The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God

The Got-Us-Burgled Address

By Alex

The Gettysburg Address conformed and rephrased to address the miseries, sorrows, woes and tragedies caused by the Worldwide Church of God in this century.

"Fourscore and many years ago, there was spawned upon this continent a false prophet, conceived in evil and greed, and dedicated to the proposition that all men were created unequal to him and were destined to be divested of their money and their minds.

Now, we are engaged in a great controversy. Testing whether his agenda, or any like agenda, so cleverly conceived and so greedily contrived, can long endure.

Today, we are met on the internet to do battle with these cults. We have come to dedicate a portion of the web as a sounding place for those concerned. Who experienced emotional and physical distress, deprivation, broken lives, broken families, and to extend our special love & sympathy to those who lost loved ones due to this evil man's agenda. Those who can now come forth and express their indignation, outrage and fury. To foretell of their experiences to an unsuspecting public.

It is altogether fitting and proper that we do this.

But in a larger sense, we cannot abdicate, we cannot alternate, we cannot abandon our cause. The unfortunate ones, living and dead, who suffered greatly under a cruel, religious dictator should add to our resolve and power to attract public awareness.

The world should definitely note and long remember what we say here. They should never forget what Herbert Armstrong did here. It is for us, the victims, to be dedicated to the unfinished work so nobly advanced, to stamp out his evil agenda. A great task remains before us.

For those whose deaths were caused by this man's false creed, we have a special regard. For we know now their deaths were the result of one man's dogmatic belief in "the plan of God". To which we all succumbed. They gave their last measure of devotion and worldly goods to a man who convinced us he was "God's Apostle" and manipulated our lives and our minds at will. A man who headed a dictatorial, corrupted religious empire, with a conspiring, thieving hierarchy and Hitlerian ministers in local congregations to keep the flock under strict command and control.

And this organization, we were firmly led to believe was truly the only one that had "God's Plain Truth". Consequently, Herbert W. Armstrong dubbed it the "Worldwide Church of God" and appointed himself the unbiblical title of "Pastor General" to go along with his position of "Apostle". Then proceeded to dupe untold thousands of people out of their income and life savings and transformed himself into a multimillionaire "Apostle".

We therefore highly resolve that our efforts, the victims who suffered, and those who died, shall not have been in vain. That this nation, under the TRUE God shall have a new birth of freedom from ALL cults.

And that Armstrongism of the people (who are still susceptible), and by the people (who still believe in it), and for the people (who are still profiting by it) shall forever perish from the earth".



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