The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
Duck Quackwell
By Grizzly

And of course I can't leave out the 'crème a la 'crème of the Kook rookery....Gerald Waterhouse! On the scale of " Kooky factor " we're talking about a 9.5! Or as Will Smith says in "Men in Black", on the "weird shit-o-meter." MARATHON sermons were this hale and hearty fellow's forte.

In about 1986, we in Denver were privileged to drive all the way to Boulder one weekend to hear "God's traveling evangelist" live in concert, as it were. This was during the period where every other sentence by GW contained the phrase " get the point?", or "the place of final training." In fact, the scenario he presented was odd in the extreme, something like this:

The Church would flee in a bunch of DC-10s to Petra

It would be "the place of final training."

We would be live-broadcast by satellite to the rest of the world, showing the " elect " living God's way, while the rest of the world was embroiled in WWIII.

The "Two Witnesses" (undoubtedly HWA and GW, according to the church rumor mill! ) would lie dead in the streets of Jerusalem for three days, broadcast live to all the world

TV coverage would show the " Bride " rise into the air from Petra, to meet the glorified Christ in the sky, and then descend to the Mount of Olives to begin the " World Tomorrow "

I don’t need to point out how wacko quacko this all is, but years later I still cringe when I think of all of us sitting in that auditorium, willingly preparing to go to a " place of final training "......YIKES! I'm sure it would have been! Jonestown or Branch Davidians, move over, Rover, and let Gerri take over! Not to mention the fact that Hitler referred to his death camps as "the place of final solution"!!!!!!!!!!


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