The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
It's All Your Fault
By JohnO

Although "finger pointing" and justification for doing the wrong thing have been around forever, I've noticed it more and more today, both in the media as well as real life. In interviews on TV, it's always the other guy's fault that something went wrong. It's been well publicized, on the Internet, in speeches, and racist writings, that many black and other minority people regard all their problems as being due to the white race. Many will take no responsibility for their situation. It's always someone else's fault.

For example, far too many inner city gang members are raised without a father, or a mother (Mom's either drunk or on drugs - I've personally witnessed this dozens of times) Many have no education, no spiritual or moral training, and they turn out to be criminals. Is it any wonder? Then I've actually heard black leaders screaming that all these inner city problems are due to the white race. Another example is in politics. Whenever some legitimate bill is squashed, because of excess lobbying, or kickbacks, then it's always someone else's fault that the bill was not passed. It's NEVER the senator or congressperson's fault. They mumble some weak excuse, point the finger at someone else, and walk away.

In all of this there is one big factor that emerges. Very few people have the guts to take responsibility for their own actions.

No one, it seems, does anything wrong in today's world, and if problems occur, then it's always the other guy's fault. And so it was, that I came to think in this light about religion, especially the "new-improved" Worldwide Church of God - with their "new-improved" doctrines.

Do we realize that the Worldwide Church of God and probably their offspring blame the membership for all the ill-feeling that's happening? Mistakes will happen, they strongly infer, but Jesus has forgiven us, so IF you don't do the same, then it's all your fault. Our sins are gone, they'll tell us, so if you don't forgive and forget, then the sin lies with all of you. There is not one shred of blame that's accepted here by these cultmasters. Jesus forgives, they'll continue, and so must we. The lunacy of this rationale amazes me. The aspect of some kind of restitution - even a simple apology on the APOLOGY PAGE does not affect their consciences in the slightest. Why bother, they think? Jesus did it all, so why should I care?

There's always been a simple principle in this world: If a person does wrong and gets away with it - by either justifying it or by blaming someone else - then the chances are they'll continue in doing the wrong thing. If you doubt this, then please examine the conduct of the Worldwide Church of God offspring. There are dead Apostle Herbies running loose everywhere. The last count I got was that there were about 150 of these loonies.

One example of this deviant standard - and there are innumerable others - we all remember the Damien Williams case (recorded on TV) where he smashed in Reginald Denny's skull with a brick, then did a dance. This was recorded on film during the L.A. riots in South Central LA - a minority area - after the Rodney King episode and the first trial outcome. During the trial, William's poor upbringing was emphasized. Pooooooor Damien! He never knew his father, he was poverty stricken, society gave him no education, etc. That was the justification, so the jury decided to go easy on him and give him the minimum verdict. He was given the max of eleven years, but he was paroled in three years. Less than two years later, he murdered a man - shot the man down in cold blood. He's now awaiting trial for first degree murder. Pooooooor Damien!

This, and countless other examples, emphasize the fact that if someone does the wrong thing in today's world, if any sanity is to be upheld at all, then restitution - of some sort - must be made. Otherwise, we'll have a constant repetition of the same kind of behavior which will continue to justify wrongdoing. But in today's world, restitution is NOT the thing. And religion has capitalized on this standard. Restitution is definitely not the thing to do in today's society. Blaming someone else is. It's always (as claimed) someone else's fault, or as the late Flip Wilson used to say: "Da devil made me do it." Unfortunately, society buys into this crap. And so does religion.

Even in the Mosaic Law (which was taken from previous laws written hundreds of years earlier), we find that for thousands of years, and to maintain a stable society, restitution for any wrong done must be attempted. Granted, for all the wrongdoing that Worldwide Church of God hirelings and/or cultmasters have done to people in the past, we may NEVER be able to pay back the pain and hurt we've caused. But, at the very least, we could apologize. Anyone can do that. No one has to write articles, treatises, go on a lecture tour, or pour out millions of dollars. All that's not necessary. An honest, simple apology could suffice. At least it would be a start.

The idea of apologizing to the ex-Worldwide Church of God members would choke in the minds and throats of many ex-Worldwide Church of God cultmasters and hirelings. Yet they've done incredible wrong, and conveniently passed the buck to Jesus. How fitting! I don't know where these characters get their theology, because it sure ain't in the Bible. There's absolutely NOTHING in the sayings of Jesus that says He was going to die, His blood would cover all of our sins, and to be sinless, all we have to do is say "sorry" to Jesus. In fact, there are examples of instruction that tell us that if we do wrong in some way, we ought to try and make amends. This is showing love to our fellow man. The other alternative of ignoring any wrong done, is simply a cop out by cowards.

While channel flicking the other day, I came across some hireling from some church or other, giving his explanation of forgiveness. "We're all forgiven," he said. "Jesus blood did it. It is done," In the last sentence, he was simply repeating the saying of Jesus - out of context, of course. He then equated this to all sins are forgiven if we come to Jesus and say: "We're sorry." There was not one hint of making restitution for any damage, or trying to repair a shattered life, or replace physical goods or money stolen. All that was necessary was that we come to Jesus and repent. "It is done," he said. Actually, this statement was reportedly spoken by Jesus (in John's Gospel) as He died, but it referred to the work He had finished - that is, preaching the message of the kingdom; which incidentally has NOTHING to do with salvation by Jesus.

So today, we have the criminals that blame society for their problems. "The system made us do it. It ain't our fault." And so they try and pass the blame onto the innocent folks and make them out to be the bad-guys. So, the innocent victims are supposed to simply look the other way and let the criminal go free? But, isn't this the same principle used in religion? It's the same underlying theme in all the Jesus cults, and it certainly is (from our direct perspective) the theme used in the "new-improved" Worldwide Church of God.

You see, what they're saying (and NOT so subtly) is that Jesus has forgiven them of all the wrong, and if we still find hurt and resentment in our hearts for their shattering our lives, then it's not their fault anymore. It's all our fault. That's what is inferred. Jesus has forgiven them. If there's a problem, they would have us believe, then that problem belongs to us. In other words, all the travesties that were done to the membership were nothing more than "trials," and if we don't simply forget all about it, then the problem is ours. That is to say, their sins and wrongdoing are all OUR fault.

This is why one of the reasons that I've taken so much exception to these Jesus cults. Just confess our sins to Jesus, they say, and suddenly we're born again, and live in the spirit. Even if it were in the Bible - which it is NOT - it has nothing to do with the fundamental principle of showing love to our fellow man. We can only do that by trying to repair some of the damage done. That's the type of action which is trying to show love. Simply trying to dump the whole money making, whoring, alcoholic, suicidal, and monetary extravagant Worldwide Church of God mess onto Jesus, shows nothing. It's - as stated before - a copout by cowards.

Now, this is the current, convenient theology for the Worldwide Church of God, and who knows how many of its repulsive offspring. Don't bother to repair the damage, they say, just tell Jesus what you've done, and it's all AOK. Screw the membership. But, in the meantime, let's wallow in the profits.

In many cases, its certainly a fact that many people are simply not able to make restitution to the degree they would like. Many cannot write articles (but they can relate their experiences to the PT Site), or track down everyone they've wronged. But if one honestly looks hard enough and has an open hearted spirit, the opportunity will arise - from time to time - where something (no matter how small) can be done - even if it's just a kind word or a loving smile. That love can go out to anyone, not necessarily just an ex-Worldwide Church of God member. A huge step is for cultmasters and hirelings to have the guts and add their names to the APOLOGY PAGE. All you "ministers" owe that to the people you've wronged - whether the wrong you did was deliberate or just through dumb ignorance. In any case, the membership deserves an apology. Whether you can accept it or not, the membership's spirits have been irreparably damaged, and we are responsible.

Now, I know from the private emails that I get that these articles are flying all over the Internet. On each article page is the statement: "Email this article to a friend," so there are many who are reading all of this, and undoubtedly, many cultmasters/hirelings are choking.

While you (cultmasters/hirelings) hold out on apologizing (even if restitution cannot be made) then what you're trying to BS us is by saying that Jesus has covered your sins, and IF we don't accept that and forget what was done, then the problem is ALL OUR FAULT. There's nowhere in the Bible that says: Forgive and Forget. It just ain't there. There's plenty about forgiveness, but such forgiveness depends on one big thing. That thing is: Repentance.

Passing the buck to Jesus, and blaming us for not forgiving is NOT showing any sign of repentance. Life's principle is incredibly simple. If there's no repentance, then there can be no forgiveness. While the current and/or silent past "ministry" can scoff at this, it doesn't change the fact that wrong was done and not repented of, which means that their penalty is still active. Might I remind all cultmasters and hirelings of the word: "Karma?" Good or bad, you don't have to look for it, and you can't buy your way out of it. Karma will eventually find you. And trust me - Jesus won't do a thing to stop it. Karma is an inexorable law of the Universe.

Forgiveness comes from the Infinite, and if you do harm, you put a "dent" in the fabric of the Infinite Life. And it will always return to the offender, with interest.

It's only a feeble justification when such a ministerial offender tries to weasel his way out of the situation by saying: "It's all your fault because you won't forgive me." Forgiveness on our part has nothing to do with what will eventually come upon you. You've started a system that destroyed thousands of lives, and the payback will come rolling in, at the right time. "What you sow, that you shall surely reap." That's karma.

You have a chance to at least apologize. If you have the stomach for it, then please do it. Use the APOLOGY PAGE. But whatever you do, please don't try and BS us with the bilge that Jesus has wiped you clean and you have no more responsibility. All of us hirelings have much work to do, but at no time can we put the blame back on the membership and say: It's all your fault because you won't forgive us." Please don't use the "Jesus excuse," because Jesus is not even involved here. This is your problem - yours and mine - and the membership are the victims. Take responsibility for your own sins. Be men, step up, and say you're sorry. Since many of you are still unrepentant, then the guilt lies heavily at your doorstep.

The big spiritual lie that is now being spread in all corners of "Christendom" is that all the wrong we've done is NOT our fault, since Jesus wiped it all away. But that thinking is non-theological, it's only justification for the wrong done, it's a gutless cop out, and it's fundamentally wrong. That so-called theology is nothing more that spiritual effluent. It doesn't exist. It's an invention of money making men and corporations. And it's promoted widely by their mouthpieces - who incidentally, generally do very well financially.

We, as hirelings/ex-hirelings, have done the wrong thing, and we must somehow try and restore the balance. In any case, the fault does NOT belong to the membership whose lives have been destroyed and ruined. But for those cultmasters/hirelings of you who still belong to the cult system and who don't give a damn - THE FAULT IS YOURS.

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