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Ignoramicus Bozocus in Authoritis
By Grizzly

  This is the Grizzly again .

As all ex-members know , the local Minister was considered the paragon of knowledge...simply because he was ordained by Headquarters . It didn't matter that some of these fine fellows were completely uncultured and uneducated , every word they spoke was perceived to be absolutely , awe-inspiringly " deep " with knowledge ( yeah , it was deep all right....right up to the knees ! ) .

One Sabbath we were stuck in our chairs like cement suffering through another marathon sermon , and Mr. _________ was reading some scriptures about the construction of Solomon's temple . I was shocked to hear this hale and hearty gentleman pronounce the word Artisan as...." Artesian " ! . Anyone with half an education knows that Artisan is a term for a craftsman , and that it is pronounced " Art-iz-ann " , but we were treated to the word being pronounced " Artesian " so many times I thought I was in a commercial for well water ! ...........

Another week , the local Minister at a congregation my Sister attended in Colorado Springs ( she has ditched the WCG fiasco herself now , thankfully ) was railing about the favorite scapegoat of impecunious minds ...Music . This gentleman , who can play not even ONE instrument , was gagging on about the evils of Classical and Rock......and came out with the gem of a blooper that the " 1812 Overture " was written by Sebelius ! ( instead of Tchaikovsky , as we all know it was ! ) .

Gee , Pal , make sure that as the slaggor you get the facts straight on the slagee.....

The ALL TIME best , though is on a cassette I have of Mr. Armstrong giving a Bible study in Pasadena in 1980 . Over a century of research on evolutionary biology by some of the world's finest scientific minds was tossed in the theological dumpster by this awesome pronouncement of truth by Armstrong : and I quote : ( Spoken with Armstrong's characteristic jowl-flapping voice ) : "Now it isn't explained in the Bible , so this is conjecture on my part...God created in Eve the ovaries to reproduce the three main strains...One that would reproduce White children , another to reproduce Blacks , and another , Yellow " .

AHHHHHH ! I literally roll on the floor now when I hear that ! Just think .....Darwin , Asimov , Leaky....are all wrong after a lifetime of research , whilst Herbert W. Armstrong had God reveal to him the manner in which humanity developed in one instant of revelation ! ......

 back with more later , thx , the Grizzly



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