The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God

The Glasses

by Louise

Once upon a time, there was a little boy who saw things all fuzzy and blurry, but he did not know that everything was all fuzzy and blurry, he thought the whole world was just that way.

One day his mother took him to get his eyes checked, and low and behold as he saw the world through his new lenses he realized that the world was not like he thought it was. He realized that what he had thought was real only his own personal perception of what was real, looking through eyes that could not see.

With his new glasses the little boy enjoyed the way the world really is. He knew now that for a long time he had not been seeing correctly.

When this little boy grew up, he picked up a new pair of glasses one day. Only he did not know that he had picked them up, because these were magic glasses and again the same thing happened to him. He was seeing the world through defective lenses. Everything he looked at was tinted by his new defective glasses. He had a new world view given to him by these glasses.

Sadly the little boy was now a grown man, with a wife and children and as he wore his magic glasses. His whole life and theirs became colored by the tint in his new glasses that he didn't realize he even wore.

One day he awoke and found that what he thought was real was not real. What he thought had been real wasn't and what he thought wasn't real was. He was confused, until his magic glasses fell off of his nose. They were called the Plain Truth, (that wasn't.)




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