The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
The Infinite Faces Of Spirit
By JohnO

Sometimes it’s good to brain-rack our logic and look with objectivity as to “why” things have happened in the past.  With most, if not all of us, we got sucked into Apostle Herbie’s cult because of ignorance and the lack of our rational thinking.  But, we’ve all learned a lot more of life since then.  We didn’t know any of the gory details behind the scenes, and so, we fell for the oldest con in history, that “God” is some loving super-man that looks like us, and that we must somehow please this character.   Most of us want to believe in some sort of  “God” who created us all, and who looks after us, loves us, and is like a father to us all.  It’s a comfy thought, but untrue.  Such is Biblical thinking, and the thinking of men just as uninformed as many of the religious teachers of today.  Such is the thinking of Herbie’s dead cult and its ignorant offspring.  If any one believes the above definition of a loving “God,” then please refer to ACTS OF GOD.  Something is obviously very wrong with such a dichotomy.

We were always taught that God is Spirit, and in general scientific terms as we’ll see, this appears to be fairly accurate.  As such, churches incorrectly conclude that God must contain all the “good stuff” like love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance.  It needs noting that virtually none of these facets mentioned was ever obvious in the cultmaster hierarchy or most hirelings of the Worldweird cult.  We had been brainwashed to believe that domination by the upper echelon and total obedience to the dictates from many of these bullies (with questionable sanity), was the “norm.”

In the article WANNA MEET GOD the issue of “God” is examined from a macro point of view, showing that we’re dealing with something our finite minds cannot possibly conceive.  The possibilities of the infinity of “God,” are endless, but man has dragged down Infinity to his own level, and this is where the trap lies.

The Old Testament was compiled by a mess of early Levitical teachers who were just as ignorant as most preachers of today.  They too, had the muddled concept of God as being some sort of super-man, and the New Testament goes on to elaborate that this guy is made up of “spirit.”

Even science has trouble with the term “spirit.”  They KNOW that energies exist beyond our capability to measure them, but we simply don’t have electronic equipment to measure any frequencies that exist beyond the bandwidth limitations of zero hertz to the area of gamma rays.

For example, energy exists everywhere even though we cannot see, touch, or feel it.  IT simply exists.  We generally look at space as a vacuum, but such is not the case.  Scientists know that whatever is “out there” is a form of energy even though we experience it as a vacuum.  Although sound may not reach us from the sun’s constant nuclear turmoil, its heat and light does.  If there were simply “nothing” in space, then how does that light and heat transfer to us?  Something that is real obviously cannot travel through “nothing.”  If there’s literally “nothing” out there, then no energy could ever flow from the sun to us.  It would be immediately absorbed into nothing.  Therefore, there must be some energy connection in space to form a conduit for that heat and light that eventually comes to Earth.  Although we can’t measure it, science has realized that it must be some form of energy that does this “conducting” but no one has any idea of what it is.  It is energy of a form that is infinitely beyond our limited understanding.  So, scientists called (for want of a better name) that immeasurable energy of outer space:  “Ether.”

In the Biblical vernacular, such unknowable energy is called “spirit,” but at this juncture, is where clumsy thinking is perpetuated by a plethora of religious convictions.  Religious man then – in his ignorance – translates this spirit into person, and from there we have all sorts of religious monstrosities that arise, making spirit (or “God”) into some sort of spiritual super-man, and thus dictating that this “God” works through only one person – namely the cult leader.  In our case, this was Apostle Herbie and his entourage of gold diggers.

“No man has seen God at any time,” is a truism, as we can’t SEE energy.  We can only feel its effects.  God has been called “love,” but love can’t be seen either, only its manifestation.  Thomas Paine’s treatise AGE OF REASON gives us a perfect example of love manifested.  Whatever that energy behind creativity cannot be seen, touched, tasted, smelled, or heard.  Only its effects can be realized.

If we look at the above and what man has mistaken for “God,” then all religions become superfluous, and mankind (with the rest of creation) now becomes a unique expression of this Infinite energy in one form or another.  Men and women would obviously be regarded as equal, because they’re simply just different expressions of the SAME spiritual energy.  Then all mankind would seek to help their fellow man in whatever way they can.  Worship, in the general churchy sense, becomes a joke, and no man could rise up and claim any particular knowledge of God – or God’s doctrines – as revealed to him alone.  No one would be fooled any more.  And this is why religion – and in our case, the wild machinations of Herbie – would have bounced right off us IF we beheld the ignorance of religious mankind in worshipping any god in such a primeval light.

And that is why “church,” including Herbie’s cult + offspring, must keep the lie going and the congregations living in ignorance.

“But,” screams hysterical religion, “look at the Bible.  It says that we’re made after God’s image.”  Wrong again.  There are two Biblical words that are generally translated “God.”  The first one is “Elohim,” who, in this allegory, declared (NOT said) what would happen.  The above declaration is the correct translation, and NOT the word “said.”  Note:  Brown, Driver, & Briggs, Hebrew Lexicon, pp 55.  In reading who it was that did the supposed creation of man, we find that it is not the Elohim of initial creation, but the LORD, or YHVH which takes all this Eden stuff out of the realm of some super spirit being in the heavens.  “Elohim,” according to Jewish scholars, is the creating FORCE.  That’s all.  The Biblical fanatics are wrong in assuming that we’re made in God’s (Elohim’s) image, but instead, we’re supposedly made in the image of YHVH.  And that’s completely different.  But YHVH is another subject.

However, ego-man – especially leaders of religious cults – have always subtly taught that “God” was reflected in man’s own image rather than (supposedly) the other way around.  This has been extant in most religions since the beginning of recorded time, and is nothing new.  In this way, modern evangelistic man can then declare that God looks just like man himself – and particularly a cult leader, as per Gerald Watermouth’s babblings – and thus have people believe that “God” works through one particular cultmaster or other, and in our case, as Herbie often bellowed:  “God works through ONE apostle.”  It’s a clever ploy, because we then look to a man as our source of reference.  We ought to be observing the glory of the universe, or whatever we can see, instead of looking to charlatans like Apostle Herbie.  If we all had a macro version of creation at the time of our baptisms, the likes and teachings of Apostle Herbie would have been appropriately flushed.

Since we can only have ONE Infinity, all of us must form a part in this infinite cosmic energy.  There’s no where else that we can exist. We’re all a part of creation, just as much as a tree, a rock, or an egg.  But, our consciousness level is many stages above that of the rest of Earthly creation.

Since in creation (or infinity) there can be nothing that is outside that infinity.  This also must apply to – what has been called – evil.  In the cosmos of infinity, energies must flow from ALL sides, and must have ALL characteristics – positive and negative.  This is why we have an Albert Schweitzer and Mother Teresa types on one side of the equation, and the Hitlers, Maos, Stalins and Herbies on the other.  All individuals must draw from that Infinite energy whatever sort of power they will.

This energy is the source of all things.  It is the foundation of all life – seen and unseen.  It is the basis of good and evil.  IT doesn’t care what our games are, nor which direction we choose to go.  IT obviously doesn’t care what’s happening anywhere.  Again – see ACTS OF GOD.  It’s nothing but energy that contains an infinite variety of variables.  Mankind makes it become individually personal – from the spiritual thought to the particular manifestation.  It is our choosing to align ourselves with any aspect of IT we wish.  IT is all simply energy in its infinite and ultimate form.  We use IT, and IT draws from our experiences, and continues to grow.  It’s reciprocal.  IT is what churches have ignorantly called “God,” then had their followers bow down and worship the devious cult leader’s interpretation of this Infinity.

If our penchant is toward loving our fellow man, then that’s the type of energy we will draw from the cosmos.  There’s nowhere else from where it can come.  If our desire is self centered, to be worshipped, or if we’re filled with hatred, then that’s exactly what we’ll pull from this infinite energy field.  Again, there’s nowhere else from where it can come.  In any case, the energies that we draw cannot be touched or seen.  Only the results will be obvious, and we can then know which segment of spiritual energy is flowing through any person by their own choice.  “By their fruits you shall know them.”

In all of our cases, we undoubtedly wish that now we had perceived more, so our confused judgment in coming into Herbie’s cult would have been immediately trashed.  The problem here is that most of us didn’t see what was going on at Pasadena.  For a few years, we lived a few miles from Pasadena, and we hadn’t a clue as to what was happening.  There were too many over there who were so eager to keep their cushy jobs at the Pasadena playground, and who had no qualms about spreading lies as to the upbeat state of the work.  Lies were constantly spread about Herbie and how hard he was working.  We can now truly ask:  “Working?  At what?”  Please check the AR’s and Dave Robinson’s TANGLED WEB.

However, some of the fruits eventually became clear in the observable behaviour of the cultmasters and many of the hirelings.  When such paid hookers started to show arrogance, and browbeat their congregations, the red-flag of “whoops” should have been raised.  If we had known some of the background of creation and even a smattering of the science behind it, we would have rejected the likes of Herbie as an conceited imbecile.  And that’s why religion hates science so much.  Whenever provable science knocks heads with religion, then in time, religion ALWAYS loses.  Note:  Copernicus, Galileo, and people like Kepler, Pasteur, and Einstein.  These and many others have been condemned by church as evil, demon possessed, and subversive to the church’s idea of truth.  In time, all such thinkers have been exonerated.  This is why, within such dictatorships, like Herbie’s cult, knowledge is forbidden because knowledge is power.  That’s also why dictators throughout history have imprisoned, executed, and tortured any thinker, educator or teacher who challenged the edicts of the dictatorship.  With us, our punishment for any logical questioning of Herbie’s dictatorship and plagiarizing was immediate disfellowship.

Science is provable, observable logic.  Religion is emotion, people control, and cruelty – all because of ignorance.  That’s why Herbie’s cultmasters have often chanted the lie, saying that the reading any other literature, other than that which came from Pasadena, was: “Quenching the spirt.”  And so  . . .  the membership trembled.

“Above all,” the saying goes, “get wisdom.”  That evident wisdom translates simply to clear, concise thinking, with logic to back up the observable fruits of any group, person, or teaching.  If we continue to check the faces of Spirit, we’ll find a fascinating, ongoing  research, that will continue forever.  Religion would fanatically seek to drown that free thinking, and smother us with an avalanche of lies, fear, and ignorance.

But, they can’t do it any more.

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