The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God

The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God.

The Cheshire Wolf Fades
(Honey, I shrunk the Church)

By Glacier Gruff


Greetings from the spiritual the sunlight of peace... and quiet of liberty...

There are many ways to metaphorically describe the slow disappearance of the "cheshire wolf"...

Lets look at hypothermia...

The temperature of the body steadily drops. In an effort to save itself, the body first drops the circulation to the limbs...they cool, die, and freeze solid...a body with no arms and legs with which to move about.

Then the body core temperature drops...circulation to the digestive system drops, and the production of energy dies...returning less and less "nutrients" to the brain. The brain slowly shuts down, desperately demanding life giving energy (pledges...offerings...sales of properties)...

Finally, the rest of the body being dead, possibly broken off by hitting obstacles as the body struggled to stay alive....the head shuts down, too....

The only difference is that as the limbs "cool, die, and freeze solid," they are actually being granted Liberty, as promised by the more slavery...

All's left now is the Cheshire Wolf's smile....and it is fading fast...It is turning COLD....

Just BEWARE...there are any NUMBER of franchises out there trying to get YOUR business...Salvation burgers for sale HERE....NICE wrapper...NO fast changes to OUR product like you've been subjected to in YOUR franchise....Peace, Peace....over the _CG Salvation burger stand...

The Cheshire Wolf replaces itself elsewhere, much like a parasite. It keeps dropping seeds that reproduce elsewhere, creating NEW Cheshire Wolves, and franchises.

The Apostle Paul knew the sign of the Cheshire Wolf...income. He avoided taking money for his work. Let THAT be a good basis for whether or not you get close to another religion. The Cheshire Wolf has to have income to survive. Paul didn't.


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