The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
The Philosophy Of Hate
By JohnO

For the most part, we don't hate people. We get along with most folks, pleasantly, smiling, and with warm greetings. That's neighborhood America. That's England, that's Canada, that's Australia, that's New Zealand, Europe, etc.

We don't run around, looking at someone and saying: "You're not a Christian - and you don't belong to my religion," and then you pull out a gun and shoot them. That's NOT the American or any civilized way. This is a nation that does its best to tolerate all peoples of all nations, colors, and creeds. Ostensibly, we're a peaceful nation who tries to love our fellow man.

Unfortunately, we have too many flies in the soup . . . .and this hatred is taught - ever so subtly, but it's taught nevertheless. And it's taught in schools, the standard media, and especially in the "churches."

We all know about the Middle East and their contempt of anyone who doesn't agree with "Allah," and we know the male's disgusting contempt of women - who should be on an EQUAL basis. But that's one dumb basis of their "religions," and what they've been taught. This is NOT a condemnation of their religion, but only on the way they treat their EQUALS.

My wife and I were raised Catholic. Subtly, and ever so subtly, we were taught (from the nuns) to the "Christian Brothers - many of whom I considered frustrated bullies (many I later thot to be latent homosexuals), to the priests in the pulpits. They all had the same message.

"You people were chosen to be Catholics. God loves you especially. Believe in what you're told and you'll see Jesus in Heaven. He now lives in that tabernacle (a golden round metal thing that was stuck in the rear-middle of that marble altar, and contained the body of Christ in the form of a round, thin wafer of bread), were they kidding? Then on Sunday, we ate Him. But we believed it. The most ridiculous expostulation, suddenly became the most logical profound.

Catholicism was the only religion of God - we were told. This nonsense was pounded into our brains since we were toddlers. I don't blame my dad or mom, because they were raised the same way too. Any other religion was of a "lesser quality." WE, and only we, were the chosen ones. Sound familiar?

Doesn't Catholicism and the Worldwide Church of God + all those "Christian" churches chant the same diatribe? Weren't we - in Worldwide Church of God - called especially for the "First Resurrection?" We were programmed with the idea that we were "special." Were we ingrained with the same philosophy of hate (or disdain) as Catholicism? Sure - the rules were different, and the Pope was different. We had Pope Pius (the something or other), and the Worldwide Church of God had Herbie. But the spirit behind the whole mess was the same, and the rules were different. But we fell for it. Twice.

Those of us who were Biblically ignorant (like Catholics), went for Ellen G. White's rubbish, which she plagiarized from previous writers, and taken over by CG7 and the Seventh Day Adventists, and then plagiarized by dead Herbie. None of us knew what logical theology was. But very subtly, we were taught the philosophy of hate. We were manipulated.

And this is how it happened. Once you can convince people (by catering to their EGO) that they're really "God's chosen," then you can feed them with any BS you want. Tell them that they are "special," and that THEY are the only ones called for the First Resurrection. In that resurrection, we were told, we shall be the "kings and priests who shall reign over the Earth." In other words (and stated from the Worldwide Church of God pulpits), we would be SUPERIOR to the plebs around us. Most of the world would kneel and grovel at our feet and worship us as "Gods." This philosophy was impaled into our brains until we felt superior to the world around us. We were God's chosen. We - and we alone - were the superior "elect."

Now this slowly leads to another problem. Dislike of those around us. Contempt for those around us. And eventually hatred. I've seen this happen. Supposedly "converted" members have finished up having nothing but hate for everyone around them. This is the exact reverse of the saying: "Love your neighbor as yourself," and "Do unto others as you would have them do to you."

In the teachings of "religion," we have the exact REVERSE of the simple teachings that would bring peace to the world. And Worldwide Church of God really help fuel that fire. Bit by bit they taught us to regard the "unconverted" as far below us, and that thinking can lead to a minor or greater form or hate.

Ain't it so simple to reverse the simple teachings of "love" to "hate?" On many occasions, Worldwide Church of God achieved this goal.

This is still taught in most religions of the world. "If you follow me (the leader), then 'God' (or whatever) will give you a higher place in heaven." Gerald (XXXXXXXmouth) Waterhose (surname is deliberately misspelled) once said that in the resurrection, we'll see the Transfiguration again. This time, he arrogantly stated that there would be four figures in the glowing light of the vision.

#1 - Jesus.
#2 - Moses.
#3 - Elijah.
#4 - dead Herbie.

I think we all know about those hallucinogenic ramblings by now. But in those days we believed it. We were taught (just like the Apostles) that ONLY us - special - chosen would be the ones to see all this.

People can believe what they like. That's their Constitutional right, but while the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence teaches us freedom, love and respect of our fellow man, and the right to pursue any religion of his choice, this in today's world - with too many religious groups, is NOT an option. This drivel is a general theology of the religious leaders. You MUST follow their leader, believe his drivel, and eventually be "saved." Unless - according to them - IF you don't follow their teachings, then you're doomed. Regrettably, this is the philosophy of many of the world's religions. It's the philosophy of the Taliban - guys who keep their women (who are EQUAL to men - and always will be), in virtual slavery. Many of the terrorists wear diapers around their heads, and grow their own tobacco from their chins. But, I guess it's their "Thing."

Worldwide Church of God, in their own way, was no different. And from what is emailed to me, many offspring "leaders" or controllers are doing the same. Many of the odious offspring are simply a duplicate of Osama bin-Laden, or dead Herbies - whichever analogy you wish to make. But, the domination, and propagation of hate (it maybe subtle) is very much in the background.

Hitler proved it. Had dead Herbie lived long enough, and gained the power that his repulsive offspring now lust for, the Hitler scenario may have been seen again. "If you really love me, then send me your tithes, offerings, and tithes, and offerings. Etc." And, of course: "Worship me, love, and adore me." Yak - yak - blah - blah. We've all heard that avalanche of verbal vomit.

That's the theme of religion. "Gimme money, and I'll love you, and you'll be saved." But to go against the grain, and challenge the "authority," then we're suddenly an outcast, an anathema, and then the hatred begins to dig in. If we don't conform, then we are worthy of hatred, because we're "of the devil." Yo'all know the routine.

Politicians will always object to each other. That's always the case. But I've NEVER heard of any political party saying - in effect: "Believe what I'm telling you, otherwise you'll be burned in hell fire." That very premise itself is wrapped in stupidity. And so it is with religion - which is based on ignorance and fear. That's how we all got trapped into Worldwide Church of God, and eventually contempt of "the world," and eventually we were blindly led into the roots of hatred.

Religion, especially [but subtly], that taught by the  Worldwide Church of God, was a philosophy of contempt of others who were not "converted." Unfortunately, we made many enemies with our righteousness fellow man, our families, and our loved ones. It was our mistake, because we were allowed to be slowly indoctrinated with the "Philosophy of Hate."

No one is saying here, that you have to love or slobber over every one you meet. But let's look at what churches - and Worldwide Church of God, in particular, are teaching people.

Statement: We're the TRUE church . . . so they say. God loves only us. Oh yeah! Check out the ACTS OF GOD page. Unfortunately, we're in a mess. And most of us will NOT admit it. Yet the "Christian" churches around the nation simply tell us to "Believe in Jesus." Send in your money. Is this helping us now?

We - in America - are regarded as the most "Christian" country on Earth. Yet, isn't it said: "By their fruits you shall know them?"

Like it or not, we - in the Western world lead the world in crime. We have the greatest number of murders, muggings, robberies, violence, divorces, domestic brutality, etc., etc. Yet religion - including the cultmasters/hirelings/hookers from the Worldwide Church of God - are trying to deny this by saying that if you come to THEIR church, you can be saved from all this. It's subtle, but the quicksand of hatred is still there. If they're (whatever "religion") are different, we are to look at them DIFFERENTLY. THEY (so they preach) are of God, and no one else. Send your tithes to US.

According to our Constitution (First Amendment), we can all worship as we please, and that promotes peace and harmony among all. Who cares what we all choose to believe? It doesn't matter. It's the undercurrent or hatred for anyone who thinks different. That's the problem. And that's what religion has promoted. Check out any past Worldwide Church of God literature. It will tell a long story of the "Philosophy of Hate."

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