The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
Do As I Say, Not As I Do..
By Grizzly

I knew a person for many years in Worldwide Church of God who was the all-time champion at " yardstick religion and judging".

This man would be VERY angry if he knew of someone breaking the Sabbath . Let him hear about somebody seen smoking a cigarette or eating pork , he would burn with righteous indignation . He would boast that he studied the Bible at least 3 hours per day . He was always ( and does even unto this day , if I'm not mistaken ) loudly defending Herbert W. Armstrong , saying " Mr. Armstrong is always RIGHT ! " .

He was a big advocate of the Herbert W. Armstrong school of thought about " building holy , righteous character ".....and on and on . Then one evening my wife , who is a relative of this man , gets a phone call from him needing help at the County jail.....

He had been arrested for solicitation of prostitution outside the most notorious strip-bar in the city's seediest area!


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