The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God


By John O.. Ex-WCG pastor.

Once there was a happy centipede. He lived a spontaneous life and didn't worry about a thing. His life force just flowed through him and he lived that life without rules, regulations, or laws. He lived as he was designed to live . . . free and spontaneous.

One day, a frog came by and said to him, "Hi centipede. I've been admiring the way that you walk." "How's that?" said the centipede.

"Well," said the frog, "you are a marvel of creation when you walk. You have about a hundred legs and none of them ever function out of order. Each leg group moves in waves, and in perfect harmony with all your other legs. And with all that movement of all those legs, you still manage to walk flawlessly. How do you do it?"

"I don't know," said the centipede, scratching his head, "but I'll give it some thought, and when I figure it out myself, I'll let you know."

So each day thereafter, the centipede took note of how he walked. He watched and evaluated every movement, but the more carefully he examined his walking method, the more clumsy he became. Finally, he studied his walking mechanics so hard, he tripped over his hundred legs, came crashing to the floor and never walked again.

He had stopped living spontaneously.

For most of us, the idea of living spontaneously stopped when we entered the cults of COG. Such cults take a person's God given, living patterns and force them into a specific and deliberate mold that is totally alien. These new patterns take on the form of laws, rules, and regulations. We are no longer free to simply be ourselves. We must now conform to the specifications of some ego-maniacal leader who spews out a set of edicts to be followed rigidly if we are to ever be safe from eternal death. We must take on his mode of demented thinking and surrender our personalities, desires, and future goals to the wishes of the cult. We must stop living spontaneously.

Spontaneity is a gift of God, and all of us are different. We were made to be unique folks and God (as we understand Him) breathes and lives uniquely through each of us. If that individuality is removed, then the purpose for our living this life is thwarted and we never learn the lessons we were sent here to discover. Only by being spontaneous can we allow ourselves to be led by our Higher Self into the areas of life where we need to learn. Only by being spontaneous can we grow.

Cults will always criticize such an approach. I've personally heard the accusation that: "Oh, so you want to live spontaneously? I suppose that means you can be free to go out and do whatever you like? So you figure you can go out now and kill people and commit adultery?"

My answer (and that of others) has always been the same: "If that's what you want to do, then that's your approach, and not mine, so go ahead. That's not my way, and it's not the approach for most people. Most people would not act that way."

Most decent people, I believe, if they could live a fully spontaneous life, would generally do the right thing. However the cult thinking is invariably the same . . . namely that if people could live spontaneously, we would ALL immediately go out and kill someone and commit adultery. Since cultists have repeatedly said the same two accusing things to me, time and time again, I can't help wonder what's REALLY going on in their own minds, and what they-themselves would do if they were ever given the freedom to live spontaneously. Ugh!

We lost much, if not all, of our spontaneity when we entered the cult. It will take time to again regain this priceless gift of God.

Basically, spontaneity means "hanging loose" and letting the Spirit (or Energy) of God run our lives. While we try to do it with cult rules and regulations, we stifle the natural Spirit that empowers us to live, love, and be happy. This doesn't imply any moral or ethical wrongdoing, as most people simply want to be happy. Most people don't want to run around being criminals. They don't want to go around breaking the law or hurting others. They simply want to live and let live, or "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

We were taught that if we ever dared to live from this spontaneous viewpoint, this would be tantamount to flirting with the devil. Well . . . if any person does indeed have such a rotten, self centered, arrogant spirit, then maybe the cults have a point. But if you're an average person with a normal person's approach, then spontaneity means nothing more than living by the Spirit of God. I think we can safely say that if you're NOT enmeshed and cemented into a cult and you're reading this, then your Spirit is Ok.

Cults rob us of the right to spontaneity and the fundamental human rights as outlined in the Declaration of Independence of: "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness." Even that declaration itself has the wording of anti-cultism, because its whole essence is that of freedom and independence. Cultic thinking, if it were allowed, would obliterate that priceless document from the halls of our history. Cults hate independence, and they hate freedom. They also hate the idea of spontaneity.

Let us look at three of the "inalienable rights" that those cults take from us. The right of our lives, or - LIFE. This, as far too many have seen, has been a mark of the cults we've left. We all know of the demonic doctrines of healing, the break up of marriages and destruction of families, and more and more, we're now becoming aware of the snuffing out of life when so many of our precious souls have committed suicide. The right to LIVE our lives normally has been infringed upon, and in so many ways, our people's spirits have been violated. With cults, we lose the right to LIFE. The right of our liberty, or - LIBERTY. Freedom is something that God gives all mankind. Cults want control and domination over people and they institute laws (with fearful penalties if you fail to comply) to manipulate their congregations. With cultic laws, people have no freedom, and they have restricted liberty. We're not talking about laws of the land here, as they dictate rules that would protect society as a whole. If average people ever misuse any liberty, then they always suffer the penalty, but it's man's right to choose that option. Those civil laws don't dictate a person's personal spiritual conduct. Have you ever noticed that cult members have little or no individuality? They must conform to the mold of the cult leaders and then their own personality is lost. While cult members wander around afraid that "God's gonna get them," then their freedom is gone, and they lose the fundamental right to LIBERTY. The right to be happy, or - PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. Have you ever seen a certified cult member or hireling or leader with a sense of humor? We're not talking about some inane pulpit comments that everyone feels they MUST laugh at, but has anyone ever seen someone in a cult who is REALLY funny? Everyone with a genuine sense of humor has already long gone. There's no happiness in cults. There is no place for it, because happiness is the forerunner to freedom. In cults, everyone smiles, but no one is happy. Everyone chuckles, but there's no humor. Everyone laughs at the hireling's "joke," but it's really not funny. No one can relax and really enjoy themselves in a cult. Everyone's too up-tight with putting on a performance that will please men and those who administer the harsh rules. Cult members surrender their right to HAPPINESS.

Because cults would seek to remove our "inalienable rights," cults therefore must be considered as illegal, anti-American, anti-human, and certainly anti-Christ.

While the folks in cults don't realize what's happening to them, they stay in a kind of "fog" about the whole thing. They drift from day to day in a type of cultic dream, thinking that they are really God's ONLY church, and they invariably all walk around wearing the same glazed smiles. They shut out the world and hide from it, and like the addict or alcoholic, they take their psychological refuge in a panacea of non-reality. In essence, they're all living in denial. The spontaneity is gone.

One of the big aspects with people who have now left the cults is the recovery. And it may take years to fully recuperate. One big indication that things are looking better is when a person regains their spontaneity. It doesn't have to conform to any particular formula, but it will be whatever is right for the individual.

To regain that spontaneity is a matter of "letting go" and letting the Spirit of God once more do It's work. With many, this takes time and trust in themselves once again. Certainly, this will come slowly in the initial stages, but after a while, the person's psyche will relax and that individuality will again manifest itself.

We're intended to be spontaneous, and that's what makes all of us different. Usually, the most spontaneous people are the most successful and happy. The most up-tight people are usually the worry-worts and they're usually the most miserable. Spontaneity, after a cultic attack, doesn't come back immediately or in some short space of time. It has to be learned all over again. Cults destroy spontaneity, but a release from that prison and our freedom can restore it back to normality in time. I don't know of any ex-cult member who can fully live this way, yet. But we're all trying . . . especially after our individual cult indoctrination and through to the final break away. We are all together in this battle, and I've personally found that our spontaneity comes back gradually, if we all have enough patience.

All of us, little by little, must learn to let that infinitely loving God energy empower us in our own individual way to be our own perfectly spontaneous and true selves. But doing this is a matter of trust, and letting go the old legalistic inhibitors with which we were brainwashed. And now . . . it's all a matter of living by faith.

Let's be ourselves once more. Blessings.

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