The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
God is Good!
By John Davies

The total compensation of the heads of religious non-profit organizations including Evangelists Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, and Franklin Graham remains one of American's best kept secrets bringing up the question if the prominent religious leaders in America have any integrity.

Unknown to most Americans is the fact that when religious non-profits organizations such as Benny Hinn, Robert Tilton or Bill Graham Evangelistic Organization get in trouble due to state audits, they just pick up their organization and move to another state and start all over again, for Non-profits organizations are incorporated by the state and not the Federal government. As a result Evangelist Robert Tilton moved his organization to Florida from Texas and Benny Hinn moved his organization to Texas from Florida. It's a shell game!

Even though a President of an Evangelical Ministry must be blameless, the husband of one wife, temperate, sober-minded, of good behavior, hospitable, able to teach; not given to wine, not violent, and not greedy for money, Ned Graham the son of Billy Graham, Southern Baptist minister, president East Gates International, a group that distributes Bibles in China told Christianity Today in an interview that he had abused alcohol and spent an "inappropriate amount of time" with two women on his staff.

Grace Community Church, Southern Baptist Convention, in Auburn, Washington-which counted Ned Graham, his wife, and their two sons as members established in 1999 the fact that Ned Graham was an adulterer, alcoholic, wife abuser, and drug user and revoked Graham's ministerial credentials. It directed Graham to stop using the title reverend.

Yet in a style reminiscent of Jimmy Swaggart, who refused to be defrocked by the Assembly of God denomination, Ned Graham left that congregation for another church.

Most of the staff and board members of East Gates International resigned amid controversies. East Gates, in Sumner, Wash., withdrew its membership in the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability after Ned replaced the board members with his sister Ruth Graham McIntyre, brother-in-law Stephan Tchividjian, and business leader Peter Lowe.

The Associated Press reported from M I N N E A P O L I S, Nov. 21,2000 - The Rev. Billy Graham, America's best known evangelist, is stepping down from the head of the ministry he founded a half-century ago. His son, the Rev. Franklin Graham, has been named chief executive officer of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, which was founded in 1950. The elder Graham, who turned 82 this month, will remain chairman of the board and hopes to conduct several crusades next year. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease about six years ago. He spent three months at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., earlier this year after a crusade in Nashville.

But the financial statements of Billy Graham Evangelist Association for the last ten years have shown that Dr. Billy Graham has taken a one hundred percent salary as chairman of BGEA. But it's a fact that Dr. Billy Graham has not worked a hundred percent of the time and not even fifty percent.

So is this right for a man who is supposed to be "Mr. Integrity" to take a hundred percent salary, plus pension plus one hundred percent of other fringe benefits and compensations and works less than fifty percent of the time?

According IRS rules all non profit organizations must report the salaries of the top five paid staff members! But BGEA is not releasing to the donors Billy Graham's or Franklin Graham's total compensation. Since BGEA is stonewalling the donors for such information, as has been the case so far, then they are hiding something?

The Associated Baptist Press - on April 3, 2001 also reported that "About half of Baptist organizations contacted by the independent newspaper Baptists Today would not disclose salary information for their top executive. Three Southern Baptist Convention entities said policies allowed them to release only salary ranges.

Presidents Albert Mohler of Southern Seminary in Louisville, Ky., and Kenneth Hemphill of Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, declined to provide any information on compensation. New Orleans Seminary did not return numerous phone calls regarding the salary of President Charles Kelley. However, the IRS requires all colleges and universities to report the salaries of the top five paid staff members, Brumley explained."

It is safe to say that some of the smoothest Southern Baptist thieves in America are Rev. Billy, Ned and Franklin Graham who hide their total compensation including special privileges and expenses in his North Carolina home paid by BGEA, including support staff and are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and possibly closer to a million dollars.

Due to the art of stonewalling the true total compensation of the Graham's are very well hidden and kept a secret. For even though he was sick and dying, spent over fifty percent of his time in bed or the hospital, Dr. Billy Graham had been taking a one hundred percent salary and other benefits from the B.G.E.A. that he had founded: Even though the I.R.S. rules stated that no non-profit organization should exist for the benefit of one individual.

No other salaried employee in B.G.E.A. was allowed to take a one hundred percent salary plus his pension fund and other perks and spends so many days being sick, as Billy Graham has done and does. Where was the justice or integrity in all of this?

..."As CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, he collects an annual salary of $115,500, plus a $38,500 housing allowance. The organization and its affiliates brought in $139- million in contributions and revenue last year" reported the St. Petersburg Times during the Billy Graham Crusade in Tampa in 1998. It also reported "Graham, who suffers from Parkinson's disease, has crusades planned next year in Indianapolis and St. Paul."


Although it's the public right as well as each donor's right to know and ask questions about the total remuneration of Southern Baptist Billy Graham, including special privileges and expenses in his North Carolina home paid by BGEA, including support staff. Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Samaritan's Purse, and Campus Crusade For Christ have developed the art of stonewalling when it comes to special remuneration and expenses of it's chairmen.

Many prominent Baptist evangelists in America, such as Billy and Franklin Graham, belong to the Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability that purports to work on behalf of the donor but in reality exists for the spenders. Although ECFA has in its possessions the total salaries of all the religious evangelical non-profit organizations that belong to it, it will not disclose them.

Christian News Today requested such information from ECFA but to no avail, although the hypocritical motto of ECFA is

"For we are taking pains to do what is right, not only in the eyes of the LORD, but also in the eyes of men"

It's also to be noted that the most efficient charities in the American Religion Category for the year 2000 Samaritan's Purse, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Focus on the Family, and Campus Crusade for Christ had many things in common besides being Southern Baptist led in that they do not reveal to the public or their donors the total salary of their Chairman of their non profit organization even though their tax exemptions come from the public.

Although it's the public right as well as each donor's right to know and ask questions about the total remuneration of Southern Baptist Billy Graham, including special privileges and expenses in his North Carolina home paid by BGEA, including support staff. Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Samaritan's Purse, and Campus Crusade For Christ have developed the art of stonewalling when it comes to special remuneration and expenses of it's chairmen.

Paul and Jan Crouch, who head the Trinity Broadcasting Network, received substantial raises in 1998, according to an October report published in The Orange County (Calif.) Register. The report was based on information from a survey of the non-profit industry.

According to the initial report from The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Paul Crouch, TBN's founder and president, received a raise of more than 64 percent in 1998. The newspaper said it was "the largest pay increase in the country for the top executive of a major not-for-profit group." Crouch's earnings went from $159,500 in 1997 to $262,915 the following year. Jan, the organization's vice president, also received a big raise. Her earnings more than doubled, going from $159,500 to $321,375 during the same time period.

A spokesman for TBN said, "The network felt they needed to compensate them more so their retirement fund could be increased accordingly." Crouch's average annual salary since the network's founding in 1973 has been about $70,000. Jan did not receive a salary until 1981.

Crouch has grown TBN into the world's largest religious broadcaster, with more than 1,200 outlets, according to November 1999 figures. He also has ventured into the motion picture business with the production of The Omega Code, a full-length feature film. The movie opened in theaters across the country and earned a sizable share of attendance ratings for the fall season. The film's story line is based upon a secret code hidden within the pages of Scripture and is an outgrowth of The Bible Code phenomenon of a few years ago.

Editor's note. There is quite a difference in money between base salary and total compensation. For example PRIVATE DOLLARS FOR PUBLIC PRESIDENTS
Private donations are playing an increasing role in paying the salaries and benefits of public-university presidents.

Following are the compensation packages of six public-university presidents, in 2001-2.

John W. Shumaker, University of Louisville

Total annual compensation:
* $597,455

State contribution:
* $263,304 in base salary
* $21,000 in deferred compensation
* $8,250 expense allowance for leasing a car

Private contribution:
* $98,361 for base salary as a consultant to the University of Louisville Foundation
* $85,389 for performance bonuses
* $121,151 in deferred compensation and benefits
* $1.5-million bonus if he completes his 10-year contract, which expires in 2008
* The foundation provides him with another car, a club membership, and a house

R. Dan Burck, University of Texas System

Total annual compensation:
* $506,925

State contribution:
* $70,231 in base salary
* State provides a house

Private contribution:
* $315,967 in base salary
* $100,000 in deferred compensation
* $8,400 car allowance
* $5,191 housekeeper allowance
* $7,136 for dues in five private clubs

John T. Casteen III, University of Virginia

Total annual compensation:
* $452,943

State contribution:
* $146,843 in base salary
* $7,111 performance bonus

Private contribution:
* $142,971 in base salary
* $40,000 salary from an endowed chair
* $8,861 performance bonus
* $75,000 in deferred compensation
* $15,000 car allowance
* $12,100 for college tuition for his youngest son
* $5,057 for dues for three private clubs

John D. Wiley, University of Wisconsin at Madison

Total annual compensation:
* $298,250

State contribution:
* $202,250 in base salary
* State provides a car and a house

Private contribution:
* $96,000 for salary as a consultant to the University of Wisconsin Foundation

David B. Frohnmayer, University of Oregon

Total annual compensation:
* $286,004

State contribution:
* $146,004 in base salary
* $15,000 for expenses
* State provides a house

Private contribution:
* $85,000 in salary from the University of Oregon Foundation
* $40,000 from an endowed chair ($17,600 of that goes toward a salary supplement; $20,000 is for expenses; and rest goes for benefits)
* Foundation also provides a car

Robert A. Hoover, University of Idaho

Total annual compensation:
* $275,811

State contribution:
* $161,346 in base salary
* $17,500 in deferred compensation
* $4,800 for leasing a car
* State provides a house

Private contribution:
* $90,796 in deferred compensation and taxes from the University of Idaho Foundation, if he completes his eight-year contract, which expires in 2007
* $1,369 for dues for two private clubs

Compensation of Top Officials at Selected Non-Profit Organizations
(Base Salary figures do not include benefits or expense allowances; all figures in US dollars)

Base Salary*
Percentage of Org. Income Organization
Human Services Groups:
American Red Cross Elizabeth H. Dole $201,516 .012% $1,721,200,806
Goodwill Industries International David M. Cooney, President* $209,153 .022% $951,000,000
Habitat for Humanity International Millard Fuller, President $55,000 .097% $56,941,483 (1)
Prison Fellowship Ministries Thomas Pratt, President $97,000 .364% $26,662,000
Salvation Army Kenneth L. Hodder, President* $59,045 (2) .004% $1,421,005,370
YMCA of the USA David Mercer, Executive Director $249,299 .012% $2,059,863,107
International Relief-and-Development Groups
AmeriCares Foundation
Robert C. Macauley, CEO 0 .000% $145,779,152
CARE Philip Johnston, President* $223,213 .049% $460,191,000 (3)
United States Committee for UNICEF Gwendolyn C. Baker, President $208,000 .379% $54,848,000
World Vision Robert A. Seiple, President $143,303 .047% $304,003,311
Religious Groups:
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Billy Graham, Chief Executive Officer $135,000* .147% 95,376,136
Campus Crusade For Christ William R. Bright $43,402 (4) .021% $209,107,000
Christian Broadcasting Network Michael D. Little, President $151,990 .152% $100,118,260
Christian and Missionary Alliance Paul F. Bubna, President $34,479 (5) .034% $101,133,204
Focus on the Family Richard W. Mason, Senior Vice-President $123,674 .132% $93,597,838
Jewish Communal Fund Norman Sokoloff, Exec. Vice-President $143,285 (6) .165% $87,026,895
The Navigators Jerry White, International President $80,168 .104% $77,222,000
Trinity Christian Center Paul F. Crouch, President $159,500 .178% $89,614,162
Wycliffe Bible Translators Hyatt Moore, President $32,269 (7) .039% $83,759,312
Young Life Dennis Ryberg, President $95,100 .137% $69,530,721 (8)
Youth Groups:
Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America Thomas McKenna, Nat. Exec. Director $111,650 .113% $99,114,596
Boy Scouts of America Jere Ratcliffe, Chief Scout Executive $328,098 (9) .067% $486,589,000
The Following added by the PT Editor
Worldwide Church of God Joseph Tkach ? ? Going down. :-)
Philadelphia Church of God Gerald Flurry ? ? ?
United Church of God Les McCullough ? ? ?
"Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association"
"Intercontinental Church of God"
Garner Ted Armstrong ? ? ?
Living Church of God Roderick Meredith ? ? ?
The Church of God David Hulme ? ? ?
Christian Educational Ministries Ron Dart ? ? ?

* No longer holds position.
(1) Income figures for national office only.
(2) Mr. Hodder shared his salary with his wife, Marjorie, who was also an employee of the organization. The couple has retired.
(3) Income figure does not include money raised by overseas affiliates.
(4) Mr. Bright shares his salary with his wife, Vonette, the organization's co-founder. The figure does not include housing expenses or the use of automobiles donated to the organization.
(5) Mr. Bubna became president Aug. 1, 1995. His salary and benefits cover the last five months of the fiscal year.
(6) Mr. Sokoloff's salary is paid by the United Jewish Appeal/Federation Jewish Philanthropies of New York.
(7) Mr. Moore raises money for his own salary. He keeps 90% of what he raises as compensation; 10% goes to the organization for administrative support.
(8) Income figure includes money raised by Young Life Foundation.
(9) Salaries include unspecified amounts of retirement benefits. Figures were not available. compiled from The Chronicle of Philanthropy


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