventor of that idea. Those ideas have always existed. They are a part of eternity. But when the time is right, they'll pass through and inspire the right vessel to implement and outbreathe those ideas.

If someone gives ideas and help to others and then foolishly thinks that they are the source of that inspiration, then nothing more will flow through that person. They've plugged the flow of info through themselves. Information from the Infinite can only flow into an empty vessel. If any vessel is so full of itself, then nothing new will come. None of us can load up an already full wine glass with more wine. Until any vessel realizes its insignificance in the light of Eternity, and gives thanks for any ideas supplied from the Infinite, then it will have no more inspiration.

How many of us - many years back - saw that whatever new info from research coming into Worldwide Church of God suddenly plugged up when HWA start bragging about God revealing all knowledge though him, and him alone? Herbert provided the catalyst for constipation in the colon of Worldwide Church of God.

The whole religious world has gone mad with congregations looking at the teacher. Many ministers brag of their God given knowledge and the fact that God heals, teaches, works miracles, raises up great churches, and converts the world . . . all through them. It's not important in this article if people believe in a literal Jesus or not, but what is vital, is that we forget "Jesus" and all other teachers. Let's always remember the message of love, kindness, and concern for our fellow man (and our Earth planet), and forget the instrument through which this teaching came.

Religious broadcasting has become a multi-billion dollar industry with prominent (but silent) shareholders. Religious salesmen pitch Jesus like a basket of strawberries, and salvation as something dependent on peoples' gullibility to "just believe" the teacher.

How often have we heard on religious broadcasting that: "God is really blessing this work." "This great work is bringing more and more souls to Jesus." "The income is growing . . . " "We're getting more cable channels for Jesus." "Great things are happening through this work of God."

In every case, the salesman points to the organization as the driving force, and a teacher (Jesus) as the motivation. Both concepts are wrong.

It doesn't matter who or what is the motivating or driving force that we actually SEE. The origin is in the energy behind the idea, which has focused thot behind it, and behind that is eternal Life . . . however anyone might view it. All of us are only the channels for its manifestation. Some call that power "God," others call it "Energy," and others call it "First Cause." However each of us regard the Infinite, THIS is the source from where all creation springs. "The Elegant Universe," by Brian Greene is a somewhat detailed, but not-too-technical explanation, of the concept of vibratory life, and can elaborate on the above in greater detail.

But, in all cases, it is this Infinite Force (thanks to George Lucas for the terminology), to which credit belongs. It can be personal or impersonal to each of us, but this Force expresses through us as humans. We don't "own" the force, and we can only give thanks for It's being with us. We simply use it, and give thanks.

If this life force wishes to teach us by flowing through ANYTHING, then why should we look to the vehicle through which the teaching flows? This has caused a big dint in the spiritual growth of man, and is one prime reason for the failure of religion and certainly contributes to the moral mess we have today. People worship men and not the Infinite concepts.

If we forgot our teachers and remember the teachings that were proved correct, we'd all probably now be living with the license of a higher order of beings.

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