The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God.The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God

BLAME and The Darkside
By Glacier Gruff


Greetings from the nunatak...

On Thu, 18 Dec 1997, Henri Fortuin wrote:

Treat Winnie with compassion, or else the dark side will return In recent history, most people in the Western world viewed America as good and Russia as bad. At the time, we lived with the threat of a nuclear holocaust. As we all know, Russia was eventually conquered not by atomic bombs but by McDonalds, Playboy and Mercedes-Benz.

That is a good example of what is known as collective projection in the above example, the unconscious collective mind of one nation was projected on to another. Now that the projections have been withdrawn now that the America-Russia dichotomy has become less polarised the world seems to be a safer place.

[gigantic SNIP GREAT stuff]

It is for ourselves that Madikizela-Mandela must be treated with compassion. If we choose to make a scapegoat of her, and thus remain unconscious of our projections, the dark side will return. The dark side will not remain unconscious.

All of us will, in our own individual ways, at some future time, produce something dark, destructive and certainly not saintly.

This is called, in some quarters, EVOLUTION. In others, it is called re-inventing the wheel. In the United States it is something like "Where have YOU been?"

I hope this makes sense. I find these things difficult to present, though they are clear in my mind.

Henri has presented a nation analyzing what went wrong, so it can cleanse itself. The controversy is focusing on the age-old light-dark, good-evil, thing. In Africa, the polarization seems to be on two folk, one "good," one, "evil."

Mention is made, too, of projections of societies. What I see in South Africa is a process of evolution that is, rather, re-inventing the wheel as far as the United States is concerned. America perfected this over the last 170 years.

Many people, as Henri pointed out, extol the United States as the epitome of the knight in shining armor. The United States takes over nations, showing itself as the great example of good for the worlds impoverished, downtrodden, and overly controlled. True projection. True crowd.

The United States presents itself to the world much as "Mandela" is being identified, the "saint."

The art of projection long since a science in the US. There is no saint, and no "shadow." There needn't be, for there is "blame," and all else is wasted time.

The United States could, with impunity and great boldness, paint the Soviet Union, Cuba, or WHATEVER nation, in black, by sheer NOISE in the form of righteous indignation, creating a "sinner" every time.

The United States walks about, like God on earth, brandishing its miraculous Constitution..."We the People"...and, the other nations say, "if ONLY we had THAT, we'd be FREE..."

Yet, there is a dark side in the United States. It is far more insidious than dark sides pointed out by Henri in these postings. This dark side is the things that go on all the time in the United States, beginning with the original imprisonment of United States Citizens, some 150 years ago, because they were not the same color as the late-coming Americans.

The dark side is that the Constitution was done away with nearly 170 years ago when a leader sidestepped the constitution and its checks and balances, and acted unilaterally against "we the people."

Slavery, and its fuel, greed running unfettered, encouraged the pseudopod of greed to reach out and simultaneously destroy the indigenous folks. And, there WAS a way to do it without blame. The projections could be justified. One just needed new words, and a crowd.

I cite the situation beginning with the president, Andrew Jackson, who became president illegally. He HATED American Indians. He ignored the Supreme Court decision that said the Cherokee Indians were citizens. He took them OFF their legally purchased farms, and marched them, in the winter, to a "reservation." During the march, known as the "Trail of Tears," 50% of them DIED.

He established a precedent that has been continued, built upon, and expanded, to this very day.

You "want it?" "Take it."

One can always justify it with laws or explanations.

The word "reservation" was then a NEW, and incredibly POWERFUL invention of language. One would assume they had reservations on a train, or in a hotel. This word implied, through its social significance, a place reserved for a special people. The first of many "smoke and mirror" words. It was truly the earliest recorded use of PC (Politically Correct) language.

Reservation was a word that absolved the citizenry of any responsibility, and left them feeling warm about something that was very COLD. Actually, the word was CONCENTRATION CAMP. But that was NOT acceptable. Tribe after tribe was destroyed, lied to, and in their simple natural innocence and trust, finagled out of their lands and identity, and stored permanently on a "reservation."

Later in the 1800's, the population of the US destroyed 30 to 60 millions of buffalo, just to cut the Indians off from their food supply. Before they were done, in a period of less than 100 years, they destroyed hundreds of tribes of indians, took their lands, and put them in CONCENTRATION CAMPS.

Of course, there had to be either justification, blame and/or projection.

Justification was simple. The word was "Manifest Destiny." It was God's will that the Indians lose their lands. Why, they didn't even USE it! Lewis and Clark repeatedly noted, in their epic diaries, that the tribes with which they made contact had NO interest, or concept, of land ownership. Why would THAT be important??? Of course, they were also just "savages," weren't they?

At the same time, other justifications for taking lands from the indigenous folks kept arising. "British Israelitism." Religions and cults blamed the Indians for taking over a promise, by some stretch, that supposedly belonged to the whites through Abraham in the Bible. So, introduce a new tool...blame. They WERE savages, weren't they.

Blame GOD! It really didn't matter as long as we didn't blame ourselves.

Some years later, the Americans put AMERICANS of JAPANESE descent in CONCENTRATION CAMPS, because the Japanese attacked the US in World War II. It was easy. First, they must find a comfortable name, once again, for the "concentration camp." They called them "Internment Camps." It was easy to blame the Japanese for the need to "inter" (imprison) their American citizen descendents.

Of course, they took the AMERICAN'S properties, and never returned them. 50 years later, it all "went away" when the American President, looking for election votes, apologized to the Americans of Japanese descent who lost their properties and memories. It was easy, put the blame on the fears of the past leaders. Put the blame on the Japanese for attacking at Pearl Harbor and in Asia.

No apologies have been made to the Aleut Indians, though, who were removed from their homes in the Aleutians to "protect" them from the Japanese. These folk were put in "internment camps" thousands of miles from their homes, where they were underfed, cold, and totally disenfranchised. Many died needlessly, far from their homes. Maybe they were a little more like "savages" because they were just Indians?

Simple, though. Blame, again, the Japanese invaders for causing the inconvenience.

In the meantime, folks in the United States point their giant accusing fingers at Stalin with his 60,000,000 dead. They cluck and "tsk", mentioning that Stalin must have been demon possessed or some such thing, to cause that many deaths. They turn to Adolph Hitler with the systematic execution of 6 millions of Jews and other minorities. How can the world tolerate such insensitive behavior? The United States and other nations set up a court, and punished the men responsible for the Nazi killings.

United States citizens shout and point their fingers at Pol Pot for systematically eliminating a group of folks in his nation.

United States citizens rant and rave at the massive genocidal perpetrations in various nations in Africa. African folks are described by the media as "savages" in their behavior. The same name was continually put on the American Indians 100 years before, causing the public to have a mind-set that the people were less than human, in some way. The same mind-set had been used to justify slavery. Neat use of language and crowd projection, isn't it.

The United States took over Haiti to protect the people from mean leaders, putting in other destructive leaders, and leaving the nation without a government. Similar events took place in Iraq, Panama, etc. The "saint" takes over the "sinners." Blame the leaders for the need for intercession by the "saint."

All this is the great knight in shining armor. This is the "saintly" United States. Example for the world. But....

It is is bathed in EVIL. And, now, even the head of the nation, and its congress is bathed in conspiracies, money laundering, "suicides," murders, intrigue, and ongoing pointing of fingers at OTHER nations. Blame is such a NEAT weapon.

Meanwhile, here is a statistic that goes by, on the dark side, with not a MENTION, except for the Pope, and a group of Americans who call themselves "Right to Life," who continue to bemoan the situation.

I cite:

"Including allowing for a 4% undercount, there have been approximately 35,273,792 abortions from 1973 to 1996." [Source: Stanley K. Henshaw, et al., "Abortion Services in the United States, 1991 and 1992," Family Planning Perspectives, vol. 26, no. 3 (May/June 1994), p.101.]

This, the American Indians, and the Slaves and their losses, puts the United States on the level of the Soviet Union and China, in folks lost to various purges.

35 million DEAD. 35 million destroyed. Now, some are taken just before birth is COMPLETE and destroyed by having their brains penetrated and sucked out. I N F A N T I C I D E !!!

Lets consider the fetus a "race." It is being systematically destroyed. Even the Vice President of the United States is now blaming the fake, UNSCIENTIFIC, global warming on the birth of too many babies. Blame. The tool of a "SINNER," not a "saint."

Oh YES, there is a dark side in the United States. It is not identified by notables Willie Mandela, but, it is HERE. It has evolved FAR beyond naming a couple of folk. It is very simply dealt with by LYING, and BLAMING others. Blame worked with the Indians. Blame worked with Japanese. Blame works with killing your own child...most Americans use the blame quoted " my parents didn't raise me properly." In the case of the baby, "Its the baby's fault, I can't afford to raise it." Or, "my parents won't allow me to have a baby."

What do Americans do for a knight in shining armor???? What do they do for a "saint?" They DON'T. It is simple. Purge the conscience by airing all the dirty laundry for the world to see. The Brits complained of this American process decades ago. Then, affix a blame.

HOLLYWOOD provides a revealing picture of the horrors, then the BLAME is placed somewhere beside the people.

Movies are being made to point out the massive travesty that took place in the United States with the slave trade out of Africa. The population is trying to use this airing of laundry to apologize to a race for its captivity. It worked with the Japanese, this apologizing, why not with the blacks.

Who is the American hero? Nelson Mandela is the knight in shining armor in South Africa, but there is NO need for one in the United States.

No one. The United States has, in the last 30 years, with the maturation of the flower children, become a nation that will not accept responsibility for ANYTHING. The knight in shining armor here is "It was THEIR fault." This "knight in shining armor" is FAR more convenient than any one person, it is a WORD. "BLAME."

Blame your parents for your meanness when you murder someone. Blame pornography for your repeated rapes of women. Blame your schools for causing you to shoot your schoolmates. Blame MEN for abandoning their women and children in the inner cities. Blame, Blame, Blame....

The "sinner" goes on, blithely sidestepping each indignation, by blaming something.

Then, later, all one has to do is apologize.

South Africa, according to this latest article, has affixed light and dark to people. Next, it will project that image to some evil group. As the psychologist said, maybe we should go easy on Willie Mandela. There HAS to be a cause. And, the nation is working out that cause. The dark side is disappearing right into the fabric of the nation.

Soon, apologies.

And look for new frontiers to conquer. Money to be made.

The light and the shadow are one.

I remain,


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