The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
 Final Church Service
In Ambassador Auditorium

 The following information is based on an eyewitness report from Pasadena.

 The Worldwide Church of God headquarters congregation will have the last official church service in Ambassador Auditorium, on the 26th of February, exactly 3462 weeks after the Radio Church of God started on 21 October 1933.

 The groundbreaking for the Auditorium was held on 14 January 1972. The formal dedication of Ambassador Auditorium took place on 6 May 1974.

 After that, the Los Angeles congregation will return to the LA area for local services, and the remaining members in Pasadena will meet in Fellowship Hall, the old Ambassador College Student Center. Ambassador Auditorium will still be used for combined area services and special events occasionally.

 There have been rumors that the dedication plaque to the Great God are to be removed, but nothing may be done until Legacy Corp takes over. Escrow is said to close at the end of October 2000.

Once they buy the property they will be free to alter whatever they want to. However, they have already made a public commitment to keep the Ambassador Auditorium name, and have stated that they wish to start concerts and events again.

 Legacy realizes that Ambassador is world famous, and that many Los Angeles area people will return to concerts at the Auditorium. They also recognize the quality of the building and the property, and have said that they want to make the Auditorium the "Crown Jewel" of the site, so they obviously recognize the value and quality of the facility.

The next service in March, will, for the time being, be in the Student Center/Social Hall, and on campus - same time.  This will continue until the campus is vacated by Worldwide Church of God.  So, things are winding down.  "God's College" has been absorbed by mammon. But - again - who gets the profits?

It is also reported that you can continue to filter your offerings to God through the Worldwide Church of God or any of its spin-offs. Unfortunately, the filter is very effective and God sees none of it. It will be used to feather the nests of the religious con-men and to suck more good, fearful of death and the unknown, people into the religion trap. Once in, it is very hard to escape.


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