The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God


By John O.. Ex-Worldwide Church of God pastor.

Immortality! Isn't that what everyone wants? Churches hold it out as a reward to the faithful believer, and cults hold it out as a reward to the loyal tithe payer.

Immortality in fact, is mostly brushed off by church cults as "a mystery" and /or something they cannot, or will not try to explain. The reason for this is simple. If immortality is studied with an open mind, then it becomes clear as to the fundamental nature and building blocks of the universe . . . including man. When that fundamental nature is made clear - by unbiased scientific investigation - then mankind learns he is no longer under the whims of churches or cults for his immortality. He already has it.

If mankind KNEW that he already had immortality - and no one could ever take it from him - then all the fear generated by cults, etc. would sizzle. These groups would have no hold over their membership because they could no longer generate that FEAR. Consequently, all those people, once in bondage, would now have their freedom.

And, do you know something? That freedom is yours . . . now.

Please remember, we're looking at all this from a scientific point of view and with evidence that's already been mathematically proven and experiments that have been done across the last two centuries. We have many scientists to thank for these results, among them, Einstein, Planck, Bohr, and Oppenheimer. These guys weren't a bunch of demons, as we were once taught. All of these educated men knew of, and acknowledged a Higher Power. They were NOT atheists. These men also knew of their nature and the connection to immortality, but "Church" is a powerful adversary. Church cults always figure that if they can keep the membership in ignorance, as churches have done over the centuries, then they can inject fear into mankind's' psyche. And with fear, comes control over the human spirit.

The reason that "Church" and "Science" have been at odds (a conflict generated by the churches and not the scientists, please note: SCIENCE AND GOD), is because science can reveal the truth about factual things of nature and creation that churches would rather their congregations NOT know. Please also note: AGE OF REASON. But times are changing. Churches and cults are being subject to challenges by their membership, and this is what cultic organized mentalities cannot afford to happen. But, if you as mankind, ever seek to know the truth, then surely " . . . you will find."

It's not my intent here to give a zillion references as to which scientist said what. For every supposed academic reference to any aspect of this subject, someone will undoubtedly find something to argue with it. The idea here is simply to present the scientific facts as we know, then let you - the reader - draw your own conclusions. Since this subject is so vast, I can only give some brief overall facts and a few scientific details. It is not the intent here to nit-pick each and every theorem. Everyone who is reading this, is fully capable of thinking for themselves. Therefore, I have three suggestions. Please . . . Look at the facts. Discern for yourselves. Make up your own mind.


Most of us know that all matter (including ourselves) is made up of molecules, which in turn are made up of atoms, which in turn is made up of protons, neutrons, electrons, muons, hadrons, quarks, cosmic glue, and leptons, etc., etc. It's also been proved that these particles, which compose all creation, are really forms of vibratory energy. They are NOT matter. They are simply energy in vibration, but because we're all vibrating at the same approximate frequency, this energy/matter appears solid all around us.

For two centuries now, science has discovered that this perpetual energy can neither be created nor destroyed. In other words . . . it's eternal. It may change shape or composition, but it can NEVER be destroyed. Science also concluded years ago, and continues to agree, that this energy is not the "original cause" of the outer molecular creation. They've said consistently that they know there is a "presence" behind all creation energy and the only definition of this has scientifically come down to us as: "Originating thought."

If someone is looking for a "God" somewhere, then It cannot be found within the fundamental energy of expressed creation, but in the infinite "Thought" behind that manifested energy. Thus, as Paul said in effect - we should not worship the creation, but rather we should seek to worship the creator. That's in Romans Chapter1.

This is not the time to get into the subject of the Infinite, Creative, Intelligence, because there's no end to writing on that subject, and I have only one set of hands. But, it is worthwhile to hear the scientific opinion on the subject when they offer an opinion as to whatever "It" is, or might be. IT has, they postulate, all the characteristics of being Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent energy. Enough said, for now.


As we've discussed, we are therefore NOT solid matter, but vibrating energy that appears solid in our world that is vibrating at a similar frequency. And all of that energy is eternal.

However, there is a distinct pattern to this energy. It is not random. All energy is formulated into a particular mold. With vegetable and mineral matter, we can shape those things - like wood and rock - and thus, design a new formula structure for that matter. With humans, it's much the same. We too, have a formula, but ours is way more advanced as a complex consciousness, and a living, breathing variable. The formula of our particular energy pattern is always growing and changing, as we ourselves grow and change, and that changing energy is what defines our outer self or physical body to the world. Our individual energy (or spirit) formula, like the outer molecular energy that it shapes, is invisible, and has been called the psychic self, or the Soul, or the Father, or our Higher Selves. The body is only the outer covering for this energy core, and is dispensable . . . "Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust." But the inner, formularized energy of our life is eternal.

The fact that the body is only the outer coating to the Higher Self or Soul in not new. Jesus Himself alluded to it (despite the Catholic redacting in those early years). He said: "Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up again." Note, He said that He-Himself would raise up His own body. This proves that the real Jesus was NOT the body. He and the body were separate. The body was only a covering for His real Self. We're all the same and made human as Jesus was, and He did say: "The works I do, you will do . . . " He knew we could do the same thing as He did, because our energy compositions are exactly the same. Only the formula is different.

Peter, in his epistle, said that eventually, we would shed our "tabernacle" - meaning our body in that context. Even William Shakespeare knew the spirit in man and his body were separate. Hamlet said: "And in that sleep of death, what dreams may come, after we have shuffled off this mortal coil . . ." It appeared that Olde Bill also knew a thing or two.


However, modern day Christianity (based on the original Catholic ignorance) says different. And most of us, having coming from the Worldwide Church of God cult background have been indoctrinated with the same primordial rubbish. But, the scientific evidence offers a scenario that defines a soundness that is a lot different, provable, and liberating.

However, we do have some problems. Wearing this heavier, physical body - or our instrument of manifestation - restricts our mental and physical perspective of anything else except to see the physical world around us. It's frequency of operation is lower than that of our Higher spirit and, as such, our perspective can only be that of the physical creation. In this stage of our development, we cannot perceive the higher worlds like Jesus could. Jesus was advanced enough so He could vary His frequency and thus, He could go back and forth from the higher created worlds to this one, and back again. If the few, brief records of His life are indeed accurate, then we have numerous examples of his transfiguring Himself, de-materializing, and His many abilities at telekinesis.

Many religions and cults offer immortality, if you're "a good guy." Naturally, they all have different methods of obtaining their own brand of righteousness, and so the confusion starts. If everyone KNEW they were already immortal, and only wore a temporary body for a learning purpose, then most religions would literally fizzle.


Freedom is what most churches don't want for their membership. If people are free, and can think for themselves, then - who needs a church? If cults can keep people coming back and keep them just as ignorant as their mutton headed teachers, then good folks will usually support such theological drivel. This in turn gives way to a more inflated ego from the "ministry" and more rambling stupidity from the pulpit. And this perpetuates more and more ignorance . . . ad infinitum.

By understanding our real nature as eternal, we can shed the shackles of Churchianity and finally think for ourselves. Truth has no objection to our checking it out. Truth doesn't care at all, because it has nothing to hide. But, churches and cults do have.

There is no way this subject can be covered in a few pages. The object here is to please have people think . . . think . . . THINK. And, please . . . prove all things. Check into this and find out for yourselves. There are plenty of references available.

It is also NOT the object here to argue every "jot and tittle" of every scientific premise, but to give an overview only. Details can change, that's why very few have been given here. There is, admittedly, still an infinity of information that we don't know.

Certainly, it's everyone's choice to decide whether what's being presented to us by science is accurate or not. Science has admittedly made lots of mistakes, but - unlike church organizations - it seeks to correct those mistakes. It MUST correct those mistakes and seek the truth in order to survive. If any think that all scientific evidence is "of the devil," then that's an individual's choice. But, let me ask the question - has religion ever given or provided any better answers? Science can indeed prove its answers when it settles on a principle, but religion - throughout its history - has never "proved" anything. It relies on the (non-biblical) blind faith of its uninformed membership, despite the fact that Paul advised everyone to: "Prove all things."

This information on eternity, is NOT new. It was known prior to the 1920's by Albert Einstein who concluded that we were - in reality energy that oscillated at the speed of light, squared. This understanding takes us all into a realm of cosmic physics that is now unknown because all our maths is based on a maximum velocity of the speed of light, or 186,000 miles per second. This information was also known (circa 1910-1930) to the scientists Neils Bohr, and to Max Planck. Planck's Constant said (very basically) that there's more energy inside the atom than we see expressed on the outside. He realized we could not - in this dimension - even tap the source of the atom. But all those scientific calculations and established principles gave us only the tip of the iceberg of what would happen if we foolishly dabbled in the science of meddling with the splitting of atoms, a discipline that involved an unknown journey into the higher molecular vibratory frequencies and advanced dimensions of existence. We would be messing with the "stuff" of God.

As the late Dr. Robert Oppenheimer watched the explosion of the first atomic bomb, and knowing the higher (beyond light) frequencies of the radioactive isotopes that were being released, he said: "For this science, we will need a new mathematics." He actually saw, in that historic moment, that we were dealing with upper frequencies, energies, dimensions, and worlds about which we could only theorize.

And RELIGIOSITY AND CHURCHIANITY would prefer that we would NOT know this information. If we can grasp just a little of what is around us, then we don't need "religion" anymore. In a sense, we've outgrown the schoolmaster. And so, we now get a better grasp of the eternal Christ-like ("anointed") nature, and the nature of our Higher Spirit Self . . . the Father within. This information frees us by showing us our true eternal nature, and the fact that we don't need cult ministers (for example) to browbeat us about the archaic "Laws of Moses." Understanding equals freedom, and like Jesus said: "You will know the truth, and the truth shall set you free."

No one really needs the crutch of church or cults anymore . . . once we understand the facts. We are eternal.

Blessings 2 all.

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