Noah's Flood Fraud

By JohnO

Do we all remember the Worldwide Church of God accounts of the Noah's Flood? How much did "God" intervene to save His chosen people, and how much did He intervene to save the future "Israel?" (Ain't Monday morning quarterbacking just great?). How wonderful! God rescued all of Noah's family because they were (supposedly) righteous people. At least, that's what the Bible says. Of course, we forget the Orientals, the Africans, American Indians, and the Aborigines. While some claim their history also talks of flooding, it never claims (as the Bible does) to be as devastating an event, and always talks about any of those minor particular events as different time and different places in each culture. So the "flood" of the gentiles, is a lot different flood to that of the OT.

While we don't want to re-hash the Bible here, we can all remember the account of Noah's Flood. On examination, it turns out to be Noah's Fraud. If we are to believe the OT, then we must believe (like religionists do) that the flood came over the whole Earth, and even the tops of the mountains was covered. That, incidentally is in Gen 7:20, and includes Mount Everest. Since, as science has proved, Everest has been extant for millions of years, then the flood, as Biblically recorded, must have rose 15 cubits (about 23 feet using an 18 inch cubit) above even the top of mount of Everest. Mount Everest, which stands about 5.5 miles high - 29,035 feet ASL.

Now, what do we care about some old flood? The answer is vital to the Bible believer. If ANY part of the OT is a fallacy, then the whole OT (and NT as well) Bible cannot be regarded as true. It may be allegorical, as some might say, but the religionist claims that the Bible is literally true. And the Noah's flood is a firm, fundamental belief among those who are Bible followers. It happened, they say. So, if the flood is a total fraud, then how can anyone trust the rest of the OT, and therefore, the Bible?

Bible believers have rallied to the cause of the flood. Non-believers have also examined the subject. Werner Keller's "The Bible as History," in Chapter 3, shows that the archeological evidence for the so-called Biblical flood was actually on a local scale, and one that covered only a small area of the Fertile Crescent. But, to the locals - and it was regarded to them, it was their whole world. In fact, a huge flood covered that area of Mesopotamia in around 4000 BC, but according to Sir Charles Leonard Woolley, a British archeologist in league with a U.S. expedition in 1923 AD, this "flood" was only 400 miles long by 100 miles wide. He set out to prove the authenticity of Noah's flood of the Bible. It proved to be false.

As flood waters subside, they leave sediment. He examined the ground for hundreds of miles around only to find that the sediment left by the flood decreased the further he departed from the valley within the Fertile Crescent. This proved scientifically that the flood had boundaries, and was not worldwide as the Bible had claimed. It was simply a local event, and although damaging to people and property at the time, was limited to (and between) the desert to the West, the mountains to the East, and was due to the overflowing of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers that, in turn, dumped southward into the Persian Gulf.

But . . . all this does not deter the determined Bible believer. They are focused on proving that the waters covered, even Mount Everest - although there is absolutely no scientific evidence to prove this fact. Mount Everest, according to geologists, was violently thrust up from the Tibetan plain millions of years ago, as rock and magna, and has taken its place as a titan of the upper physical world. It has never been covered in the waters of any flood.

To this day, most people (who think) cannot figure out how Mount Ararat got into the Biblical picture. Anyhow, religion (and the Bible) targets that area as the location of Noah's Ark. During the cold war, the religionists claimed that the Ark was buried deep within the snow on the mountainside. The communistic Russians, they claimed, denied anyone access to the area, and as such, they couldn't "prove" that the Bible claims were true. Now, that the Russians don't give a damn, the religionists still can't prove their case. Tons of fiction books were written in those cold war years about the Ark, and books that made tons of money for the authors. Each one claimed that they could prove the validity of Noah's Ark, "if only the Russian authorities allowed us access to the area." Now that they have the access, no one's been able to prove their religious or Biblical claims, because there are no proofs.

The fiction tales danced with imagination. There was this "huge, dark shape" buried in the ice, that told the tales of the Ark. There were these cages inside with wrought iron grilles, reports claimed. There was this old, reddish, preserved wood that "God" left as a witness. This ark, it was reported, was three times as long as a football field. We remember, the Televangelists screamed hysterically, this was the "proof" of the Bible. But since the dissolution of the cold war, no one has either been able to verify the fact that anything is there, in the glaciers of Ararat, other than other parts of the same mountain. The ark does NOT exist, because if it did, it would be the most phenomenal discovery of the age, and certainly the most profitable to any business venture. If Donald Trump (or the mob) could prove any such Ark was real, we'd soon have "Noah's Casino" jangling with money on the slopes of Ararat, available to the existing rich (with a luxury, champagne helicopter fly-ins), and open to all gambling NY Jewish businessmen as a testimony to their true Biblical heritage.

Just for one moment, can we all imagine the scenario? "The Ark has been found," the reporters would chant (the tabloids would go fanatical), and the religions would start their scampering for a piece of the action. TBN, CBN, the Billy Graham ministries, the whores, and all the chanting, screaming, rockers of religion would be dancing in the streets. "God's word is true," would come the ravings. "The ark proves it." The larger ministries would naturally schedule pilgrimages to the Ark (to work around and not disturb the blackjack tables), and their televangelistic shows would cry and bleat for $$$$$$$ to preserve the Ark, and new, improved corporations would rise up to handle the money to now prove that God's word was really infallible. Every televangelist would offer healing if any sick person would write for and receive a "special cross" (made in, and sent directly from China) that had actually touched the Ark itself. Each cross would heal any disease, and would be given free to all that ask, if they sent a "love gift" of $50 or more. In the meantime and in the background, extensive work on the Ark would be continuing to "extend" the boundaries of the structure itself. Now, it seems, the Ark had miraculously grown to a length of seven football fields. Good old Noah. No one actually realized it, but he actually built a casino, a religious sanctuary, and a McDonalds into the original ark.

Visions would abound. Noah and his seven comrades would be testified to as having been definitely seen, wafting through one side of the Ark and dissolving into the other side. The spirits of elephants and rhinos would be reportedly observed to cross the gambling areas. Some visiting observers would erupt with the stigmata, bleed at the hands, feet, and drip blood from the heart, while others would faint and collapse as they were immediately "baptized in the spirit."

The Catholics would dash to the nearest local forest and hack down a few trees. Then they'd sell ( 300 zillion) slivers of those trees as "anointed relics of Noah's Ark" to the faithful for a gift each of $100 or more. The Pope would fly over the site, give it his Pontifical blessing from 35.000 ft. and this would set the stage for a new cathedral on the side of Mount Ararat. Donations would be solicited. Donald and the Pope would work a deal.

On a more sobering angle - and one much more scientific - but let's suppose that the flood happened as the Bible said. Most water in rain form originally comes from the Earth itself. The sun evaporates the oceans' waters, forms clouds, they condense, and that equals rain. But all the rain is a product of the Earth and from its overall mass. Biblically, we're told that the fountains of the deep opened. Gen 7:11 says that the flood was a result of these underground waters, plus the rain that caused the flood. In the light of scientific evidence, that's not logical. It's true that there are underwater reservoirs, mainly in the tropical and sub-tropical areas. But to insist that these waters, plus rain, caused the Biblical flood is scientific insanity.

But . . . let's suppose, for a moment, that the Bible account is real. Where does that leave us? Suddenly, we are told, that the fountains of the deep are opened and the rain pelts down on the Earth. Since this (as we've been told) goes on for forty days and forty nights, the water level is now at the height of 5.5 miles above the Earth. That's higher than Mount Everest. Now, suddenly, water (a part of all this) comes out of the Earth and installs itself all over the periphery of the globe.

If this is so, then we have a glob of water that is 5.5 miles high covering the Earth, that supposedly and basically came from the Earth itself. If you wish to compute the mass of all this water, please do so. I have. But, everyone must do their own homework. The volume of a sphere is 4/3 X 1.14159 X Radius (cubed). The average difference of the planet's diameter, in cubic miles, between the "supposed" flood and the Earth as we know it, is: 1,325,593,010 cu miles. This translates to about 161,953,398,229, 400,000,000, pounds of water weight that the flood left on the Earth's surface. If this is so, then one THIRD of the weight of the whole planet has now left the ancient Noah's sphere and was now lodged on its surface. Since this is impossible, as science tells us that most of the Earth's mass lies in its molten core, and the rocks surrounding it, then we are presented with an impossibility. Even if it was true, then the Earth's effects in spacial, and elliptical, the orbit, therefore, must be radically changed.

Even though "religion" might say that the mass of water has been transferred from the core to the surface (thus making the mass the same), this only holds true of a static or potential situation. It doesn't account for the inevitable kinetic energy happening. Any spinning mass takes on a different flavor. And the Earth is spinning at a velocity of 1000 miles per hour, west to east. Higher mass always has more impact if it's at the end of a rope that anyone is swinging, and so is the water mass that's stuck on the surface of a rotating planet. So this inertia, and therefore, the Earth's reflected and kinetic mass is different, as related to the sun's gravitational pull. So, this mass of water that's (supposedly) been deposited on the surface, by Noah's flood, would increase the amount of the Earth's reflected inertial and kinetic mass. And so too, will our Earth's gravity. This "flood" would have obviously changed our orbit. Our resultant mass would have spun us into the sun, about 4000+ years ago.

There are three things that affect our orbit. (1) Our electromagnetic attraction to the sun that magnetically "tugs" at us, (2) our velocity of orbit and planetary rotation, and (3) our mass. Our spinning around the sun is called centrifugal force, and the balance between all these forces is what keeps us in orbit. If we screw up any of these, then we're in deep &%@$#*. So, if the mass of the Earth changes radically, as stated above, we're gonna spin into the sun, as our gravity is higher, and centrifugal force can no longer sustain us in orbit. We're toast. But . . . it didn't happen.

So, Noah's Flood is actually Noah's Fraud . And so, the Bible is mostly fiction.

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