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By John O.

Have we ever thought of ourselves as transceivers? Have we ever figured that we are just distribution stations for the disseminating of energy? Have we ever figured that we were made EXACTLY the way we were because our specific ability is needed in this time and place, and on this planet? Have we ever figured that our specific abilities link with other folks' abilities to form a matrix of perpetual energy that expresses love into the universe? Have we ever felt that if we were not a part of that matrix, then something would be missing from our lives?

The Divine Matrix - if we can refer to It as that - would miss us too. We are all special with unique talents and gifts, and NO ONE is an exception. And we were NOT created to be followers, believers, and simply congregations. Each of us was created to be a leader in our own right, thinking and acting for ourselves, performing our own created functions, and each making our own individual mark in eternity.

This is why it's so important to think for ourselves and prove all things. When we do that, and follow no man, we will be shown from that Infinite, Loving, Creative Intelligence what our function is. The pathway upward is dependant on a two way conversation . . . between God and us - individually. No man, no organization, no teaching, no theory, and no dogma must stand in the way. We each have our own individualized jobs to perform, and only God can guide us as to what it is.

Many of you ladies (in real space/time) have made the icing on cakes. We men just like to eat them. But we all know the method of the actual icing. The icing mix is loaded into a bag with a polarized, metal connector bushing on the apex end. Attached to this bushing, goes a removable conical tube with a pattern on its apex end. This pattern shape can be a star, a square, a circle, a cross, or something else cute.

When the icing mix is squeezed through the end vortex tube, the icing takes on the shape of the pattern. If a different end tube is used with a different pattern, the icing will take on that particular shape. The icing will always conform to the shape characteristic of that vehicle or tube through which it passes.

The Infinity of God energy is available to everyone, and available equally. God doesn't pour down (or squeeze through) favor to some and not to others, any more that He supposedly speaks to one man and ignores another. God doesn't reveal "truths" to one man and not to another. God is impartial and is: " . . . no respecter of persons." God is available to all, and what we do with God is up to us.

It's the same principle as electricity. The power from a wall outlet is available to all. It's not selective to individuals as to who plugs in an appliance to the outlet. It just gives out power, but that power is proportional to the application into which it must flow. If the application is a ten watt bulb, then ten watts will flow, and a dim light will be seen. If a stereo system and TV are connected, then much more wattage will be delivered, and more work will be done. The amount of work that is finally manifested is not only dependant on the electricity, but also on the vehicle through which it flows.

The above example is a conclusion based on proven, scientific principles, and it's consistent with all other laws of creation. Are we to assume that these principles only apply with electricity and not with other ways that God functions? If creation is to be, in any way, consistent with order, then - like electricity - the Creative, Love Energy is available to each of us equally, and when we learn to use it properly, then - like electricity - the sky's the limit.

What greater love can there be than that? God makes Himself available to each of us and pours out His completeness, emptying that Infinite, Creative, Intelligence into our psyches for our enjoyment, use, and eternity. No greater love . . . etc.

So . . . what's our individual icing "shape" like? Are we like a star, a circle, a cross, or whatever? What sort of shaped, icing extrusion are we forming on the cake of creation?

Each of us are created differently, and each forms an integral part of the whole creation jigsaw. No part is any less important, and without any bit of the puzzle, the "Whole" is not a completion. No matter what talents each of us have, no matter what "shape" we are, our function is vital to creation. Otherwise, we would never have been made.

The world now has over six billion people, and we're all different. We all have different job functions and different abilities. Each of us has the icing sugar mix of God squeezed through our particular form, a form that produces and shapes our abilities. And no result is of any less value than another, despite what cult hirelings have taught. It doesn't matter what shape the icing is on the cake, the taste is still the same, and the overall effect is the same . . . a pleasurable, taste sensation. All parts of the icing are tasty and desirable, and in the same vein, all people are equal. We just do different jobs, that's all.

Since we're all different on this planet, we do different jobs in any number of individually different ways. If this wasn't planned by some sort of Divine guidance, then we'd all be "doing our own thing." So, God in His infinite wisdom made us all different with different abilities, but we're made as equally important segments of an ever creating and evolving Infinity.

If we all had our own way, we'd probably unwisely construct and form ourselves the way we thought fit. Then there'd would surely be many, many ladies looking like Sharon Stone running around and who could sing and perform like Shania Twain . . . or whoever. In the male area, there would be millions of husky Brad Pitts with the success and money of Steven Spielberg . . . or whoever. Etc., etc, . . . we all get the general idea.

Thank God that there was better planning, and what was done is something that almost smacks of the old saying that we're cut out to fulfill our "destiny." If our psyches were designed before we were born in this world, then we have a destiny since our "shape" or psyche is predetermined. God is infinitely available, our psyche is preset, now . . . how do we use the Infinite to the best advantage?

It was an ancient (although NOT Biblical) saying from a philosopher that went like: "God is the power generated and stimulated by our own thought action." This is not to say that we control God, or anything like that, but that our thought allows more of God to empower us if we wish. The context of the philosopher's teaching was that we must "allow" God to work as He intends. In other words, he was saying: "Thy will be done."

It's interesting that so many things around us have been given as (what are called) constants. We're born with no variables in our sex, our parents, country, race, color, and the family religion into which we were born. It seems there are no variables in our life that we can control. But there is. We have one God given gift that is (for the most part) in our control. That gift is our mind.

And our mind can let God's will be done - or that of our own. Since the shape of our psyches governs what God can squeeze through us and manifest to the world, doesn't it behoove us to shape our psyches to the most ideal and acceptable form? In this way, when fully fashioned, we can indeed fulfill our God planned destiny to the fullest extent, as we now become the perfect channel through which God can move and express Himself in our individual form, and with no resistance from us. "Thy will be done . . . " now takes on its fullest intended meaning. And then we'll walk and live exactly as Jesus did.

What is it that governs the perfect channeling of God through us? The only thing that we have any control of is our minds. Descartes said: "I think, therefore I am." And God gave us those minds to use, to grow, to love others, and allow His energy to flow through us with any impedance whatsoever. Therefore, so much is depending on our minds, and our thinking.

In the earlier days of computers, programmers had a saying: "Garbage in and garbage out." The same goes for our minds. If we feed our bodies with poison, the results will be obvious. Our minds need the best spiritual food possible. And do you know something? I cannot tell you what it is for you. You, and you alone, must individually decide and find that out for yourselves. We all must think for ourselves. We must never allow some leader to dictate his ways of salvation to us. We all must seek and find, and by our own contact with God, find out what is the perfect will for each of us.

Some find out what their calling is early in life, but with others it may take years. With me, it's taken a lifetime, and I still don't know. But, I'm still knocking.

In the years of our various cultic experiences, what we funneled into our minds governed our thinking. That info input was useless at best, and diabolical at worst. In any case, the info didn't make for any mental giants out of us when it came to "allowing" God to form and shape our psyches. Since we were programmed into false thinking and denying the most priceless gift we have, we were short circuiting God's energy and not allowing it to flow. We lived, but we were not alive.

Changing our thinking doesn't come easy. It will come, but it may take the work of many years. I'm not kidding anyone by saying it will be easy. It won't. We've lived for years in a NO thinking cult that formed our mentality, and now since we've left, we must re-establish the intended contact with God and finally let that Intelligence guide and rule our thoughts. In this way, God can mold and shape our destiny to His way, and not the way that corrupt, diabolical tares would have it.

God never forces Himself/Herself/Itself on us. God is too much love to hurt us in that way. God leaves us that mental option of our surrender to Him, and offers us the chance to "allow" the energy to come through us. But, if our minds are cluttered with obstacles of hate, vengeance, prior cult teachings, arrogance, superiority, and other things that are contrary to love, the work is going to be a lot more difficult. It's up to us to "allow" the God energy to work and get rid of our personal rubbish.

And so it can be said that our minds are the gates of God, and the more we're open, the more God will flow. Truly the philosopher was right when he said: "God is the power generated and stimulated by our own thought action."

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