The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
We ARE Over It.  We're PAST It
By JohnO

Recently (and intermittently prior), I've received some private email - re: the PT Site - that has had the underlying theme of "Get over it, John."  As you well know, the PT Site has also been openly criticized by others for its exposing of the Painful Truth.  These folks, of the current "critique" genre,  are DEFINITELY missing the point.

First:  We ARE over it.  We're PAST it.

Second:  It's the duty of any responsible person (slugs need not apply) to warn anyone who is sinking into the same quicksand as we once were.  The Site is definitely not a griping ensemble, but an ALARM.

Third:  I've always regarded the PT Site as (primarily) an educational tool, insofar as it throws up the red flag of ultimate caution about the Worldwide Church of God and its vomitorious offspring.  I've been told that it's now about 300 of them. 

Fourth:  I've never regarded the PT Site as a platform for simply griping, but as an internet location where people can read about the "plain truth" of the Worldwide Church of God and the incredible damage that it's done.  If lives have been damaged, then lives can be helped.  Psychologically, it does a person good to read that they're NOT alone in this mess that a crazy despot created.  We've ALL been screwed.

Fifth:  The Site, to me, is a chance for each of us to write, share, and try and help others with what we've individually learned.  Since there are many "secret readers" on the site and this info will hopefully help many others.

Sixth:   The PT Site provides (I believe) education in the area of awareness.  It's up to the individual to make the outcome decision for themselves.  They can take the Site info and examine it, or they can leave it.  The choice is up to them.

So, this is NOT a case of "Get over it, John."  It's simply a case of  "Here's the evidence folks.  Make your own decision."  The facts are laid out, and as the Editor has said that if you prove something incorrect, then he'll remove it.  And I ain't seen much removing.  The evidence has been solid, and the Worldwide Church of God+ cults are being challenged.  They KNOW that they're in a corner.  They can only reply with the usual Biblical BS.  In far too many cases that I know of personally, I KNOW that many of these paycheck whores KNOW what they're doing.  I've asked myself this query oodles of times, and the answer is always the same (because it's really THAT unbelievable) . . . and it always comes down to  . . . ego and money.

I have read the horror stories, and emails on this site that would convince anyone with an IQ above 25, that to actually stay locked into such cults is not only a propensity for absolute cured mental epoxy of theological insanity,  it's also totally physically destructive.  The purpose of the site has always been - as many have perceived it - as being both helpful and liberating to the many folks that have been damaged by Herbie's cultism.

These "observing" critics (the "Get over it" type) have - in knowing their circumstances - not been subject to a major destruction in life.  They still have their homes, security, and a goodly pension.  Note: They never gave up "everything" for the WORK in the late seventies, and onwards, so that the church could be saved from the ravages of "Satan."  Why not?  So, they can sit back in their recliners, sip their 80+ proof, and arrogantly say:  "Get over it."  They've lost some money (like any Wall Street investment), but that's all.  But many others have lost loved ones (God's so-called healing teachings), many have lost homes (See Worldwide Church of God REAL ESTATE) and everything of security, and many have lost their hope, dignity, and self respect.  Many have committed suicide.  And so, these self-righteous bastards can still say:  "Get over it?"  What hypocrisy! 

As an old Indian proverb says:  "Never judge a man until you walk a mile in his moccasins."  Forget the 80+ proof, and the recliner.  To you critics, I say:  "Judge ONLY when you have the wisdom to actually "see" and experience to the full, what many have had to endure at the hands of these spiritual prostitutes.  Like the ancient saying goes, which is true, is that the whores are far better people than the knowing cultmasters and hirelings who deliberately (for their own profit) destroy peoples' lives.  The PT Site exposes their rampant hypocrisy.  I'd rather keep the company of a whore (which I don't) than expensively "do lunch" with a cultmaster or hireling.  These slime-ugs KNOW better.

So, to those "secret readers" who like to snipe at the PT Site contributors, I have only one fundamental principle to expound.  "Get real, people - get honest with yourselves, and stop being hypocrites - and get your thots offa your own ego.  Put yourself in the other guy's shoes, and live his life.  You MIGHT learn something.  And on the way - you might hurt a lot too.  Maybe that could be therapeutic, and that's good.  And, who knows, maybe (as a result) you might grow up."


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