The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God

Wanna Meet God?

By John O.

That could be a problem. If we want to meet something that's Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient, then we'll have to change, re-form, and re-arrange our molecules, then change our vibes. And we still won't make it.

There have been millions of thoughts on the subject, and this article will by no means be the last. However, as always, it's NOT my intent to say that this is the "plain truth," but to invite you all to look, read, check, and investigate these things for yourselves. The information here comprises the ideas and calculations of many scientists, scholars, and thinkers. If this article provokes people to think further, then the purpose is fulfilled. This is an infinite subject, and we'll be researching it forever.

For those who have read the previous articles IMMORTALITY and DEATH, we discussed the possibility of what science has found and what it has deduced with regards to the "beyond." There are upper frequency bands that are beyond light, they have found, and they've deduced that if there are definitely a few of these frequency dimensions, then there may be no end to them. If that is so, we could have an infinite number of frequency bands, each holding its own life forms that extend beyond our limited frequency of light and its restricted operating vibrations.

For so many years, most of us had been brainwashed into thinking that God was akin to a five foot, six inch, moody little man with white hair and glasses. We thought God (according to the propaganda) liked to fly Himself around the skies, hob-nob with corrupt dignitaries, rule over everyone with a rod of iron, while giving away the Corning Ware supply house of Steuben Crystal, and drinking gallons of Mateus wine and Dom Perignon champagne. We also thought that when God got angry, his jowls shook, He pounded on His desk, and He bellowed incessantly like a bull frog in heat. Wadda God!

Thankfully, God is bigger than that. And thankfully, God goes above and beyond our highest and greatest expectations of anything we could ever conceive. And to that Infinite, Cosmic Intelligence, we owe our deepest respect and love.

Not even the greatest minds from now or yesteryear can give us a glimpse of God and what He/She/It is like. Even Jesus could only refer to His higher self - the Father - who is the expressed image of God in every person. That was His (and ours too) connection to Infinity. But when that Infinity is the thought behind every vibratory energy, then this concept becomes indefinable. Therefore, since we cannot "meet" God - which is obviously impossible, then the closest we can come is to try and appreciate Him by the things that are produced in nature . . . things that we see and cannot see. God is all life . . . what we see and what we don't.

While science can only grope with the creative energy, which they have termed "Original Thought," they have offered many things to think about. If we THINK about what they've shown us, then we too can now derive more than we ever thought about the concepts of the Infinite. And this is only the beginning of God . . .

Since we live in a time-space continuum, we are limited to distance and the clock. But, if science is right, and that which is behind all of the creation is "Original Thought," then what we're dealing with is another, creative element here. We're talking about the continuum of "Thought."

There are a couple of things about this continuum worth noting. Thought can "think" anything. To give a mundane example: if we exist in the thought continuum, then whatever we think will come to pass. If we, for instance, imagine ourselves in Paris or Sydney, then that's where we will be . . . in thought. So, there is no such thing as distance in the continuum of thought. Therefore, in this continuum, there is really no such thing as "space." Since "time" is defined as the interval taken to go from one point in space to another, then if there is no space, there must also be no time.

Time and space therefore do not exist in the continuum of Thought, and as such, there is no beginning or end in that existence. It consists only of a continual present. If there's no beginning or end in the Thought continuum, then this answers the age old question to what many have asked: "How can God have always been and always will be?" God always IS.

Better still, it answers another question. Since we have all sprang from God (since there can be nothing else), then we are of the same "Thought" substance, and characteristics. Therefore, this shows that we have always lived . . . and always will. Do we have everyone out there really thinking now?

The time-space continuum is therefore a product of the Thought continuum and is nothing but a projection of the Eternal Intelligence. We then live in a "thought projection" that follows the laws of time and space. The universe, and all that's in it, including us, are nothing more than the progeny of an Infinite, Creative, Intelligence that exists behind all creation and projects It's will into physical manifestation as a designed creation. And this is only the beginning of God . . .

How many universes are there? If we can conceive of an infinite number, then that's what there probably is. Since we can't come up with ideas of ourselves, and those ideas have to be fed to us from the Thought continuum, then that which is "thought" about in that realm actually becomes a reality. So, it's probable that we have an infinite number of parallel universes.

What about those frequency dimensions in our particular time-space continuum? If we can conceive (like the scientists have said) of an infinite number of upper frequency bands to ours, then that's probably correct. There would be an infinite number of worlds - parallel to ours, much the same as multiple TV signals can exist in one room side by side - worlds in which we have more and more advanced lives that live beside us in an infinite number of upper frequency dimensions.

What about other beings on other planets in our universe? We have trillions and trillions of solar systems in our galaxy. How many planets do they all have? Our nearest star system is a triple star cluster called Alpha Centuri. The closest star of these, Proxima Centuri, is reported to have an "earth" like planet in its orbit. If this is so of our closest star neighbor, then what of the countless other solar systems in our galaxy alone? How many Earth-like planets are there in our Milky Way? Look at the odds. If our closest neighbor has an Earth like planet, how many others do? And what about other life forms?

Astronomers have now estimated that there are over a hundred billion galaxies in our known universe. Beyond that, they won't even guesstimate. How many planets are there in all those galaxies? How many like Earth? How many of other alien life forms? As the movie CONTACT said, if we are the only people in the universe, then "it's an awful waste of space." And still - this is only the beginning of God . . .

What about our micro worlds? What about our world of atoms, and molecules? Many scientists have paralleled the molecules and atoms to our galaxies and solar systems. Could those energy particles of our micro worlds be as some have suggested? Could they be universes operating in a different time relativity? Where do these little "galaxies" stop existing? Could they go smaller and smaller, ad infinitum?

An atom is very much spread out if you were to go down and actually look at one. If the nucleus of an oxygen atom were the size of the average house, then its sixteen electrons would be spread out over an area of about forty acres. Combine this atom with two atoms of hydrogen and you have a water molecule. It's been estimated that if each molecule in a twelve ounce glass of water were individually ONE grain of sand, then there would be enough sand in that glass to cover the continental United States a hundred feet deep. That's a lot of little galaxies. So, where does God stop?

We live in ONE universe in ONE time-space continuum. How many time-space continuums are there? Are there an infinite number? And we haven't even got into the subject of the number of dimensions within each of the continuums. Nor have we said anything about the number of ever smaller galaxies in the micro worlds of each.

If we consider these things, then we must consider also that we are living on a planet (an electron) in a solar system (an atom) in a galaxy (a molecule) that forms a part of something bigger and bigger . . . ad infinitum. We are the micro world of someone else's macro world. And so it goes.

If there are an infinite number of time-space continuums, then how many other types of continuums are there? Are there an infinite number of different types of continuums that we could only speculate about? We know what "time" and "space" are, but what other types of laws and disciplines are contained in each of the infinite number of parallel continuums, and what about the different frequency dimensions and micro and macro worlds of each of those? We still really know nothing about God, do we?

We came from cults/religions and their restricted thinking. Man, in his infinite stupidity, often tries to preach about God, telling the "plain truth" about such a phenomenon. Even the above details don't even scratch the tip of a Titanic iceberg.

How pathetic it is for man to try and define God! How sad it is when little men and their humungous egos try and preach what God is, how God feels, what God's laws are, and how we must behave. How idiotic it is, when men try to muzzle the minds of other people to accept their own concepts of infinity when their own infinitesimally, puny minds cannot rise above base mediocrity at best, and the gutter at worst. How sad it is when men claim to be led by God, and how God reveals to them laws and rules and prophecy - all designed to keep folks in bondage. How ugly it is when man acts this way, and how infinitely insignificant and pathetic is the man who plays God.

When we consider the possibilities of the Infinity of what is in creation, it goes way beyond any thinking we may have. It's even infinitely bigger than all the micro and macro worlds. It's bigger than all the universes and time-space continuums. It's bigger than all the frequency dimensions and the innumerable other continuums. It's bigger than imagination, because as big as our imagination is, it's not Infinite enough.

Now, would anyone like to contemplate the infinite number of Thought dimensions?

And that is still only the beginning of God . . .


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