The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God

Finding Meaning In Life After The Cult
By Joanne

 After leaving the Worldwide Church, or any Cult, or abusive, deceptive Organization, we are left with emptiness, confusion, anger, fear, and a deep sense of loss What we need to do is find a support group that will help us grieve the losses. This helps identify and validate the truth of what happened to us. Otherwise we end up blaming ourselves for what was not our fault. Once we have taken those steps and done the work of grieving, then is the time to rebuild. The Reality we gave up was in our MIND. We created it (with the help of others). We have the power to rebuild and create a new belief system. WE ARE OUR MINDS! Think about that! It is power! That very power was given at birth. We need healthy people to show us the way to make new choices. and to create a new Reality. The Seeds of Life lie within us.

 If you notice, most people find their meaning or purpose in their status, possessions, degrees, professions jobs, careers groups, organizations, Religion, God. These are all external and circumstantial Yet that is not where our meaning and purpose lies. We need to focus on the great gift we have been given. We begin with acknowledging we are ALIVE. The temporary things are ok, and they work for awhile, but what happens when they change or disappear? What if you find that everything you have always believed in is a lie?

Many of us have been faced with this dilemma and have been forced to look elsewhere. Since we are social beings, and DO NEED support of healthy people to help us see who we really are. The fact we are alive means we have potential, we are valuable just because we exist! To surround yourself with people who value you, validate your reality, are the ones who can help you develop your skills and talents. These are the tools to know YOU HAVE, to be able to contribute back to society the help given to you. We live in a SYMBIOTIC SOCIETY. We need each other to develop, grow, to expand our SELF to become more than living on an animalistic level.

I believe our goal as humans is to live in the here and now. To create a better world for us and those who come after us. We do not know what the future holds. Perhaps there IS another life to come. I HOPE so, yet I do not have faith in it. We must deal with Reality. This means we can't know anything for certain. Once we value OURSELVES and our potential, accept what IS NOW, we will find our meaning and purpose within. No longer will we always be dependent on outside, external things, which are temporary.

Now think once more. Is "man" worthless, or less valuable, if individuals choose to believe in God, or not to? Isn't there value to man just because he exists and has potential to make the world a better place?


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