The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
Thin Books
By Grizzly

"Mad" Magazine occasionally does a skit about "Thin, thin books we'd like to see," so in that tradition, here's the Grizzly's THINNEST BOOKS OF THE WCG :
"Biblical proof that makeup is a sin"
"Herbert W. Armstrong, advocate of the poor"
"Homeless or starving people that money from Headquarters helped" ( that one would not only be thin but damn near invisible !.....Grizzly )
"Seven proofs that birthdays are a sin"
"Scriptural backing for saying that music is wrong"
"WCG ministers who did not have bloated egos"
"Gerald Waterhouse : voice of restraint and reason"
"Sound rationalizations about why boozing and getting soused is okay, but marijuana and psychedelics are wrong"
"Garner Ted Armstrong, moral and spiritual giant"
"HWA giving the Gospel, not lavish gifts, to world leaders"
"Ironclad proof that Jesus had short hair"
"Humble, non-snobbish graduates of Ambassador College or Imperial Schools"
"Why The Young Ambassadors Should be your favorite musical group"
"Why" 19 year time cycles Are not astrology"
"Third tithes used for widows and orphans, not jet-set lifestyles for WCG leadership"
"Herbert Armstrong's love and concern for those of other religions"
"Valid reasons for spending millions of dollars on AC buildings, and not spending a cent on the poor"

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