The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God

Hitler, Herbert W. Armstrong & Hirelings

Or, The Three Faces of Hell.

By John O.
Ex-Worldwide Church of God Pastor

If anyone looks closely enough at the characteristics of any two people, then some parallels will always be found. However, throughout this world, parallels in actual character flaws always find a lot less similarity than a comparable evaluation of peoples' overall, general, or normal characteristics. While we all have faults, it's decidedly odd that two remotely located people on this planet could ever have the exact, same collection of repulsive similarities in character deficiency . . . unless of course, the dark spiritual energy behind each individual was identical.

Certainly, this premise is accepted when we look, for example, at the leaders in the world and we examine the common traits and uncommon ones - especially the ugly ones. The reason for the similar bad behaviour in leaders can be interpreted in Daniel's epic saying: "The most High rules in the kingdom of men, and gives it to whomsoever He will, and sets up over it the basest of men."

Therefore, if we are to examine two remotely and globally spaced people - namely: Hitler and Herbert W. Armstrong, and if the character flaws are similar, or in many cases are the same, the conclusion must be obvious. The spiritual power is the same in both instances, and these two personal vessels were therefore submissive to that dark energy while they, themselves, gladly continued to glory in its ruthless power, a total lack of morals, and eventual destruction of all innocent people that were deeply involved.

While it's possible to find this sameness among people in similar professions, don't you think it's most unusual that a despotic, lunatic dictator in Germany should possess the same characteristics as a "Church" leader in Pasadena? Unless, of course . . . there is really NOT a lot of difference, and they were both using the same "battery."

As a matter of academic interest ONLY, the following is a list composed of similarities between Hitler and Herbert W. Armstrong. All similarities have been well documented by ex-members, ministers, and those who were once close confidants within the cult.

1) Hitler and Herbert W. Armstrong were both ignorant men. Both were deliberate school dropouts, and had little regard for any formal education. Both scoffed at educated people, but privately, always made use of their abilities. Each man stupidly believed that he would be present to usher in a thousand year reign of glory that functioned under the legal intellectualism that they'd each espoused. Also, any vital decisions that either one made throughout their lives can only be regarded as idiotic choices made by individuals with the intellectual size and brain density of a crouton.

2) Both men learned from diabolical sources. Hitler learned his tactics from the gutter, and Herbert W. Armstrong learned from Mein Kampf, written of course, by Hitler. The modus operandi of life was the same . . . people domination, racism, hatred, totalitarian socialism, self-aggrandizement, lies, deception, and cruelty. Herbert W. Armstrong admired dictatorial butchers. He once wanted to interview the ignorant Mao Zedong (also a reported dropout), who was the demented murderer of over 200 million of his own countrymen. Herbert W. Armstrong admired the repulsive Mao, referring to him as " . . . a philosopher like myself."

3)Both Hitler and Herbert W. Armstrong were power mad. In both of their vocabularies, one word stood out that was vital to each man's ego: "Loyalty." Hitler would go nuts if he even suspected one member of his elite was "disloyal." He would immediately have them slaughtered. Thankfully, murder is illegal in the U.S.A.

4) Both men were egotistical bullies that "turned on" when it was time to speak. Each man became possessed at the podium by a unseen power when they spoke. They became enamored with their own presence, what they were saying, and gave thundering, powerful talks that made the meek and decent, but ignorant, folks tremble. When they finished, they simply "turned off" again. The dark energy had now left them.

5) Both were compulsive liars. Lying is justified among many world leaders (if not all) as a way of keeping the plebs ignorant, covering the leaders' wrongdoing, and keeping most of the population naive. We've all been accused (and have been in many cases) of being "dumb sheep." Germany - as a whole - never questioned Hitler. Worldwide Church of God - as a whole - never questioned Herbert W. Armstrong. And decent people tend to be trusting. Although this IS an admirable trait in and of itself, it's always used to good folks' disadvantage when targeted by the lying Hitler's and Herbert W. Armstrong's of the world.

6) Both fleeced their followers. Hitler led Germany into a war that ended in a bombed out country whose wealth was destroyed, and a destruction that forever devastated the hearts, minds and spirit of many of its people. Herbert W. Armstrong led Worldwide Church of God into a "war on Satan" that ended in broken homes, loss of security, and a destruction of human lives that has forever smashed the hearts, minds, and spirit of many of its members.

7) Both Hitler and Herbert W. Armstrong loved luxury and the building of edifices. Although Hitler never said: "God loves quality," his lifestyle reflected his thinking of himself as an "anointed one." Nothing was too good for the Fuehrer. No building was too big or expensive in Fuehrerville. And, nothing was too good for HWA. No edifice or auditorium was too big or expensive in Herbertown. Herbert's lifestyle also reflected his thinking akin to the minions description of him as "anointed one."

8) Both despots destroyed peoples' trust. Germany would never trust its country to the likes of a Hitler again - no matter how good he sounded. The current Worldwide Church of God splinter groups always refer to the "bitter ex-members." If the members were all that bitter being out of the cult, then logic tells us, to be happy again, they must rejoin the cult of their choice. What has made ex-members understandably bitter is the betrayal of their trust. Germany trusted Hitler to deliver what he promised, and they were grossly deceived. Worldwide Church of God trusted Herbert W. Armstrong to deliver what he promised was the "plain truth," and they were shafted.

9) Hitler and Herbert W. Armstrong had a deep down contempt for people. Both were intensely private individuals with an abnormal sense of isolation. When duty called, both came to the front, but each had their own private homes (plural) and retreats - away from the masses - and retreats of such a nature that ensured their own solitude. While each reflected a phoney but friendly charisma from the podium, each showed arrogance and contempt in normal contact with the average person. Both despots had to be THE center of attention at all times.

10) Both were Antichrists. Rather than following honorable principles, the above recorded activities more closely reflect a string of abhorrent, behavioral patterns that conform to some demonic manifestation. And the above are only SOME of the comparisons that could be made. Who could ever forget the quivering cowardice shown by both men? Hitler ran for cover in November 1923, leaving his men behind in the streets, in an early, fumbling attempt to take over the Reichstag. To avoid captivity, he had someone else shoot him in his Berlin bunker in 1944. Hitler was the epitome of cowardice. Both antichrists surrounded themselves with paid "yes men" and a variety of armed protection. Herbert sat shaking in Tucson in 1979 when the California State's receiver was examining Herbert W. Armstrong's Pasadena accounting books that reportedly exposed a mess of illegality. He shouted all sorts of bravado on his tapes and letters, but he never once had the courage of a real leader to personally come to Pasadena, face the music, and take over the reigns of "God's Church." Like Hitler, he bellowed from afar. Herbert's G-II was standing by at Tamara airport to convey the apostle and his wealth to Mexico if the Feds were ever to press charges on this little despot for insider trading and tax fraud. Reportedly, there were 27 charges pending.

By now, the fruits of both criminals ought to be obvious. "Can a good tree bring forth bad fruit?" An examination of both their lives shows that almost every conceivable violation of conduct and common decency were committed. Both antichrists were - by observation - controlled and possessed, as they both lived totally contrary to the way of life exemplified in Jesus. Enough said.

Some may say that there are only ten above examples and parallels of Herbert W. Armstrong and Hitler. Could not these same parallels apply to someone else? Please, let me remind all that the chances of this happening in EACH AND ALL of the ten cases is 1010, or ONE IN TEN BILLION. For such things to happen over and over again in other despots today, the SAME abhorrent, Hitlerian, demonic energy would have to be pulsing through that particular individual's psyche. There is no other way this phenomenon could be duplicated. It's worthwhile thinking about.

Now, we may ask, since Herbert W. Armstrong is now dead, does the spirit of this Antichrist live on? Does it live in those hirelings who followed his same deceitful teachings and malevolent practices? Does it actively live in those who follow a duplicate Herbert W. Armstrong organization and prostitute themselves to a system that they KNOW is wrong and do it for their paycheck? Are there other individuals out there - to a lesser degree - who have the same spirit as Hitler?

Everyone's invited to participate here in this evaluation that we'll discuss below. This also includes those still in cults and who "sneak a peek" at this website without telling their overlord hirelings. Let's examine the facts about any hireling minister that you may know, and if you're still in a cult, then please ask yourself the following questions.

1) Is this minister/hireling's primary and mediocre education from the unaccredited Ambassador College.? Note #1 above.

2) Where was his source of learning? If it was from any Herbert W. Armstrong doctrine, or repeated from same, then this reflects #2 above.

3) Does your hireling ever demand "Loyalty" to himself and the organization? Are you ever castigated for even questioning church policy, doctrine or practices? This touches on #3 above.

4) Do you know any minister who bullies you or tells you what to do . . . in or out of the pulpit? Are you made to feel like his mind is superior to yours simply because he's been ordained a "minister?" That sounds like #4 above.

5) Does your hireling ever lie to you? Since most (if not all) ministers know the gross errors of what they're now preaching, why are they re-enforcing #5 above?

6) Does your hireling minister preach mandatory tithing? Does he take a paycheck? That's NOT biblical. He's been living quite well on brethren's tithes. Hasn't he? Since that's NOT Biblical, ethical or even Christ-like to do it, then this is the spirit of antichrist whose intent is to "fleece my lambs and fleece my sheep." This is a repetition of #6 above.

7) Does your hireling live better than you? Does he drive a better car? Does he have a better home? Better clothes? More of them? The organization's credit card? Does he live above the affordable living standard of the average brethren? If so, he's doing well, and that sounds like he's conforming to #7 above.

8) When you find out that the COG churches are nothing but cults, do you feel betrayed? Is there any "ministerial" repentance there? If any minister makes a genuine mistake and involves himself in such a group, then he's more stupid than most, and he ought to apologize. Does he? Do you feel shafted? So did the people in #8 above.

9) Does your hireling treat you with contempt in any way? Does he show arrogance? Is he hospitable to the poorest of the brethren? Does he visit those in genuine need or does he socialize with those that he believes reflect his own "eminence?" Are we talking about #9 above?

10) Are his fruits any one of the above mentioned, and consequently, not reflective of Jesus Himself? In this, you must make the judgment if he qualifies for the title of "Antichrist" or not. There are different degrees of destruction caused by cults, and presumably different degrees of Anti-Christianity. In any case, it all neatly fits into #10 above.

My apologies if some of this material is uncomfortable to digest, but as always, please prove all this information for yourself. If you find it "bears witness," then the choice is yours as to the next step. Please think out everything and prove all things for yourself. Please remember, those who manifest the same despicable conduct as Hitler must also possess the same spirit.

But now, as we've shown, it is no longer simply a case of Hitler and Herbert. We must now round out the trio as an extension and continuation of the same darkened energy that permeates all branches from the same rotten and distorted trunk.

Now, as we've uncovered, we have this trio: Hitler, Herbert and Hirelings.

Blessings to all. John O.. Ex-Worldwide Church of God Pastor.



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