The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
The Jewish Question

By JohnO

Suffice to say that this article is NOT in criticism of any race or creed, but a simple evaluation of the facts in comparison to what we were once taught about the Bible, its questionable high regard for the Jewish people, and why we as a people still cling to those teachings today.

Since the beginning of time, each nation - with the exception of any third world people who cannot read or write - has had its own record of history. Each nation has recorded its own deeds in glowing terms, praised its own accomplishments, and inflated its own sense of historicity. Of course, in each case, "God" was with that particular nation and no other.

While some countries have achieved greatness due to hard work and innovation, this is not true of so many in the past. Each historian lies about his own country, each historian lies about the obstacles that have been overcome, and each historian always adds that it was "God" that made them great, and was always their personal God.

Many years ago, Joan Baez sang a song called: "With God On Our Side." In it, she sang about the fact that we told of our great deeds, and naturally, God must be with us. (After all we're "Christian," aren't we?). God wasn't with our enemies, of course, and he wasn't with the Germans in WWII. But after WWII, when Germany and the U.S. became friends (business partners), then suddenly God was with Germany too. God had definitely abandoned the pagan Japan in 1941, but in the 1950's, and when it became economically convenient, God suddenly became the mentor of Japan as well. The same eventually went for Russia, parts of Korea, Vietnam, and now the biggest scam of all, mainland China with their slave labor, human rights violations and hatred for the United States. But, they just love our money. God, it seems, hated all these nations in the past, but now, out of the blue, He decides to love them.

Joan finished up her song by saying: "If God's on our side - He'll stop the next war."

God, it seems has a helluva time making up His mind. If He can supposedly tell "the end from the beginning," then why can't He just be supportive of all the future good guys, and simply blow away the rest?

But the Bible really must take the cake when it comes to stretching the limits of credibility. I'm not going to go into all the contradictions, confusion, and ego trips of the Bible historians, because there's enough literature referenced on the site if anyone chooses to do their own research, and all this will show the utter impossibility of the claims made by early Jewish writers. It's enough to say that the Old Testament is a collection of some history (adapted to make the Jewish people look good), allegories, myths, analogies, oral tradition, and lies. The New Testament, as we've looked into previously, is a collection of allegories, oral tradition (probably based on the deeds of Apollonius of Tyana), personal opinions, lies, and all redacted by the Catholic Church for the purposes of human domination and profit. If anyone can find anything of value in the Bible, it must be from the spiritual point of view . . . i.e. Love to fellow man, Live in peace, Do unto others, etc. The rest is chaff.

However, all great religions have their own "holy books," that claim inspiration from God, and teach the same spiritual principles of love to fellow man, as does the Bible. So why all the fuss about the Bible in the Western or "Christian" world?

When we analyze what that book actually is, there's no reason for all the folderol that goes on. It's unreliable, inaccurate, sadistic in many areas, theologically inaccurate, and between its covers lies the blood of over 50 million people, spread across the last two thousand years.

On top of that, it's a limited book. It's a book about the legends of Judaism, a Jewish Messiah, and the cry about a future Jewish homeland. If we're to be honest about all this, the Jewish people have no theological basis to occupy the nation, Israel. This does NOT mean I think any one other group should have it either, but let's look at the reasons that the Western world thinks the Jewish people ought to have that land.

In the Old Testament, "God" supposedly gave this land to Abraham - forever. But there is no word for "forever" in the Hebrew. The Hebrew word used is simply "gholam," and literally means "a time hidden." It does not mean "forever." Birthrights in those days were given generation to generation, and later on, after Jacob and his family left Israel and settled in Egypt, he abandoned the land of his birthright, and lost it. End of story. He had no more claim to that land. And neither do his descendants.

To further complicate the attitude towards the Jewish people from Christians, the latter point again to the Bible. Again, it must be emphasized that everyone ought to love everyone else - Jewish and gentile. Christians - led by their sometimes fanatical teachers and televangelists - point to the Jewish people as "God's chosen." Since the Bible has been shown to be a collection of perverted history, myth and much rubbish, then there's no justification to say that the Jewish people are any more chosen of God that anyone else.

However, there's a fever among Christians today in their religious communities. Listen to some of them on TV. Listen to how they talk about the Jewish people being the ones that God had called, etc. Listen to Pat Robertson, as one example, and his constant praise of the nation Israel. Can anyone explain why?

Haven't we heard the same diatribe from Worldwide Church of God as well? The Worldwide Church of God cult had digs in Jerusalem, gave gifts to the Jewish ruling class (more Steuben crystal), made contributions for civic projects - in fact, Worldwide Church of God had one street in Jerusalem named "Herbert Armstrong Way." The name sign was probably pulled down as soon as Herbert left and after the huge donation was cashed. Worldwide Church of God poured millions into Israel over the years, and many Brickett Wood students would trek to Israel, during each summer break, for the temple dig. They were looking (we were told) for the Throne of David. Since it was said (a-la-Gerald-Waterhouse) that Herbert himself was to personally present this chunk of decayed wood to Jesus at His return, it was considered most fitting if it were unearthed by the student's from "God's College."

Naturally, Herbert got in on this "Jewish attachment" action too. He claimed he was from the tribe of Judah, and some even hinted he was descendent from one of Jesus' brothers. That too, was probably started by Waterhouse.

Today, basically the whole Christian preaching community teaches the eschatology of Jerusalem and Israel for the end times. Nothing's ever mentioned about the U.S., Canada, Australia, England, Europe, or the Orient. It's as if nothing else except Israel even exists. Since the non-theological rubbish about British-Israelism has been totally de-bunked over the years, it's pointless for modern preachers to point to this country when it comes to "end time prophecy."

In the United States too, the wave of Israeli fever is always high. We have been friends with the Jewish people and Israel since that nation's inception in 1948. Billions of dollars in foreign aid pour into Israel each year, and we have military bases there with nuclear strike-back capability. For over fifty years we've maintained diplomatic, military and friendly relations with Israel and its people. We've defended them with armament supplies, showered them with food, and private citizens from all over our country have donated millions to all sorts of Jewish causes within Israel.

On the surface, it would seem that there are close "brotherly" ties and friendships that cross the oceans. But, is this the whole story? Religion (and certainly Worldwide Church of God+ cults) would have us believe our love for the Jewish people comes from the Bible. But, as stated before, with the complete uncertainty of any Bible account, why do preachers chant the praises of Israel, and why does our government continue to feed this chaos in the Levant that will NEVER come to any peaceful solution? Is anyone listening out there? We've had "Peace Talks" over there in the Middle East for over fifty years, and they're still killing the each other. Does this say something? Hello! Like, for example, there is no intention of having peace in that area, and there never will be?

So, why does the government support these 50+ year killings, and why do religious preachers still chant the glories of Israel when the fruits of that tiny nation are anything but Godly?

Has anyone taken a look at the nation of Israel on a world map and examined its perspective globally? Israel - for the most part - sits in the middle of most of the civilized world. It also sits on a abundance of underground crude oil. Within nuclear striking range from Israel are the following empires . . . Europe, England, Russia, the Middle East, the Arab countries, Egypt, and Africa. They all fan out in a circle from a central Israel. The only exception to that, and is a little more distant to these groups, is China. But that's well within striking range from the Waianae mountains of Oahu in Hawaii. Both Israel and Hawaii have first nuclear strike-back launching capabilities for the United States. We're friends with Israel, and we own Hawaii.

Since we don't have to worry about Hawaii, the only question now remains - "Can we continue good relations with Israel?" So far, the answer seems to be "yes." Our government helps support Israel, private business supports Israel, and the whores of televangelism (who'll preach any thing for a buck and a golden parachute) chant the same line. Please remember that big religion is big business, and big business elects the politicians, who in turn, make the laws that keep the tax-exempt status going for the religious organizations. This is one big m,nage-ad-infinitum.

This whole smokescreen is now clouded under the guise that the Jewish people are the chosen of God and the Bible. But, when the very fallible Bible falls to pieces in our eyes, then any pretense of special Jewish spirituality goes out the window. The Jewish people are no more special than anyone else. We're all chosen - Jewish and Gentile. We're all children of "God." From reading Biblical history, the Jewish people don't have Israel as their birthright, and the constant wars and killing there for over fifty years indicate a spirit that's a little darker than simply a deprived people "struggling" for national recognition. "By their fruits you shall know them."

The only reasons for this country's loyalty to national Israel and its Jewish people therefore cannot be Biblical, but can only be judged simply for the following reasons - economic, profit motivated, militaristic, and indeed for some, the constant pursuit of power.

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