The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
The Tesla Coil
By JohnO

Over the last many oodles of times, I’ve talked a lot about energy.  This is something that I could never convey to any cultmaster/greedmaster/hireling in the Worldwide Cult.  As the saying goes:  “They’d laugh me to scorn.”  Yet this info given below is NOT new.  This article is for information only.  Please do everyone a favor?  Don’t mess with this Tesla Coil unless you’re a pro.  I am not personally conjuring up this info.  It’s all been documented long, long ago.  All I’m quoting is from minds that were “out there,” and the teachings that I try to learn from – provided that I can try to understand them.  It all goes back to the 1920’s.  As most of us know, anything that differed from the Pasadena “thinking” was anathema.  In those days, I had to keep my oversized mouth shut.  I figured that I knew some info, but we didn’t say “nuttin’” in those days.  I guess that, in the second millennia of nowadays, it’s a lot different.

I remember that when I talked about anything different than the doctrines of Herbie, our young pastor in Reseda, CA (but Ambassador soaked) would always smile, his eyes seemed to go milky, and he politely changed the subject.  I often wondered why they ever made me a minister – and in Hawaii, no less –and it seemed beyond my comprehension.  Finally, it clicked.  That is, or course, since the motive was to smoothly get rid of me.  I was later told that privately.

They’d exorcise me (so they thought) into a land – far, far, away.  Hawaii, some 2,320 miles SSW of LA seemed to be the perfect spot.  Since I had such a big mouth, after I started teaching in HI, the local HI congregation started to think outside the envelope.  Although, I was never disloyal to Pasadena (at the time – naturally), the stuff that I was talking about, stimulated peoples’ brains.  So, even before I was sent to the islands, locally, they must have figured (judging by the subsequent facts given to me), they thought, let’s get rid of this (JohnO) character.  Hawaii was a perfect off-shore location.  What harm could I ever do over there – in HI?  So they gave me the Hawaiian church, because (as was said by the previous minister’s [now deceased] wife), that those HI people were like a bunch of little gentile children.  Locally in CA, they’d concluded that everyone there including the new minister, wife, family, were a bunch of dummies.  This fact didn’t occur to me for almost 20 years later.  I’m a slow learner.

However, the Hawaiians – contrary to Worldwide Church of God belief – could think, figure everything out, and (most) had the guts to make that move away from Pasadena, and eventually stand on their own two feet.  They could discern things, put the BS together, and were incredibly intelligent.  And so, they did.  Good for them.  I have the highest and great admiration for the Hawaiian people, and their gutsy spirit.

But, to another subject that some might find to tie in with the Infinity of what religion calls “God.”  What’s mentioned below is NOT something that I could ever share with anyone in the cult, but it’s info nevertheless.  This energy stuff is the foundation of our existence, and admittedly, I am one who far from understands it, but hopefully it will start the sparks of intellectual energy flying within our psyches.

By now, everyone is wondering what all this has to do with the Tesla Coil.  Energy is life, and the Tesla Coil is a good example, for those who are so inclined – please bear with me.  Let’s chat a bit about energy.  For the record, my research into this stuff has given me a greater appreciation of the complexity of creation.  What has been created is now (to me) a lot more fun.

Nikola Tesla was born in 1856 in Croatia.  He died in the US in 1943.  He was a pioneer in electro-magnetics, high tension electricity, radio frequency transmissions, and he also designed the power system at Niagara Falls.  Water flow = electromagnetic turbines = cheap electricity.  But his greatest contribution to mankind was – what we now call – alternating current.

Years ago, it was a competition between either the Tesla science of AC (alternating current) or DC (Edison type of direct current) that would power households and would eventually have that type of current running in everyone’s domains.  Edison, with his idea of (about) 300 volts of DC current, would fry a person if they ever got across the power line.   They would “glue” themselves to the DC voltage.  Ker-spluttt.  But Tesla’s idea of AC would actually “throw” a person away from the power line.  The power that came from the wall outlet was sinusoidal and variable, and not the constant DC glue – and a quick death.  This is NOT to say that 117 volts AC ain’t dangerous.  It is.  As the TV commercial says:  “Don’t try this at home.”

Personally, I’ve been slammed by more jolts a lot more than the average because I’ve worked in electronics most of my life, and I’ve already had my full set of charging.  Trust me.  I have been electrified to the full.  My wife has never told me that I actually light up (or glow) in bed, but maybe she’s too polite.

Tesla worked with Einstein in the 1920’s on the theory of quanta, something that – at that time – was  more of a theory than practicality.   Stephen Hawking is now delving into more of this.  Please check the PT Site and the Amazon Book section referable to on the PT Site.  But there was something different about Tesla.  He had a vision that went beyond the average AC energy source.  And Einstein, the mathematician, was right there with him.

Any reader may ask, what has this to do with Worldwide and its oily offspring cults?  These characters have lost the whole concept of what their “God” might be.  They’ve limited the whole concept of IT.  In reducing “God” to some big man, they’ve molded such a god into their own image.  It was a common saying years ago that God looked just like Apostle Herbie.


Here’s what a typical Tesla coil can look like in operation.  The disclaimer is from the below links.


These pages deal with High Voltage devices (Tesla Coils) which can be LETHAL! It is intended for persons 21 years of age, with a good working knowledge of high voltage devices and the safety precautions involved. We take no responsibility for anything you do with the information provided on these pages. These pages are provided for informational purposes only!

For anyone’s info, the Tesla data + photos can be seen at the following links:
The schematic:
Please check other references, as the study can be fascinating.

PUUULEEEEASE, unless you’re fully qualified, DON’T mess with this at home.

The whole site/s are very realistic.  And please keep any combustibles out of the house.  If you must think of a Tesla Coil, then you must think of “in-house” lightning.  It can, and WILL kill.  Plus the fact that the discharging of the voltage can damage anyone’s eardrums.  Experimenters would need ear plugs, etc.  Since I’ve messed with this stuff, I would NOT even consider it for use anywhere in a neighborhood.  With the right combustibles nearby, this thing could wipe out a whole block.  I’d look for a very BIG field, and stand way back.  But it does illustrate the power of energy, its source, the thought behind it, its implementation, and a miniscule glimpse of the power of what religion calls “God.”

We are dealing with megavolts here, even with a larger than six inch toroid (on the top of the series resonant circuit), then that discharge could electrocute anyone – even with one megavoltage shot from across the whole area.  Hundreds of KV’s are predictable here, and it could shoot out across a whole room.. PLEASE, DON’T MESS WITH THIS STUFF, unless you’re a professional in that field.  A toroid is like a large donut which can be made from plastic, e.g. a dryer’s output tube – for example, and then wrapped into a circle.  The whole thing is covered by duct tape or metallic coating, and it’s connected to the series resonant coil (schematic referenced above) and mentioned below with the wiring from the top of that coil.  While it sits on the top of the secondary (series) coil, the other end of the coil MUST be well grounded.  We don’t want to fry a house  . . . or a BIG field.

Please forgive me if I seem too technical, but I will go as best as possible.  Please bear with me.  Nikola Tesla was a forerunner and a user of this transformer.  A typical transformer is a device which contains a laminated core of silicon or grain oriented steel that is the center of a couple of copper wire wound coils that either ups or downs the voltage input  The electromagnetic flux pulsing in the core induces the energy to amplify or de-amplify the voltage from one coil to another..  But, Tesla had a better idea.

Try telling this stuff to someone in Worldwide or its + offspring.  No one there ever bothered to look at such things.  But this stuff is fascinating because it leads us to some of the heart of creative energy.  Plus the Worldwiders will think you’re totally crazy.

Tesla’s idea was resonance.  A coil, or inductor, and a capacitor when connected correctly, both of them, will resonate both in either the parallel or series modes.   Tesla figured that if a parallel (and series) connected coil and capacitor – in a close coupling –  and IF the same resonant frequency approximated with a closely coupled series resonant coil as per the above referenced schematic (the same tuned fundamental cap and coil arrangement but [with values different] had their frequencies tuned exactly), then they didn’t need the magnetic (or laminated) core.  There was a lot more power to be gained by the way of resonance.  A spark gap on the parallel resonant circuit made for (and the closing and opening of) the complete parallel resonant circuit.  This time constant between the spark gap with the capacitor resulted in the frequency of the coil’s switching.  The final tuning resonance between the two circuits would consummate the marriage.

The result was phenomenal.   Hundreds of kilovolts could be created in a garage, and megavolts could be created by a large toroid, sitting on the top of the series resonant circuit.  Again, please see the schematic above.  The toroid looked much like a round toiled seat or donut, - and wrapped in some metallic material – as already stated – much like duct tape or aluminum foil.

Since Einstein and Tesla knew how to produce the electricity that they needed, a voltage source was needed to provide the original energy.  So they (and many others) theorized.  Large steel towers (like transmitters), they figured, could be the answer, and different to those already discussed with the smaller toroids.  But now on those towers, using large toroid coils at the top would provide the answer.  Since our planet is whizzing around from west to east at about 1,000 mph, the lateral cutting of the sun’s electro-magnetic lines of force would energize the toroid core and force voltage into these coils.  Hence, we now have the Electromotive Force (voltage) for free.  This is fed to the Tesla coils and physics does the rest.  As many towers are needed, then this, voltage creating energy, is fed into the Tesla coil circuit configuration, shielded, rectified, smoothed (by an inductive and capacitive combi), and the rectified/smoothed output is sent to a digitizer, for the required time-constant switching and smoothing, and that gives us the controlled 60 hz AC that we need.  This, in turn, is fed to a sub-station which transforms the voltages, either up or down.  A series of these toroids and towers around the globe (best in the equatorial [and fastest West 2 East] region) would give the Tesla system the activity to give us free energy.  That would obviously piss off all the energy companies, but, please let’s remember, that they’re not so stupid as to be ignorant of this principle.  Reasons below.

Disadvantages:  (I) Original expense that must be outlaid, and (2) the continued profit for the energy corporations and their bloodsucking board members  - EXACTLY like religion. Minimal maintenance would be required.  But, let’s face it.  How would we all like the cost of ALL the electrical energy that we want at less than two bucks (maintenance cost) a month?

Nikola Tesla is dead.  But the principles remain.

The top toroid of the series resonant circuit (for those who have read the refs) would be much like the circular “donut” toroid – and much like a toilet seat.  Megavolts could flow from its side once it’s activated.  Yes.  It’s obvious as to what some are thinking.  A Tesla Coil can only touch into the infinity of what is called “God.”  But it might give us better appreciation of the Infinite, if you can find and watch a working model built by a pro.

Since megavolts can be blasted and erupted from such a toroid, and the toroid could look just like a toilet seat?  Enough said.  Please, don’t try this at home, or at the home of any cultmaster.

But we wouldn’t wanna do that.  Would we?  The point is that there’s so much we do NOT know, that it’s worth investigating.  And please do NOT experiment with anything of this ilk, unless you have professional guidance.  Good hunting, and happy energy.

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