The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
World Peace
By JohnO

A few months ago they released a movie called "Miss Congeniality," in which Sandy Bullock played the part of an FBI agent who got herself unwillingly yanked into playing a part in a beauty contest. I thot it was an entertaining movie, if you haven't seen it - I think it's worthwhile. A fun show.

All the contestants, as part of the contest, were expected to make a predictable statement in their blah-blah-blah standard "interview" that they all wanted to work for "world peace." This is a great idea, and all the contestants agreed that this was indeed the ultimate goal, but how does one get world peace in the madness of this age? We live in an age of hatred, madness, war, egomania, and destruction. And the churches are no different in their overall approach. There's no ducking around the point that this ugly world is swimming in a dark spirit. And it's getting worse. Look at the fruits. We have those within our own government who would destroy the Constitution, throw out the Bill of Rights, and start their own personal and focused Declaration of INTERDEPENDENCE. No one knows exactly what these characters are really up to, but it sure parallels the theorems of Worldwide Church of God+.

I've often wondered what would happen if the dead Pontiff Herbie ever rose to such power that he could really wield his psychopathical axe. I've wondered how much those flabby jowls would shake in hatred for those who opposed him? Who could (for example - and looking at the past) ever have predicted that from the mid nineteen twenties, in those ten short years from the rowdy and singing beer halls of Munich that Germany would have a lunatic at the helm of the Reichstag? Who could have predicted the 50+ million dead as a result? Hitler and dead Herbie had the same spirit. Please check the article HITLER, HERBERT & HIRELINGS. The parallels are frightening. It was a good thing that dead Herbie never reached the power of what he could have been (had he lived long enough and achieved what could have been his goals), and it's a good thing that the Worldwide Church of God+ folks never had to wait for the years and waves of possible bloodletting that led up to the scenario of Hitler's bunker - Apostle Herbie style. Thankfully, we never had to wait for a Jonestown scenario, or a Heaven's Gate disaster. It's true. This could have actually happened. There are those gullible who would have followed the dead Apostle to suicide if his edicts so dictated. But, you can bet that - while the gullible were following with their given tithes - old Herbie would have been luxuriating on some desert island with numerous queens and a zillions Mai-Tais. His naked ladies would willingly apply the sun-block with a smothering comfort. Who knows what would have happened if dead Herbie and his jackals had ruled as they all wished? Like John Lennon said: "Imagine."

Worldwide Church of God+ had its own idea of world peace. Wrong, of course - naturally. That was to beat the crap outa everyone ("rule all nations with a rod of iron"), until the whole population were either slaves to the upper cultmasters - or dead. Do you remember, they'd suddenly appear and starve or de-hydrate you until you groveled in the sand and crawled to the Feast of Tabernacles - to hear some evangelistic baboon spout a bundle of Herbie's theological bilge. Please remember here that the Catholic Church did much of the scriptural redacting (including the subjection of women and the obedience to their husbands + plus the above quote), and centuries later when they implemented their thinking into their theology. Unfortunately, this became the normal thinking. But their male dominated ideas and theology became the norm. Eventually it became a historical reality.

They called it the Inquisition. Millions were needlessly murdered because they simply didn't agree with the Catholic ecclesiastical viewpoint. In the sixteen hundreds, women were burnt as witches - but never the men. Worldwide Church of God+ was leaning in that direction. Thankfully, it never reached that plateau. Even though - in this time frame - it started with disfellowship, defaming a person, blackening their reputation, and it even had people avoid you IF you didn't agree with the postulations of the dead Pontiff - Apostle Herbie. If allowed to continue, where would this lunacy have led? But, in those medieval days of Catholicism, inside Europe, if you dared to live openly, you were either Catholic or you died - painfully. Those were the days that religion ruled the world (better called the dark ages), and those are the days that Worldwide Church of God+ yearned to have return - with their own controlaholic, arrogant cultmasters at the helm, of course.

World peace - in their view - was to be gained by the crushing of those who objected to the doctrines of the dead Apostle Herbie, and those who didn't grovel to the arrogant cultmasters. It was simply - as they said repeatedly - "Government from the top down." We all remember. How often did we all hear that statement? Now, all this runs the wrong way according to the sayings attributed to Jesus. "He who will be the greatest among you," He said, "then let him be your servant." Therefore, something's outa whack here. Both sayings cannot be right, and peace cannot ever be gained by someone having "the upper hand," because they'll always be someone else waiting in the background to cut off that "upper hand." The way of the world is competition, and boiled right down, that's the spirit of murder when taken to its extreme.

Those of you who've read Bill Fairchild's last excellent article 30 YEARS IN THE WORLDWIDE CHURCH OF GOD, PART 4, can see some of the competitive madness that characterized this cult. Lunacy prevailed. It's an interesting article because it shows a hideous spirit that came from within the core of this supposedly "Christian" church. For supposedly "Christian" guys, these upper fellows acted totally crazy. How could they proclaim Christ and act like Hitler?

And they all claimed they had the one goal of "World Peace." Right!

By definition, "peace" is defined as something akin to loving our fellow man. It is NOT rulership or domination over him. It is NOT regarding him as less than ourselves. It is NOT refusing to reach out our hand and helping our fellow man. "Love others as you love yourself." It is NOT looking at any race, color or creed and saying that they are less than us. It is NOT critical judgment to anyone simply because they don't believe as we do. It is not defined by religion, race, background, or pre-supposed ideas. It's simply: "A new command I give you, that you love one another as I have loved you." And that is world peace.

Granted, there are those who are less fortunate in life than others. They need help. And if we can give it, then so be it. That's our job. But what's to stop each of us (as the opportunity arises) to give a hand to those who can use it.

Please note: If someone does not want help, or is too lazy and just wants a handout, then there's little any of us can do. These people must walk their own path, and sometimes that could be a path to destruction. But, at least we were willing to try.

On Bill O'Reilly (Fox Network - as if most of us didn't know) the other night, he had Al Sharpton as a guest. As most know, Al is black, and has been called a racist agitator, but he's not totally stupid. He knows where there are problems, and he'd like to see the black people working equally with the more affluent white folks. I'm not saying that Al's approach is totally correct. I think he's an asshole in some ways, but he does see (as many others do as well) and understand the problems facing the black community. He could sure tone down his rhetoric, which he's done in recent months - in contrast to Jesse Jackson.

One thing that Bill brought out is that SIXTY percent of fourth grade black children cannot even read. There was no argument from Al. He knew. He nodded his head and agreed that this is a major problem that needs to be addressed.

Do we see the parallel with Worldwide Church of God+ here? They wanted all of us (and still do) ignorant, and so the ONLY reading allowed was the Bible, from their perspective, and all other permitted reading was their own literature. I'm sure this is the same format as in PCG, from what I hear. Opening our minds, exploring, speculating, experimenting, and honestly proving all things is tantamount to being in bed with "Satan." What's wrong with opening our minds and examining all things? Please let's find out for ourselves. If it's proved wrong, then throw it out. It's that simple. Chuck it. Whatever you prove is wrong, then pitch it. Whatever seems Ok, then examine it more, dissect it, inspect it, prove it again and again, and if you're not sure, please put it on the back burner until the truth becomes clear. But PLEASE use the logic of our minds and think for ourselves. That's why we have mind. To USE. Take all input and examine it. Some may be good, and other parts lousy. Use our minds to learn and grow. Our minds and the logic therein are our path to eternity and the knowledge of forever.

Buddha once said: "The biggest sin of all is ignorance."

This is why I'm even begging the reader to explore, examine, prove all things, and most of all, use our minds. This is totally alien to the Worldwide Church of God+ philosophy. When our minds are open, the Infinity of energy can flow, and miracles can really happen. It most likely won't happen in the way we think, but it will open a new world, a new concept, and a new viewpoint. Whatever happens, I promise you - it won't be boring. A closed mind will block the energy flow of IT, and the result will be stagnancy. A friend of mine recently quoted someone else when he told me: "John," he said, "most men were born to fill a grave." Look around us.

World peace is NOT impossible. It just takes the courage to change. It will take a massive change, and from many of the wimpy dictators that now rule the oppressed Earth. Few, across the planet will do this. Ego, pride, and power dominate. So few of the oppressors will submit to equality among men. That also goes for the JESUS CULTS, and their controlaholic ego/centered and money hungry leaders. But, much has been done in this direction in the Western world - especially in the USA - but much more needs to be done. Many in this country are really trying. Bless 'em. It may be a losing battle, but you've gotta give some of these guys and women guts for trying. Sure, there are thousands of suggestions that one can give that can help toward world peace, but without two fundamental principles, world peace can never happen. To implement them will take universal co-operation. It will take time. Lotsa and lotsa time. But in the end, it cannot help but result in our planet living in peace. If it's done, world peace will be the ultimate result.

It is interesting to note that the principles employed by the Worldwide Church of God+ brood are the exact opposite of what would cause peace, harmony, and happiness on this Earth. These creeps of the dead Apostle Herbie parasites have gone the way of Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein, and Mao. They have not used common sense or logic, presumably because they do NOT want peace, but want to be the cultmasters, the overlords, the controlaholics, and the arrogant slave masters. They obviously want to dominate the congregations, soak in their adoration, and milk their bank accounts. These are the indeed the tares of the Earth.

So, let's look at two of the opposite principles to Worldwide Church of God+ etc. that would guarantee world peace. These principles are simple, but (granted) very difficult to implement.

Boy! Will this be a tough one for Worldwide Church of God+ to swallow? For as long as history has recorded, the populations of men and women (except for the intermittent passages of war) have always been roughly equal. Mathematically, this population of sexes should normally be somewhat of an analog or a sinusoidal curve, but it has consistently stayed as a flat line. And this is abnormal. This is NOT a law of averages, as such a law will fluctuate - even thought it may balance in the end, the law of averages will have its highs and lows. That's why it's called "averages." It will sway up and down, just like a sine wave. Such is NOT the case here. Logically, the actual (observable) statistics don't make sense, as nothing stays that constant. So this bears a closer observation. There's something far more involved here. There should normally be an up and down of the sex populations over the ages. But, the worldwide birth rate has been almost a flat line. Male births=Female births. Consistently. Does this tell us something? That which created all of us and breathed life into all of us, gave us two sexes and the consistent births of equal population. And it's NEVER changed. Doesn't that consistent breeding mean something - even to the most feeble mind? There is obviously supernatural intelligence involved here. Make sense? Nature is telling us, that although we're different, we're EQUAL. That's why the populations are always roughly the same. So, logically, we're supposed to work together. Right?

The next question is: How do we handle this equality?

We're all different. There's no doubting that. So? Big deal. And we're all gonna argue. That's for sure. But so do men, and so do women. That doesn't make either of them inferior. Men are different from each other, as women are. Personally, I'm glad women are women, and men are men. But we differ. However, there's a point worth noting here. When you INTELLIGENTLY put of meld the two sets of minds together, you get true wisdom. And I think this was the original plan. We've just forgotten how to implement it. Men and women think and act differently (sometimes annoyingly), but when those two psyches click together, there is a combination that is formidable. Each completes the other. That was the original plan. And when it clicks (if worked on) the effort pays off. We will have productivity and a civilization of the highest order. We will have World Peace. Men and women form an equal part of the whole person. That's the way we were designed. And with a whole balanced person, you can have logical peace. You cannot have peace with only half a psyche.

But in two-thirds of the world, this is not the case. In Worldwide Church of God+ it certainly is NOT. Women are second grade citizens there, and the "Yessir," and "No-sir," from the wives are commonly heard phrases when then cultmasters and hirelings are gathered together. My wife has called me lots of things (some not repeatable), but NEVER has she ever called me "Sir," nor would I ever have her do that. "Honey," or "Luv," has been our most common addressing terms. "Smooching" is more common.

In many parts of South America, Africa, and the Middle East, the women are chattels and nothing more. Sometime they're slaves, and sometimes they're sold as prostitutes, female slaves, etc. This is a throwback to primitive madness. Stupidly, the men who control these women don't even realize that they're losing half their souls, let alone half their intelligence, half their wisdom, and half their viable support force. This will take much time and education for these hardheads to see this. And it must take the intelligence of IT for those despots to see this. But, it's so strange that this female oppression parallels the cultmaster's female domination in Worldwide Church of God+. Women and men were meant to be a combi-blessing and together, as they faced the world. Men must work WITH women if intelligence is to dominate. If a half of this world, women are considered only the lowly child bearers, and unfortunately - in many cults - the same thing is true. The women become the slaves, and the men become the masters. This is the ultimate of madness.

Don't they understand the logic behind this ILLOGIC? Women, combined with men form the total soul. It takes BOTH parts to make the total human psyche. Neither is complete without the other. And world peace is not possible while there's sexual and religious division.

If world peace is to ever happen, these medieval Catholic/Worldwide Church of God+ atrocities must stop. Women are - and always have been - equal to men. That was the original design, and world peace will not happen without its implementation.

Granted, we all have different talents, and that's fine. That's the way we were made. Each of us has our own unique talent. That's the way it was designed. But it's also worth remembering that: "Of whom much is given, much is required." But, there are no "bosses," no ranks, and no authority over another. We may all have different human talents, but we're all still equal. We help each other. We either work together as a human species, or we'll die together as a divisive mess of quarreling children. Our choice.

But even with different backgrounds, talents, and wealth - we're ALL equal. It's up to those who have more to help those (whenever possible) who have less. And it all starts with education. "The biggest sin of all is ignorance." This puts a huge burden on the educational system, but when a person is truly educated, they can stand on their own feet. With the curse of ignorance, and without a decent education, they will surely collapse into welfare, poverty, drugs, crime, and a life of misery on the streets. We live in a great country where education is possible for anyone who is willing and able to take it. If a person is too lazy, or wants a handout, then it is THEY who must starve. It's noteworthy to see that churches - like Worldwide Church of God+ like to have all of us dependent on them. The membership hangs on the "churches" every word. It's just like a religious "welfare" system (making us the dependants), but labeled with the "Christian" title.

Certainly, there are varying degrees in education. But now there are leaders in every race, color and creed who are now doing their very best to see that education is given to anyone who wants it. Even those who don't know they need it are encouraged to get themselves education. It can be done. Lemme tell you a story.

A well known lecturer visited South Side Chicago and stopped off at a school. South side Chicago is an area loaded with crime, drugs, parental neglect, and gangs. I know, I've been there many times. And I've worked with companies in that area. This is rough stuff, and not the best of places to be at any time. This particular school was run by two or three black ladies. This whole particular school was filled with only impoverished black children. But, these, very smart, ladies had a different approach to education as they taught these pre-schoolers. They threw out all the usual crappy elementary books like "See Spot Run," "The Three Bears," "Three Little Pigs," etc, and substituted the universal classics. These were the REAL classics. They introduced the students to the American classics (Twain, Steinberg, Mitchener, etc), the European classics (Scott, Shakespeare, etc.), and they taught them to read these books. Nothing else. When the lecturer came to visit, he talked at random to one boy. He was very impressed by this young man's intelligence - much the same as the whole class. Something great was obviously happening here. The fruits were obvious.

"What was the last book you read?" he asked the young man. "OF MICE AND MEN," the young'un replied. "Who wrote it?" "John Steinbeck." He continued questioning this young man about difficult words, and young'un answered them all correctly. He was obviously a brilliant young man from a broken home, living in a drug infested neighborhood, and was living in almost poverty. "How old are you?" asked the lecturer. "I'm four years old," said the young man.

So, it CAN be done.

Giving everyone a fair chance at education - as far as they want to go and for whatever vocation they desire - is a big chunk of the balance in human brotherhood.

If all mankind is educated to their limits and their desires, then we can function as a world team. Until then, it won't happen. Most of this world has deliberately (especially women) been kept in ignorance. This personally infuriates me, as we're losing 50% of our population talent. Knowledge, and the free use of our minds means freedom, and that's why Worldwide Church of God+ wants to keep people ignorant from anything else but their own propaganda, because: "The truth will set you free."

If there's freedom, then there's open mindedness. There's exploration of all matter, things, the universe, ourselves, and the spiritual beyond. And who knows of the Infinity that lies after that. Infinity is Infinity, and for that, there's no limit to where we'll go. We only must be willing to look, examine, prove, and have the guts to believe in the unbelievable - the impossible. It's all there. We WILL achieve the impossible. And it's all possible.

 Where will our infinite mind lead us? Stand back. It's gonna be a fun eternity. While religion, or any other dominant force, can impose ignorance, then it is THEY that control your lives, your careers, your thinking, your future, and they will (if they can) control your eternity.

Unfortunately, we're not there yet on this planet. We may not yet (with the limited spirit on this planet) have all the answers, but until man changes, the ignorance will remain, so will war, poverty, and ignorance. We may only have the beginning of the answers - but at least, that's a start. Please think about this, or at least - prove it wrong. We may never come up with all the answers to world peace in an instant, but . . . . can we PLEASE make a start? The beginnings are simple . . . You have some of them mentioned above.

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