The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
Kidnapping & Murder
By JohnO

It was just this morning, 08/01/02, that I tuned into the Fox News and got another blast of horrific news. Two more young ladies had been kidnapped, allegedly by some American Indian thug that carjacked a Subaru in Las Vegas from an elderly couple, then drove to the Antelope Valley in California, and using an oozy, he abducted two young teenage school girls. They have since been found safe, and the slime ball suspect has been shot dead. Pity. I’d have had better things done to him.

This disgusting crime only parallels the crimes done to Elizabeth Smart in UT, Danielle Van Damm in CA, Samantha Runnion in CA, Rilyah Jackson in FL, and a host of other abductees from all over the country. Retired Homicide Detective, Tom Lange, from the case that involved the O.J. Simpson debacle, said that this type of behaviour and the subsequent crimes have been common for years, but we’re now becoming more aware of it. He said that people with this type of conduct have always been around. His comments can also extend beyond the cases in point, as this type of spirit or mindless aberration within some individuals can its ooze its poison into other areas of life as well.

Bill O’Reilly says he doesn’t believe in the death penalty for any reason. He’d rather send the murderers (even the “special circumstances” ones) up to Alaska or somewhere, and make them work at hard labor for the rest of their lives. Let’s face it. That would last only a couple of weeks until the ACLU started whining and petitioning to the Supreme Court in favor of those pooooooor, mistreated murderers.

I don’t agree with O’Reilly here, as in cases of kidnapping and/or murder in the first degree, the death penalty ought to apply. How? Should we comfortably send these mindless, crazed grizzlies off into the next dimension on some comfortable gurney, and with a painless injection? Maybe we should have some peaceful harp music in the background during their passing? I think NOT. No one would even want to know how I would favor doing the execution. It’s unprintable for any website, but in addition to the execution, I would also have it taped for distribution.  Let the would-be kidnappers and murders see what’s in store for them. But one thing I can guarantee. This MO would strike fear into the hearts of these crazed abductors and savages, and such crimes would diminish all across the nation. These kidnapping and murdering brutes are ostensibly cowards, so they’ll tremble at the thot of any mandatory strict penalty. It’s an interesting point, but Fox News did a recent survey that found 71% of Americans favor the death penalty for kidnapping. And that, Bill O’Reilly, comes from a real life “no spin” zone.

Chuck Heston, who is the Prez of the NRA, has stated that we don’t need more laws. We just, as he put it, need to enforce the ones that we already have. And that’s the problem. While we condone crime by making more laws, and refuse to implement the existing penalties, we’re simply spinning our wheels. The law is divided into two parts. First, there are the rules, and secondly, there are the penalties. But what good does it do if the penalties are softened or ignored, and we keep adding rules? It’s no wonder that Law libraries are the size of Madison Square Garden. So the lawyers play games, make money, and the criminals smugly walk free.

So, what does all this have to do with the Worldwide Church of God cult, and all its repulsive offspring? Remember Tom Lange (mentioned above) said that this type of behaviour has always been a common thing. This shows that the ugly spirit or energy of kidnapping and murder has always been with us. History shows that. However, are we to assume that these characteristics occur with the kidnapping of young girls only? Could we logically infer that this lunacy can be directed into other avenues of life?

There have been numerous comparisons made between earlier Catholicism and the Wordwide+ cults. Both had Pontiffs, both had built magnificent edifices with inner golden trimmings, both had a clergy of Hitlers, both cults injected fear into their followers, and the upper echelon of both lived in luxury while the congregations lived in hardship. Etc., etc., etc. The spirit, or ruthless, dominant path, and the controlaholic nature of both cults is exactly the same.

We know, for example, that Catholicism kidnapped people from their homes during the Crusades and the Inquisitions, then tortured and killed them. Trials were a joke. You were always guilty if you were arrested. The killings here ran into the millions. Kidnapping and murder were common in Catholicism. But does the same approach lie with the Worldwide+ cults?

An act, such as kidnapping, doesn’t have to start with violence. The perpetrator can be smooth, polite, and can lure the unsuspecting victim into his car or van. If you want to see such a scenario, then watch the kidnapping scene in “Silence of the Lambs,” where Buffalo Bill persuades the Senator’s daughter to help him in getting a load into his van. Such smooth techniques are used by kidnappers. It’s excellent advice to all kids. “Don’t talk to strangers.” We should have followed this advice ourselves and not talked to the Worldwide hirelings or soaked in the advice of their wacky literature.

Kidnapping can be a seduction. No one beat the crap out of us when we were induced to get into bed with Worldwide. No one beat us over the head. No one put duct tape over our mouths. No one handcuffed us, or locked us in some barn or other. We were seduced by a pack of lies. And we were KIDNAPPED.

A treachery of this magnitude only came after a plethora of lies had been launched at us, which fed us a mountain of false information. Later, many of us found out that most cultmasters themselves did not believe what they thundered from the pulpit. They deliberately lied to protect their own egos, financial greed, and cushy retirements. So they abducted us by their smooth words, they abducted us by fear, and they abducted us by playing to our sense of “doing the right thing.” In essence, they used the same trappings as kidnappers. They led our minds into captivity, and then our bodies and money followed. Even though these bloodsuckers made no physical arrest, it was nevertheless a smooth and well orchestrated betrayal of our trust, a total distortion of the facts, and the ultimate kidnapping of our lives.

The principle in this case of mental seduction and kidnapping is EXACTLY the same as its physical counterpart. Cultic seduction is routinely followed by spiritual control, and then the power is wielded and the abuse commences. Domination then starts against the membership. How few cultmasters and hirelings were not bullies? How many of them treated the membership as if such folks were their own personal property? Can anyone name the hirelings, on the fingers of both hands, who were NOT bullies? How many of them had all of us in bondage? How many of them had the membership running about like slaves, doing freebies for them, cleaning their homes, polishing their cars, doing favors, getting all sorts of deals on anything and everything, and stroking their egos? Slaves were kidnapped. So were we.

There are a million ways to die, and just as many ways to commit murder.  People can be murdered by someone taking their lives, fatally wounding them, or forever destroying their lives – making their lives unlivable. In all cases, it’s snuffing out someone’s existence. If anyone, who has worked their whole lives, has been a law abiding citizen, and if they have saved for their retirement, and now have their whole lives, retirement finances and future smashed . . . is this not the same as murder? Possibly it’s worse, as direct murder is quicker and more merciful. These cultmasters have devastated people’s lives, and left many of them nothing for which to live out their final years, and left them with no finances to do so. Murder?

All of us need certain physical things to live. This would also mean that we need physical things that would make our lives bearable. Most people don’t want to be millionaires, but most would like to have a reasonable income, retirement and health benefits, and some savings in the bank. That isn’t much to ask.

When someone is murdered, their physical lives are cancelled. When someone cons people out of the ability to survive physically, then is this not the same as murder? What’s more, is it not the same as First Degree murder, since it’s done with “pre-meditation?” The law may argue this point as to the degree of criminality, but when folks are deliberately deprived out of their livelihood, left to suffer needlessly, and robbed of their savings, then how could such pre-meditation on the part of these cultmasters be ignored?

If they knowingly (and they did) stole people’s money under false pretenses, and that thievery can lead to premature deaths, then how can this be disregarded by the law?  Biz execs, as explained in CORPORATE FRAUD, are now being jailed for their deliberate misappropriation of funds. Certainly, they may be guilty of many indirect murders, but aren’t the cultmasters in Worldwide+ cults just as guilty? But these biz execs are now getting their just retribution. So how about the cultmasters that commit the same crimes?

Since cultmasters have wielded the indelible spirit of mind control and brainwashing, then a sensitive, ex-cult person could be destroyed completely. If that’s the case, they may as well have been shot in the head by the actual cultmasters. In such a mental condition, a person can totally give up on life, and many times, permanently. Many crawl out of it, but many don’t. They feel life has betrayed them, and even at younger ages, members of the Worldwide+ cults have committed suicide. Please see the section on SUICIDE. So, is driving a person to suicide tantamount to murder?  Everyone has a limit, and none of us can tell how far anyone else has been psychologically damaged. When and if that fine line is crossed, and when a person gives up and kills themselves in utter despair, then who is to blame?

Do we blame this waste of life on that trusting person themselves, or do we place the blame fairly and squarely at the feet of the cultmasters, who (1) Knew better, and (2) Lived in luxury – then and now – and who arrogantly ignored the agony of people that they had screwed? People can be driven beyond their capacity to cope with life, and all too often, many commit suicide. And the private attitude of the cultmasters is always the same: “In yer face, suckers.” If this were not so, then why don’t these multi-millionaire parasites crawl out of the woodwork and come to the financial rescue of the grieving families? It’s obvious that they don’t care if members or ex-members live or die. They’re simply in a biz, and that’s all. Life doesn’t matter to these vermin, and the human characteristics of empathy and love are just mentally flushed. It’s just like the often used saying in the Mafia. “Nothin’ personal.”

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