The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
By JohnO

Without humor, "God" would be a total asshole.

In 1986, Hollywood made a movie (and it's title has been changed around the world) called "The Name of the Rose," or "The Rose," etc., etc. Sean Connery and F. Murray Abraham stared in this tale of the intrigue within a medieval, Italian monastery; a tale of murder, egotism, Catholicism, and the total lack of humor.

In the movie, the fact was brought out that if you took away a person's sense of humor, then you would have "control" over the people. The Catholic hierarchy hated humor. Humor, they thought (correctly) would set the subjects free. Religion thot that it was the "thing" not to be funny. The subjects were to have NO humor. And so it is with ALL religion.

Humor brings us relief from oppression, a sense of freedom, and a joy that let's us fly. It's a belly laugh, a respite, a relief, and a digression from the ambience of normality. Most of us crave that addictive break. Humor provides that medication. But most religions don't want that. How many of us remember the humor in Worldwide Church of God? David Jon Hill was a genuine humorist. He was a funny man. Most of the cultic Worldwide Church of God Pharisees didn't like him, and Jon is no longer with the cult.

E.G. of average humor. If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving is NOT for you.

Laughter has a strange way of setting us free. If we can laugh at a situation, then it has no hold over us. We're all now laughing at the Worldwide Church of God+ cults. This is something we could NOT have done years ago. Now we laugh. They have no control anymore. And those who are still cultmasters (and we know you read these lines) are frothing at the mouth. Take note, fellas - we're laughing at you. Now, we have humor in our lives. You have only bitterness, hate, and emptiness. You have our understanding. But, hang in there, guys. It won't be long before you're out. That's because your paychecks will run out. The Worldwide Church of God+ cults are dying. From then on, you must earn an HONEST living.

The funny thing about cults is that some of the Worldwide Church of God+ hirelings actually think that they're funny . . . and they're not. The funny thing about their church sponsored socials is that everyone thinks they're having fun and reveling in good humor . . . and the really aren't. Everyone's so stiff. Everyone laughs (if at all), at the mindless humor of the hireling, and the humor put forth by HQ. Laughter is controlled, and real humor is totally non-existent.

We, formerly in Hawaii, actually saw an example of this. I'd heard this trite "Denny Luker" joke so many times, it wasn't even smileable. But, in 1979, Denny - giving his sermon - imparted his usual joke to the Hawaiian people like always, and expected the accustomed laughter. It didn't happen. The Hawaiians were now above the usual muck of Worldwide Church of God comedy. Denny's "funny," simply wasn't funny anymore. And Denny bombed. It appeared that none of these guys - in the years that followed - had humor any more. Dead Herbert wasn't funny and had no sense of humor. His lieutenants had no sense of humor either. The loyal ministers also had nothing to laugh about, unless it was HQ related. The only ones who had any sense of humor were possibly GTA and David Jon Hill. Both left. And GTA became a joke of himself.

Another e.g. Some people are alive because it's illegal to shoot them.

Crack a Robin Williams remark, or a Jonathans Winters, an Allan King, or someone else's joke, and we'd all get a stone face in Worldwide Church of God. Let's face it. It's NOT funny (as they thot), unless the cultmaster says it is. And so, humor was muzzled. Our humor thinking was totally emasculated.

Humor is contagious, and so is misery. How many sermons did we all get in Worldwide Church of God that were humorous? How many did we get that were geared to misery? How many hirelings gave sermons that were depressing? Meat hooks and German torture machines? How many of us left "services" with a glum feeling that we were: (1) Not good enuf, (2) Needing to give more, (3) Falling short, and (4) that God had no humor?

God (the Infinite) is All and in All - both sides. There's actually fun in God, and there's also misery in God. But why did the cultmasters have to emphasize the misery? That's all they talked about. There's an another side to God, as in most things, if we look for it. But the down side brings us to the lower level of self-hate, unworthiness, and groveling in dust and the ashes from which we came. We were dust, they taught us, and God had chosen HWA, Joe Tacky, or Lil' Joey as the Savior.

In these guys, there was NO humor. Please, let's examine this. They seemed to be emotionless people. They seemed either brain dead or second cousins to a bunch of zombies. They would have made good androids. Both in the characters of Spock and Data (thanks Gene Rodenberry and Star Trek), the humor was non-existent. The same went for the cultmasters.

What about their sperm, the egg contact, and the combined explosion? Show me ONE cultmaster that leads, or is in an "official" position of the vomited offspring that has real humor. "God" (however you regard It), has real humor. If those cultmasters are of God, then where's the "Christ in them?" If you're gonna be led by humor, then there's no room for hate. Worldwide Church of God+ers are loaded with the latter. The cultmasters know it, but the congregation will come to see it . . . in time. Some are tares - some aren't.

Another e.g. Stop repeat offenders. Don't re-elect them.

To have humor, we can't go around shooting other people in the foot. We've gotta love them. If we show we love others and are willing to impart info, then this is a good sign that we love others. That's what's happening on this site. If we tell them ALL we know, then we will reap the karma of our input, and we will be blessed by our work. It works. Try it. It really works. This PT site is an excellent start. Please share what you've experienced. To those who read this, please honestly read what's written with an open mind, and prove all things.

If there's no humor in our lives, then why not? Maybe we've been taught different. Laughter is the key to an open mind, and now some doctors are telling us, that laughter is the key to good health. I'm not a doctor, but those who are practitioners will confirm this.

I challenge everyone. Sit in a room with everyone giving a belly laugh and wait for a few seconds. It's infectious. You'll soon be laughing. You'll be as hysterical as everyone else. Even reading this, you're smiling. Aren't you? Aren't you? Come on. Giggle a bit. Come on. Giggle. See? You're smiling aren't you. Be honest. You wanna laugh, don't you. See how contagious laughter can be?

Cults never give their congregations this honor. And it is an honor to laugh, to fluff off the ignorance of cults. It is an honor to see beyond the madness of Worldwide Church of God+ and its puke, and it is an honor to breathe freely. It is our God given right to laugh.

Another e.g. I used to have a handle on life, but it broke.

Jokes (good ones) can be really funny. I've about 160 pages of them. Anyone want jokes? Talk to me. I downloaded them from the Internet, as sent to me by oodles of friends, and I've extracted the best, and even some of the questionable, as a file. In this file, I've got zillions of jokes of different genres. The jokes are not important, but the laughter is. If you can laugh, then you're alive. Worldwide Church of God+ would keep us dead.

Misery. That's what Worldwide Church of God+ cults want, and it keeps everyone in subjection. Laughter frees people. And what a magnificent freedom! That's what the Catholic Church hated in those medieval years. That's what Worldwide Church of God+ cults hate now. If there's no humor, then we're missing HALF of God.

We all used to titter about the hireling's jokes, but we didn't really think they were funny, did we? Come on, be honest. Now, we don't have to. That character wasn't really funny, was he, and his sermons were mostly rancid tripe. We attended because we had to, and not because it was a matter of our personal desire.

Those in the Worldwide Church of God+ cults see no humor in many things, and that's a part of life that cults have deprived us from. Those of us who have departed the madness see the fun in living the real life. There's humor is just being.

There is humor in God. Look at the animals. Look at the people. There is a laugher in God. So, why not in cults? They won't show us, will they? The answer is yours.

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